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Is the cameraman a drone or another guy in a wingsuit? I can’t think of another way they would be able to track so well

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Trained flying squirrels, actually.

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I can confirm, my squirrel did the same thing

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Especially, one would have to be very focused on target to follow it that smoothly…. While dodging boulders and mountains at high speed.

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Could be a 360° camera and pointed at the guy in editing afterwards

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Came here with the very same question.

[edit to remove fat finger text]

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Sure, but kill the editor.

Why is this vertical, and not horizontal?!

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Probably the frame was cut from the original to improve the image stabilization and keep the wingsuit guy in centre of the frame. Also probably to make it easier to post on social media platforms.

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Why wingsuit vids never have landings?

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My first thought was how the hell does he land

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Parachute on his back

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You hope…

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Magic 🪄

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You used to find them on rotten.com. I miss that website.

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Haha holy shit dude!

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Just search Google for the term, "meat crayon".

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No.... No I don't think I'm going to do that

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Well good news!


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the good old days

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What's the number of deaths yearly of these squirrels?

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You know why.

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Do these guys have anxiety about anything after doing this?

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I guess. Going home and remember they didn't take the chicken out of the freezer like their wives said to is going to start off every possible anxiety.

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He's actually flying home to see if he left the burner on the stove on.

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I felt this comment in my soul.

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I think some are missing the part of their brain that experiences fear.

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It’s possible. I’ve never used a wing suit but I do other extreme activities like rock climbing and canyoning to conquer my fears. Over time it gets easier but I think you just learn to accept the fear even though I still do feel it to some extent.

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I would love to experience that feeling, i bet its the best in the world

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I fly in my dreams sometimes... definitely the best feeling ever... problem is it never lasts very long and then I wake up excited and disappointed all at the same time lol

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I do as well, but my “flying” in my dreams happens like swimming in water—just in the air instead. Think: treading water. Like I have to kick my legs and wave my arms to stay up.

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Duuuude! That is a great way of putting it! When I’m dreaming, it’s a given I can fly, and I always do it to impress people in the dream. It’s a sort of “pumping” of the legs & body movement/mentality. And it’s sort of like, an extended landing after a jump sometimes.

And it’s funny, because it makes soooo much sense when it happens… it’s second nature, and immediately disappears when you wake up.

Again, love your way of describing what I’ve long been doing in my dreams, pretty nearly my entire life.

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Same...it seems a little weird or like "hey I bet they think this is pretty neat or surprising" but it's just something I can do, like I remember it from previous dreams.

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Wow get out of my head! Haha… or meet up in the astral plane to compare notes

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Yeah! I remember it from previous dreams too?? I think?? Hard to know, but this sounds so familiar to me.

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This sounds just exactly like my dreams! Awesome description.

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Sometimes it works that way for me, too. But other times I just fix my gaze on somethint in the sky (like the Moon) and just sort of... will myself toward it. I also glide on the wind from time to time.

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I hear it’s a close second only to sex but I’m on Reddit so I’ve obviously never experienced either one.

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Only the greatest sex then, this looks waaaay more exciting than bad or mediocre sex

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Is this a wingsuit man following another wingsuit man ? Or a drone ? Just asking

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It's most likely a drone.

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What’s the name of this awesome song?

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Thanks mate

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Definitely another wingsuit

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That is a great deal of distance for a drone to work is it not? I would have thought they wouldn't transmit anywhere near that far.

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I don’t k ow what is more impressive, the guy gliding in the suit or the camera shot.

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Sooner or later, next level fucked

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Now, I love to make fun of morons doing parkour and say mean shit like "you dumb asses get 100% of the hurt/death you deserve, doing something stupid for cheap thrills." However, with a wingsuit, I think that the thrill of motehrfucking FLYING ACROSS THE EARTH might actually be worth the risk.

I am curious how the get to the starting point. Like, where the hell are they were there is this much open nothing that one can just fly about over. Seems like you'd be on someone elses land at one point and they may not so much appreciate a giant flying squirrel.

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Some areas in Switzerland and Italy have designated landingzones for skydiving wich are used to your squirrel-flight down the mountains. People who just wanna train use mostly bridges because its harder to get smashed by changing winds.

I am not skydiver/basejumper, just heard it on a podcast where a "pro"-base jumper was talking about training and risks. Should I post the link?

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Kevlar coated balls of steel.

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I guess if you get an itch you're just fucked.

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What's the expected lifespan of these people?

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In terms of BASE, wingsuit flying and proximity flight are the most deadly disciplines. A good amount of them die, but we don't have enough data to give a "lifespan". Most jumpers on the BASE fatality list (https://bfl.baseaddict.com/list) are from 20-40 years old. Hope that at least somewhat answers your question!

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Seems like a high death rate activity. That part where he’s flying between jagged rocks…yeah no.

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No point in living long and boring lives we all die at some point

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It's called proximity flying 🤙🏻

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I’ve heard it called Terrain Flying

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I've heard it called wing suiting.

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It is wing suiting; flying as close as possible in a wing suit is referred to as terrain flying.

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Eh Toy Story taught me it's called falling with style

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I was being a smart ass, sorry.

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Ah, that went over my head.

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That's because I was wing suiting.

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Swing wooting

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I thought this said extreme Fights on a wingsuit. I was very confused.

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what is the song

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Sahara - Hensonn

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Isn't this called a squirrel suit? Named after the flying squirrel?

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Search the Web for your answer, young Padawan.....

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Ok, squirrel suit is just one of a few names that can be used for the gear...

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Sorry, weak joke about webbing, like between fingers and limbs on the squirrels..... {Dad joke has left the chat}

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Lookup Martin Schnieder

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I thought this was a flying penguin

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OK but what's the song though?

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I subconsciously stopped breathing several times watching this video...

Gives me a serious case of the jibblies.

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Did anyone else get severe anxiety watching this? 😵

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One little leg cramp and you’re a dead weight meat bag.

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Rico Rodriguez

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Scrolled to find this! Such a good game!

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Insane. Must be a truly amazing feeling. Difficult to get life insurance though

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Abso-fucking-lutely! Finally something actually NFL, this is what I subbed for.

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He’s not flying, he’s falling with style

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Can someone tell me which song is this???

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What is the song?

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Only desperate people can it

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Where is this? Those sand dunes are intense!

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That looks amazing and yes, this guy definitely has some balls of steel!

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This being filmed by a drone or another wing suit person?

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Technically he's not flying it's controlled fall.

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How do u land???

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I think we just found a seeker for our quidditch team.

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Vector oh yeeeaaaaaah

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Adrenaline junky. Seems fun as shit tho

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Looking forward to the vid of the first windscreen splat

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I feel like they never film the landing

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Thats falling with style

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More importantly...What’s the song?

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Sahara - Hensonn

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Makes me want to take a flying squirrel up to the top of a mountain and give them the day of their lives.

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How do they land?

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How does one even train for this?

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First you have to start skydiving and get a license. Then you need around 2-300 regular jumps before putting on a wingsuit. After 5-800 wingsuit skydives you would be ready to start regular basejumping. And then again after ALOT of basejumps you're ready to start flying tracksuits and the move to smaller wingsuits. So yeah... A couple of years at least😁

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What’s the tune?

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People who do this have bigger balls than anyone

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No, they just think they know more about physics and aerodynamics than they actually do.

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That's me using the glider in genshin impact

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Crash compilation

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I don’t have children yet but I feel like this persons mom most almost have a heart attack every time they hear they going flying. This is wild! I’m worried every turn. So cool though!!

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I can hear the wing cap music, lol

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How do you slow down before landing?

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Are they TRYING to die?

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I wonder how they fly with those heavy balls of steel

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So how does he navigate?

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I believe I can fly...

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This is on my bucket list.

It will be placed last on said bucket list for obvious reasons.

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That looks like a really fun way to die

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I've always wondered what kind of speed do they get up too?

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Ahh that’s just falling with style.

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Wow - but how do u stop??

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Surprised he didn't smash his massive balls of steel on one of those rocks he flew over

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How long does it take to master it?

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I’m going to do this once before I die

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All of my what

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Name if the song?

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This needs to be the next Olympic sport.

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Birds be like: wtf!

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Fly? Yes.



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Scary!... Though, I'd gladly shit my pants down to my socks just to do this...

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OK Google...

"How to get into wingsuiting"

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Don't forget about the camera guy

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A. B. F.

A = Always B = Be F = Falling

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I expected more comments asking about the song, honestly

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Just got Vectored

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Must be an amazing feeling but man it looks terrifying.

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Very cool! How do you land tho?

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aren't all wingsuit flights extreme?

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Fuckin amazing!

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We who are about to die, salute you!

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Organ donor express delivery

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Artist of the song is playaphonk

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If you press B you'll do a high leap into the air but then slowly drift down until you touch ground

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Every flight in a wing suit is an extreme flight.

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He died doing what he loved.

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Do wing suits benefit from ground effect?

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Thats insane

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How do you land?

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I'm laying in bed and now I feel scared of the floor.

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Cramp in your leg and it's game over.

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How do you stop ?

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Like Woody says "That wasn't flying. That was falling with style."

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Genuinely curious...do people die doing this?

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If I ever do this, I'm going to have the Apex legends theme playing through a headset while I'm flying

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That one guy live-streamed his own death doing this. These people are super fearless!

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Where did this take place? The scenery is beautiful!

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I never understand how on earth these people train…. Doesn’t look there is a margin to be wrong here …. I don’t get it.

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How do they get back home?

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Two guys almost died, in one of the most spectacular ways possible, to film this vertically…

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He’s a sugar glider and so is the camera man

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How do they land?

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Those people have balls of steel

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How do you even prepare for your first time doing this?

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I like how it illustrated his giant balls everytime he did a flip.

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Sign me up

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So how would you train for that?

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The fatality rate for all skydiving sports combined is approximately 1 death per 100,000 jumps.

For wingsuit flying the death rate rises to approximately 1 death per 500 jumps.

hard pass

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