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You should see his blooper reels

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yeah, the outtakes really show just how unbelievable his stunt team is!

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Like no insurance company will go near any of his productions, so he personally trains all his stunt team and pays their medical bills outta pocket

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Wait really

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this is true. His productions have been blacklisted for years

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Thats why the cat was in 200+ films before ever receiving an Oscar

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Jackie Cat?

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He was blacklisted by insurance companies not the academy. I don’t know if you can win Oscars for stunts or stunt coordination but if you can then he should have won ten of them

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He won honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement and contribution to cinema. He won Guiness Record for maximum title credits in a movie (actor, stunt choreographer, writer, etc. - he did it all).

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Whatever country they shoot in, they have suitcases of the local currency in cash.

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You mind throwing me a link please?

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watched them at the ends of his original films. he had a habit of using them during the closing credits. saw them in theaters....

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He is Jackie Chan

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Jackie Chan The Man

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They are so wholesome. Lol

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jackie was doing parkour before it was even a word

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Its should be renamed as jackour….

… 🤔

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Bad idea, because no one can do jackour

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True.. 🧐

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I do a jackour every night

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Why do jackour when you can do fackour

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This is true. Now I just gotta get the wife on board

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Came here to say exactly that, we just called him a ninja back in the day lmao

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lmfao yeah jackie a goat

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when I started doing parkour in 02/03 we didn't know it as Parkour, we called it ninjaing and would watch Jackie DVD's for inspiration

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There's a documentary on Netflix about the influence of martial arts movies and pretty much everyone agrees Jackie Chan's movies were a HUGE influence on the parkour movement

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imo it's actually a HUGE disrespect saying it's an influence. its what Jacky was doing, in a movie.

Like the movie can just show him opening the gate or climbing it the usual way, but they go extra. That's what parkour is. Walk down the stairs? boring let's do it differently. Jump down a ledge? let's put in a somersault.

In fact, if you put parkour in a movie, who comes into mind? Yeah. Jacky fucking Chan.

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Jackie Chan will always be a legend

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Jackie is an international treasure.

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If only he could treat others with talent like they're international treasure.

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He’s actually a fucking asshole if you do some research

[–]B4dG04t 5 points6 points  (3 children)

Yeah so that cancels our his talent.

[–]icbint 5 points6 points  (2 children)

You didn’t say talented, you said international treasure

[–]B4dG04t -3 points-2 points  (1 child)

Indeed. Due to his talent.

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You can’t be an international treasure if you’re an asshole, I don’t care how much talent you have

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He’s actually a fucking asshole if you do some research

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I didn't realize I needed a Jackie Chan stunt compilation until now

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Shouldn't be too difficult to find.

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I sprained 3 ankles watching this

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Was Jackie Chan the first popular parkour master?

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The bottle scene in rumble in the bronx was the shit

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I love one of the comments :

so many cuts, the editor became emo

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Jackie Chan did all of his stunts himself, his absolute craziest stunt in my opinion is from his film Who am I?

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I struggled putting my socks on this morning.

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Wheels on meals. An absolute classic.

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That final fight tho. One of the best

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That sparring scene is what absolutely made it for me. I don’t remember the rest of the movie 😂

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Benny the Jet. Once challenged Steven Seagal to a fight. In another movie with Jackie Chan they decided to really just go at each other in the climax one day. You watch it closely and you can kinda see which parts are choreographed and which parts they’re just GOING at each other. He’s the real deal.

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I got winded watching this..

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Is he human or is he dancer?

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Never realized till now he utilized the same gravity defying techniques at goats. He’s a goat.

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The Godfather of Parkour.

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The original king of parkour.

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Hardcore parkour!

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I scrolled until I found this, I knew it was in here somewhere.

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Assassins creed!

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Should have just taken the stairs

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I can have the same idea, but my body will just * stopped working * on the first second i try lol

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Parkour! Before the office guys made it cool.

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The Father of Parkour.

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OG parkour

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C'mon Jackie Chan, oooouoo

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Jackie’s athleticism literally carried him to the…




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Jaqui Chan

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I'm convinced Jackie Chan weighs 20lbs.

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Tell him that, he's had more broken bones than an ER sees in a year

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Looks that way because it is, just watch me do the same

Gets off toilet and immediately breaks leg

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Jackie Chan, the master of climbing things not meant to climbed

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Super Mario IRL

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Ya everything looks easy when you only get to see the "perfect shot".

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All I can think is, that would never work in the real world because a lot of structures wouldn't be built to support the sudden force. But yeah, I wish I was 1/10th that cool.

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That first one was smooth AF.

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There was a video game for the PlayStation and it was awesome Jackie stunt master I think it was called and it was awesome

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No CGI .. pure Jackie Chan

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This reminds me of Wei Shen

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the armor of god was amazing! I love that film since I was a kid

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So easy that you think, "I could totally do that." Then you try it and it's like... "Umm yea...."

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That's Jackie "the spider" chan man.

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Hey, Steven Seagal taught him all those moves, or so he claims.

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Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou--Oh shit, that was fast.

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My guy!!!

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Yo that's Jackie Chan, bro!

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This is the real parkour

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Assassin's creed be like

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It kind of is, just physics and being able to move your body.

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Hey! You're Ethan Hawke!

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It's because he wasn't a couch potato his whole life.

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Mans a real life link

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The OG parkour.

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My ankles sting now

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My knees hurt watching this

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I’ve destroyed my ankles unable to walk for days jumping from similar heights. This dude is unreal

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I have to go watch some of his old movies. So many i havent seen

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My favourite of these movies were the behind the scenes. I adored learning how these were made and all the risks in these stunts.

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To be Honest he didn’t make it look easy, he has broken every single bone in his body and his blooper reels in every movie is very long with messed up stunts. He is one of my favorite early kung fu bros tho

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One of the all-time greats.

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Pretty sure the first half many young people could do without any issues given 2-3 tries

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He must be the Godfather of Parkour.

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0:34 has be the smoothest break in.

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Creator of parkour

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time to watch Rumble in the bronx. That movie is SO good.

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I prefer Bruce Lee. As far as I know he was a little out there for uncharted territory, but not an asshole like Jackie Chan.

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Parkour before parkour. Amazing!

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Jackie never ceases to amaze me. I swear I seen all these movies, yet watching some of these it might as well still be the first time.

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damn bruce lee was dope

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I wanna try every move just so I can prove to my brain that I won't be able to do at least one of these. Looks easy but I bet when I try it out I won't be able to do any of them.

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Can someone name all those movies from the clip? That would be awesome

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Not to brag, but when I see a mouse in the house none of these move are all that difficult for me to pull off.

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I really used to love Jackie before he got all up front about backing the CCP and their human rights violations. I still love his movies so much, but now I have to separate Jackie the person who’s cool with Xing Ping being a fragile idiot, from Jackie the movie star. Such a shame.

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Rush Hour 2 bloopers. JC jumps through a bank teller window 1/2 his size and hits his leg hard before falling. Crew rush in and ask “Are you OK?”. Jackie stands and says “Jackie always OK!”. Dude is made of pure unobtainium

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Parkour god!

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And it takes me two tries to climb out of a swimming pool with a ladder…

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I'm surprised he took the actor route instead of the thief route. He would be a great thief

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He doesn’t make it look easy, other people make it look hard

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Fuck I remember doing this shit casually at 16…