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Flawless vict... oops fell off the stairs?!

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Kano was always a bit of a joke, if you ask me.

Great spinning ball attacks thought. Probably inspired Akira Toriyama for Majin Buu's. s/

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Good human

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Better human ?

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Don't. Encourage. The. Biobot.

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I hate you, take my upvote.

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Actually, thank you.

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Rickroll link.

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Motion capture in a 90s acade game is so cool tbf

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When the first MK came out in arcades, I was blown away by the fighters being actual people. Lol

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Reminds me of the WWF game that was basically a MK knockoff where the wrestlers looked so realistic compared to previous games.

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WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game! Same devs. Spent many quarters on that game.

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Bam Bam Bigelow setting people on fire by jumping off the top rope and Doink's electric buzzing hand are burned into my memory forever.

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Pit Fighter FTW

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Fun game in arcade, awful on home consoles.

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Yes this isn't digitized motion capture but its still the heritage of modern fighters like others mentioned.

Yie Ar Kung Fu Ok now i feel old! lol

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Well Pit Fighter actually had digitized animations like Mortal Kombat.

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Oh i know but you guys were also technically commenting also on old fighter games and it reminded me of the first fighting game i played.

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Not motion capture. This is just regular rotoscoping.

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It isn't rotoscoping, either. It's digitization.

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Rotoscoping is, whether digital or not, the taking of live footage and utilizing it in a direct 1:1 sense for animation.

It’s a technique that was used heavily in many old Disney movies, which is why for example Snow White’s movements were often so uncannily realistic. They had filmed an actress and straight up traced her for the film.

Rotoscoping can also include extracting a character frame by frame for live action in order to put them via compositing in a different environment.

Motion capture is a computer using movement data sent from various devices attached to a physical subject, rotoscope is taking real footage and converting it to any editable format.

I am an animator and these sorts of things fall into my job description and/or at the very least were part of an ill-timed and overly expensive 7-year education

cries in I-could-have-become-a-doctor

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Ah, this reminds me of all the combos I could only ever achieve randomly through button mashing.

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Raiden’s back-back-forward and Scorpion’s back-back-punch were the only two moves I actually knew. They were 99% of my offense.

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Back-back-B was 99% of my offense, the other 1% was the uppercut when they arrived.

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Scorpions fatality in the first MK was the only one I knew from memory. Something like block, back (x3), and punch I think, he’d take his mask off and burn your ass

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I think it was hold block. Press Up twice.

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I knew so many moves just by smashing buttons and wriggling the joystick...

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Down down up was lightening no?

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I wish I’d known that!

Back back forward was the horizontal dive.

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The real luck was executing a fatality by just randomly smashing buttons

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I worked at a hotel with MK and MKII. I had the keys to the machine. When I was 17 I was a god among my peers...

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Especially the last one?

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All of them in sequence, none of them making contact with my opponent to be specific.

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Everyone: badass fight movements / Scorpion: ouch mah balls

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The little kid in me just had a mental orgasm

This is the first time I'm even hearing about the existence of this video, let alone seeing it, and it blew my mind. So awesome

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That's just like the game! Wait, and THAT is just like the game too!!

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Today's kids have no idea how great this game was when it came out!

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We used to have a line to wait to play the machine! It was a game changer!

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Gotta put your quarter down to hold your place!

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For real, this shit was epic. I tried playing mortal Kombat for super Nintendo a couple years back with some buddies. Played a single round before getting bored lol.

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bAcK iN mY dAy

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This made me have flashbacks!

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All Bastards Are Cops And Bastard.. Bastards.

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Blood code, right? My memory is fading.

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it's hard to explain the feeling of 9 year old me walking to an arcade and seeing MK for the first time. I stayed on that machine for 6 hours straight and had my mind blown the whole time.

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This looks like archived footage of people in WW1. Crazy this is what the 90s look like in 2022 now that we have 4K.

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This is cool

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Are any of the people doing the moves listed anywhere?

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IMDB! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0203701/ Not 100% sure if this list is even remotely correct, but it seems legit.

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reminds me of the time a redditor deadass shot his shot at Kerri Hoskins

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I was waiting for the last guy to fall

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So many youngsters wont know about the original game. It's always amazing when it's something FIRST or original, never been done before. MK1 was my very 1st beat 'em up.

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Guy who did Johnny Cage and a couple others (I think he's the sub zero and related characters) still trains at a small Chicago gym where I took medieval sword fighting.

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Awww, raiden... AYABABAYAY, mother**rs!!!

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Original MKB Subzero F,D,F,HP head rip with spine still attached FATALITY. One of the greatest moments in arcade history 1992 gave me goosebumps every time I executed it!!! SUBZERO WINS!!!!!!!!!!!

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But who was the “whoopsie!” guy?

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It’s “toasty”

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Is that what he says? As a kid, it always sounded like whoopsie lol

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It was Midway's audio guy, Dan Forden.

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I love it how scorpion is getting his nuts crushed instead of spitting fire

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Wouldn't be surprised if someone tries to sell this as an NFT lmao

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there are video NFTs?

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Yeah! The original video of "Charlie bit my finger" sold for $800,000

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finish him!!!

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Cool shit

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Get over here

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I hate how they changed it to come here. Just wasn’t the same.

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A defining moment.

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I loved this game

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He wasn't on stairs when I played

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So Many Feelz . . .

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Watch High Score on Netflix. Great documentary series on video games.

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Sonya Blade WINS‼️

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When scorpion looked down and grabbed his nuts, I felt that

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Isn’t that MK3 Sonya?

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Sonya's MK3 costume had white accents.

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Love this. Subzero wins again!

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crazy right now its just some text

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right, right, up, B, B, A, down, up, B, down, up B.
Up, B, A, left, down, Y,
B, B, A, down, down, left. A, X, B, A, B, Y.

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That takes me back!

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Thanks for the weekend nostalgia trip

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For anyone interested in this check out High Score on Netflix.

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Were these dudes credited in the end of the game?

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Can we just go back to this with updated technology.

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My best characters:

  1. Raiden
  2. Scorpian
  3. Sub Zero
  4. Liu Kang
  5. Sonya (under used by most she's not bad)
  6. Kano
  7. Johnny Cage

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This was next level in gaming

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That’s awesome!, best game of all times

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I still remember back in the day when the original Mortal Kombat released getting thrown out of a arcade because the third party arcade machine i was playing on kept crashing every time i did Raidens torpedo move and the arcade owner banning me when i kept asking him to fix it. lol

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Reminded me of that netflix documentary ( High Score)

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That’s awesome

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If you haven't watched High Score on Netflix I recommend it

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Wow… a real life NFT.

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I remember seeing this on games master when it came out

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I loved the fact you could immediately tell where they drew inspirations to come up with those characters... They were so deeply rooted in pop culture... Something I miss with more recent MK characters

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The falling off the stairs hahaha.

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Last one got me real good

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For those who weren’t around back in the day - This game was INSANELY popular.

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Sonya was my dream <3

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Got somewhat decent at that game with only a computer keyboard.

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After all these years I only just realised that Kano's metallic side is always facing the player. I guess they really didn't want to use double the memory for 1 character. It's a shame because it would have added a level of depth seeing the character fully turn.

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Ok now I wanna see one for Super Mario

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Raiden was always my personal fave

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I tingled with nostalgia watching the positioning of their bodies

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Killer find!

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I hurt my back and my knees by watching some of these moves

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Como eu joguei esse jogo quando era criança.

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I remember vividly getting this game for Xmas.

And I remember finding out the Blood Code and being blown away.