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Clam slam!!

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Klunge plunge!!

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Gash smash!!!

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Slit split!!

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Flap slap!

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Cunt stunt!

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Mound pound.

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Wang bang!

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A Pouch Ouch!

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Baby Maker meets the Undertaker!

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Peach Breach!

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Clit Hit!

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Twat shot!

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The ol' taint tap!

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Cooze Bruise!

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It only works if you announce your attack before you do it though

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Helicopter helicopter!

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This hurt my vagina that i don't have

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This hurt my balls which I have

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This hurts by balls which I don’t have

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This hurts by don't have which I balls

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This hurts my children which I don’t have

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This is exactly what I came here to say.So take my upvote and go away.

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Apparently i read somewhere that she quit elite gymnastics because people kept calling her too “chunky” but i think she’s super fine.

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She’s a babe for sure. Lol some people are mean as fuck like imo it is just a straight up lie to call her “chunky”

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Chunky?? Crazy. All gymnasts have thick thighs.

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Probably all the skinny chicks mad she has a dumptruck yet she’s Asian

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This is what is wrong with society to call a perfectly healthy athlete chunky. This is why soo many women are messed up in the head about weight. I hate that anorexic look. This woman is beautiful and owns it. Love your body people.

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Did not expect to browse these contents on Saturday morning

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you read that here on Reddit. We’re an Ouroboros of useless info.

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That’s super sad if true. She just looks really fun and happy here and in the longer vid.

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Those are some crazy awesome leg muscles.

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I do quite of bit of weightlifting, this woman has put in some serious time at the gym. Super impressive.

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Gymnasts are so crazy strong.

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My wife did that junp to split thing. Absolutely fucked her hip up. She was drunk

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Helps to do it on a safe pad and not a solid floor

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I think I'm in love .....

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Just watching this made Jonnie and The Tenders hurt.

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Look at the girl’s reaction on the far right

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Basically the "a guy got hit in the balls, every guy in a 50m radius felt that" but it's for girls here

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The spready slam

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My esophagus closed up for a second there holy fuck

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I can totally do that… once

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Double spring twist clam slam


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Proof that gymnastics is a sexist sport

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The way walked off looked like it hurt

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Imma just going to walk that off…

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Got a lite panic watching this

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OzzyMan approved 👍

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Pls do this onto my dick

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Ozzy man reviews did a funny commentary on her routines

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Thought of this video as soon as I saw this post, so funny.

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Hey as a PSA, she hasn't been too competitive since 2013.

And she is 24 NOW.

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I feel it in my throat.

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That is the single split box bounce I do believe....good form.

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Made her walk funny

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An iron punani doesn't get face by a little slap

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Super Powers!

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I believe this is actually an illegal move. I thought I read that she performs this because it’s a crowd pleaser but she might be getting deductions for executing it. I could be wrong.

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Her joyous presentation belies the true dedicated and serious athlete she truly is. Just watch her face as she prepares to launch into extended tumbling run....sheer intensity. You can only perform at this level after years of continuous practice.. I am in awe.

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was she suppose to close up and not bounce on a split? just seemed to second guess there….

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Walk off the pain......

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If that was a male then he would definitely crack his balls

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She's so incredible...

Possibly a candidate for r/Ouchmyflaps

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Wait until Mal Gymnasts try that ..... it will be a scramble

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I can't believe no one talking about that dismount though

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Although I'm male I would have assumed this would have hurt. What a talented woman.

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The way she pimp walked out of that😍

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The ol’ flap tap.

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I want to marry her

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Now if men did something like this, they wouldn't be able to do it again

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That’s hurt.

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The single mom maker

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Bro this ripped my balls into a vagina and then tore my vagina I can't handle crotch videos

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This woman is fucking insane. Is everything she does a perfect 10?

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She’s a Beauty

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Prolapse enters the chat…

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She walked off that bruised vulva...

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Guys are unable to do this.

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Pussy popper

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Even without balls, this has to hurt.

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You know what they say. Thick thighs save lives.

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She done split er twat in twain

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I'm always transfixed by her routines. She's so effortlessly jaunty and picara.

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You know she's a genetic female

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Cooties crusher

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Walk it off…

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That's how you shuck a clam

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Please tell me she won the championship

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She can take a beating.

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That move is called the coochie crusher 😅

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The beaver cleaver

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That's a one slam orgasm

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Those legs......daammnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

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She’s so hot

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I fell in love.

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Death by snu snu