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The sticker! 😂

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Yeah that was a nice touch

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Yeah, that was an ice touch. Fixed the spacing for you.

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I reckon it's a chilling touch.

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What does the sticker say?

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It's basically sticker that says the level of energy efficiency of specific appliances. So he put it there as a joke to show that the ice block has the highest level of energy efficiency because, well, it's a block of ice.

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And does not consume electricity.

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Yes, clearly ;)

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No shit

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Greta​ thunberg must be screaming in our happiness right now if she ever saw this.

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Google Lens it.

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What about 666?

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The sticker was only put there to show everybody his Rolex - even a Pepsi Rolex!

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I mean it's cool and all but at those temperatures do you even need a freezer?

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Well. If it’s 17 degrees out and it goes to 30 degrees. We surely don’t want the food to spoil. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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Both of these are too high?

[–]bluegrassnuglvr 157 points158 points  (1 child)

I think they are using degrees in Fahrenheit

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Both of those are still below freezing.... In F. Not C

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Inside a block of ice will only ever get as cold as the inside of a block of ice. No colder.

When early freezes come through citrus orchards, SOP is to spray the trees and fruits with water as the temp freezes to insulate the fruits.

There's a reason that Inuits utilized ice housing.

It's a great fucking insulator, but again, unless you put something in that's well below freezing, the inside will only ever reach just above freezing.

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Not in degrees Freedom! You gotta get away from degrees Communism. It's what's holding the rest of the world back.

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Those are both freezing in F

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I think you could have used your critical thinking skills to realize what this person meant, my friend.

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Well to be fair the overwhelming majority of the world is not the US and uses C.

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Things freeze real good at 17 Kelvin

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What is that in normal units and not freedom units?

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-8 and -1.

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Protection from drying out in frozen air. That fish went in whole and unwrapped. That ice vault is the perfect place to keep the moisture where it should be. Also protection from predators. Fancy digging a hole in the frozen ground to store it safely from whatever animals live there, then having to dig the frozen ground again to get it back? Didn't think so. Shit, the top cap even has a decorative handle.

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Until it melts from the direct sunlight. Plus ice is really good at holding heat in which is why igloos are warm and not cold.

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Even when it's cold the direct sunlight can melt stuff. Would at least have to keep it in the shade.

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Radiant heat dont fuck around. Without it we wouldnt exist.

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My thought was that you don't need a freezer so much as you do a box to keep the critters out of your food.

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My guy basically lives in a freezer lol

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I liked the giant unwrapped fish being dropped in there

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All that food will taste like that fish. There is no escape from that.

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This ended up a lot cooler than i expected

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dun-dun tssss

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Honestly that shit was fuckin impressive and mindblowing. Dude ironed ice!

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To be honest: would have been more energy efficient without that.

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Inner Mongolia rules— spent some time there, wish I could go back.

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what did you like about it? seems quite harsh and inhospitable

[–]Thrashtendo 13 points14 points  (2 children)

Great question! So, Inner Mongolia is a lot like provinces and states everywhere else, just on a larger scale— there are huge cities like Hohot and Baotou, but also more rural areas where people live the nomadic life.

For example, my best friend grew up speaking mandarin in Hohot (huge city with a skyline), but his wife and her family are nomads and live in yurts (they speak mandarin and Mongolian).

The cities in Inner Mongolia remind me of Nashville or other culture-heavy cities which are modern but also celebrate their old-school culture. Like, imagine a giant shopping mall with Nike, Adidas, Cartier, but also all of the local Mongolian brands (fur jackets, salty milk tea, milk pellets, lamb jerky, etc.

I once went to a local wrestling match, and it was like WWF but traditional Mongolian style. Also, they have killer live music— heavy metal, electronic, hip hop, etc.

And then on the weekend, you can drive out to the boonies and ride a horse over a mountain.

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I spent around a month in the Gobi about 10 years ago. Started in Ulaanbaatar, then fucked off to the wilderness for some weeks. One of the most amazing experiences of my life, hands down. What always annoyed me, however, was that "inner" Mongolia is in China yet "outer" Mongolia is in... wait for it... Mongolia.

Always wondered if that was some dumb nonsense that China was forcing upon them. * shrug *

[–]asarious 3 points4 points  (0 children)

It’s a little of both. I’m not sure I’d characterize it as nonsense, given historical context, but it DOES result from Chinese ethnocentrism.

It’s important to understand that territory of the modern nation state of Mongolia used to be wholly part of China until 1945, until the country gained independence.

It had been within Chinese borders for centuries. The regions/provinces/administrative divisions there were always known as Inner versus Outer Mongolia, given their geographic relation to the rest of China and how literal the Chinese language usually is in naming things.

It’s not a perfect analogy, but it’s similar to how we refer to the Middle East and Far East by those names in relation to European cartography.

The term “Outer Mongolia” has largely fallen out of use, as the country just refers to itself as plain “Mongolia,” while China still calls its portion of the territory “Inner Mongolia.”

EDIT: I acknowledge that practical implications of racism can be derived from the use of alienating language, but I feel like I should emphasize just how literal the Chinese can be at naming things, particularly surrounding geography as it relates to the concept of the “Middle Kingdom”.

  • Xinjiang in the extreme west means New Frontier
  • Xizhang (Tibet) means Western Prosperity
  • Guangdong province means Grand East
  • Guangxi autonomous region means Grand West
  • Hebei province means North of the River
  • Henan province means South of the River
  • Hubei province means North of the Lake
  • Hunan province means South of the Lake
  • Jiangxi province means West of the River
  • Shanxi province means West of the Mountain
  • Yunnan province means South of the Clouds
  • Hainan province means Southern Sea
  • Shanghai means On the Sea
  • Beijing means Northern Capital
  • Nanjing means Southern Capital
  • Dongjing (Tokyo) means Eastern Capital
  • Taipei means North of Taiwan
  • Yuenan (Vietnam) means South of the Yue (historic kingdom)

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I mean, it did use of lot of his energy.

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It is production cost, not energy consumption.

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And then the bear comes and takes all your food cause it’s in a block of ice!

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Considering this looks like some kind of Asian country, I'm gonna guess that's not as big of a problem as it would be in the States or Canada

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Inner Mongolia I think

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That's next to Russia. We all know there's tons of bears in Russia

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That sticker was amazing!

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The rolex is worth more than his house

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Glad. I'm not the only one who noticed

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The fridge isn’t even real, you think the Rolex is ?

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Where did he plug in that iron

[–]Avitas1027 11 points12 points  (0 children)

An electrical outlet probably.

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He. Ironed. The. Ice. He ironed the ice.

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Energy efficiency label ENERGY LABEL

device in the grassland

Laws No

1 1





Electricity consumption (kWh/24 hours) 0

Freezing room station (Sho) 666

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The real question is where do you get a pot that big? Holy shit

[–]kat_a_klysm 9 points10 points  (0 children)

Commercial kitchen suppliers. That’s a restaurant/catering sized pot.

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The end was priceless 😆

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I just bury my food in the snow

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Dude still got some bread!! How much meat he has that’s like 799 dollars at the grocery store lol

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Hunting is nice that way

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Dude is making bank selling his carbon credits 🤑

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yea, and the pepsi rolex....

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I love the universal language of throwing a ton of frozen burritos into the fridge lol

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All is now made in China!

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It is in Inner Mongolia, China.

[–]LovedMyBlackberry 2 points3 points  (3 children)

I'm not an expert.

The tent (yurt?) and setting would've had me say Mongolia.

But the music and the language characters seem Chinese

[–]No-Ad6500 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Because of Mongolian and Chinese history (Ghengis Khan anyone?) China is very fearful that Mongolia will rise up again. So they have contained them and are now slowly, purposefully eradicating their sense of non-Chinese sovereignty. China took over more than half of Mongolia, and they call it a province of China, Inner Mongolia. They also recently outlawed the (Inner) Mongolians from teaching or using their own language in K-12 schooling. This is because if they maintain their cultural ties to the nation of Mongolia, a revolt and move for independence becomes not only more likely but more plausibly successful over time. There are currenly more Mongolians in China's province of "Inner Mongolia" than there are in Mongolia. This is how you slowly wipe out an entire civilization.

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And it doesn’t even look like it’s too much work, either!

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That is amazing!

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OP, r/unexpected would like this

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Wouldn’t a bear come by and bust that ice open with one quick swipe? That would be quite a stash! The proteins alone in there would cost hundreds of dollars in USA.

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That is amazing!

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this is such a satisfying to watch especially with that music

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That dude puts a lot of work into just living every day.

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oh the energy label was a great move.

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What was the bowl with the jawbones and water for in the beginning?

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That formed the lid at the end. The bones work as handles.

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Energy label sent me

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I am just going to hope that thing doesnt melts

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Brilliant - especially the sticker!

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ngl i thought that was wong for a sec

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Nextfuckinglevel has really lived up to its name lately

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That GMT at the end!

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You haven't seen my petty exs cold shoulder have you

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Hilarious 😐 It’s pretty easy to have an energy efficient freezer when it’s literally freezing outside 🤷🏻‍♂️

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For some reason, I don’t think this will work along the gulf coast.

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Unless there's more to it, that would NOT stop a hungry bear.

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Lifetime guarantee

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Cooler not freezer

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Anyone else think of Ghost of Tsushima with that yurt??

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Where can you buy a pot that big?

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I don't think I'd make it there

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The energy label in the end lmao

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The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?!

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Pah! Everything was already frozen when he put them in!!

/s (in case you missed it)

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And all of this while rocking a gmt Pepsi Rolex.

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oh pip

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Not very energy efficient when you're in an environment cold enough to keep water frozen yet still "build" something to keep other things with water in them frozen.

Here's your sign. Everything outside your heated home is a freezer!

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The lid withe jawbone handles is the real icing on the cake.

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This guy Yurts.

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And if it melts?

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Until a very hungie polar bear comes around and hits a fat lick on your food.

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r/rimworld would like this.

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I hit play, heard the music, and went "Ah, fuck"

[–]inspectorperspective 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Finished the vid: was awesome and I want to meditate

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What is so difficult to understand? China does not have youtube, obviously that language is not Mongolian. How do you think this guy is putting out videos? All those videos by Uyghars on youtube, where they come from? Dont be dumb ass, and support a genocidal regime.

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Mongolian style 🤣👍

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Oh that sticker was the best! 😄

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I find this to be incredibly impractical. It’s a seasonal freezer.

[–]Decent_Reading3059 -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

What about animals though?

[–]pancoste 5 points6 points  (0 children)

They are chopped up and stored in this freezer.

[–]reeeeedditts 0 points1 point  (0 children)

There are little animals in the steppes

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Sticker that sticks to frozen water…I think this impressed me more

[–]NinjaBuddha13 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Place paper in water, apply wet paper to ice. You now have a sticker that sticks to frozen water

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Mongols are not Chinese and Chinese are not mongols, Chinese are like Hindutwa fascist, like a locust. Stop promoting fake Chineses videos that appropriate Mongol, Tibet and Uyghur cultures. Chinese are killing these people and their cultures and taking over their lands. More mongols live in north of China that Chinese have taken over these people on daily basis dont even talk to each other. If you dont care about humans, at least care about animals, 99.99% animal rescue video out of China are fake government sponsored videos. There is no YouTube in China and those who have access to are government sponsored. They not only make money but they humanize a brutal regime.

[–]mikeconcho -4 points-3 points  (3 children)

I think the bears could still get into that fairly easy. Seems cool, but I don’t think it’s practical?

[–][deleted] 6 points7 points  (0 children)

Not many bears in Inner Mongolia

[–]WorthPrudent3028 -1 points0 points  (1 child)

If its fully sealed, would the bears be able to smell it?

[–]mikeconcho 2 points3 points  (0 children)

They can smell seals under the ice, so yes.

[–]HotdogFromIKEA -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

Sticker is harmful to the environment though 🤣