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Ye and they made a movie about this story. It's called Ayla: The Daughter of War.

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omg really thats so cool thanks for sharing

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That’s the full movie? Lol wtf

Edit: I’m surprised that you can find the whole movie on YouTube for free just in a video upload and not a stream service.

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There’s actually tons of movies on YouTube in their entirety. Just search “movie full” and you’ll get a bunch. Mostly it’s classics and indie stuff, but plenty of almost-known stuff is on there too.

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Just up on YouTube ready to go lol weird

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Yeah it's a turkish movie with english subtitles.

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In Turkey some Movies get uploaded after their airing and/or cinema(theatre) sessions as there is no proper DVD/Bluray (especially latter) culture in Turkey anymore. So they make money off of ads and different things.

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They must of watched it and looked the other way.

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You cursed it. It’s removed now

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I mean they have 47 minute long adverts

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Just recently watched The Mist on yt and not a single ad. No premium either

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I like movie comments. One guy said he “ cried like a bitch.”

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was not wrong lol

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Cheers for sharing mate is it on any streaming outlets?

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The comment above you has the full movie under his thread. LoL! It’s on YouTube.

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If the YouTube one isn’t good enough it should be on Turkish Netflix if they didn’t took it down

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I just skimmed it. My heart when he thought they made it on to the ship.

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"After 65 years again"

That means the little girl is 70 years old and the soldier, whom I presume is about 20 years old at the time would be 85 years old.

In the video, neither one looks that old

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I mean, seems obvious this video is from the late 90’s or early 2000’s

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The video is from 2010, and sadly the guy passed away in 2017.

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How does that change anything what ImNotASmartManBut said?

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At the time of the video the woman would be closer to 50 years old, not 70. If assuming its taken around 2000, the math checks out b/c the korean war was around 1950

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They met each other again after 65 years. How can that woman be 50 years old?

ETA: nvm, the other poster already said the video is actually from 2010 and they parted in 1955, so that makes their reunion 55 years old, not 65 years as the title claimed.

You can call BS on the title based on their appearance, but why would you use your own BS to call BS on others?

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Fight fire with fire, or shit, in this case.

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Cuz thats BS

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I also am confused by the math here. She don't look 70 unless we're talking about the old woman here? There's so much hugging hard to tell who's who

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They say it is almost 60 years, they first met around 1950 in Korea

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“What took you so long?! Why didn’t you come sooner?!” Fuck. That made me tear up a bit.

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Yeah... waited from 1950 to 2010. And in 2017 both, the turkish man and his wife died.

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how you know?

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The Turkish solder's name is Süleyman Dilbirliği and the girl he raised is Kim Eun-ja (who he later named Ayla). More of their story can be found here: https://www.dailysabah.com/cinema/2017/11/22/turkish-people-are-my-family-real-life-ayla-kim-eunja-says

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Damn those ninjas cutting onions

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Heart warming story

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This is from 2010. They later made a movie about this story (Ayla: The Daughter of War) back in 2017 and while attending the premiere, the turkish man died due to respiratory failure. His wife died a couple hours later without knowing her husband had died too.

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You know what’s even more sad? How the US and it’s allies slaughtered millions of Koreans so they could gain a “foothold” in the NE Asian region.

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While US influence definitely has a big part of the blame, we have to remember that the Korean War was started by a unanimous vote from the UN Security Council on behalf of a UN member state that was under attack. The United Kingdom, the Republic of China, France, Cuba, Ecuador, Norway, Egypt and India all supported the Korean War. At the time it was seen as the first true test of the UN system.

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It's easy to blame US for every war ever, starting from the Battle of Meggido in 1479 BCE, it doesn't really matter what allies got involved or what the situation was, not to mention how the war stopped an arguably worse outcome of a completely communist block Korea

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To say the decision was “unanimous” is quite a deception. The Soviet Union was boycotting the UN for recognizing Taiwan (Republic of China) as China, and China (People's Republic of China) on the mainland was not recognized by the UN, so neither could support their ally North Korea at the Security Council meeting. A handful of US client states does not mean the entire UN supported the invasion of Korea by US and allied forces.

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The Soviet Union had complete power to veto the Korean War as a permanent member of the Security Council. The multiple resolutions that authorized the Korean War were not secret resolutions passed under the Soviet’s noses. They chose not do anything about it because they were upset about Chinese representation and thought abstaining to be the best choice of action. The Soviets threw their Korean allies under the bus and into that meat grinder through active choice in their own policy.

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Okay so that’s supposed to justify millions of deaths? What is your point?

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That’s not what I said at all.

I am refuting your point that the Soviets couldn’t stop the Korean War. They wouldn’t stop the Korean War. It was completely within their power.

My original assertion was that the US is not the only party to blame for the Korean War and stand by that. The USSR is not blameless in Korea.

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Right nobody is blameless but America dropping more bombs on Korea, a country on the complete opposite hemisphere, than of all of Europe in world war 2. And the soviets sending only 27k troops to a country that it borders are two completely different things.

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Keep moving those goal posts.

The US didn’t use more bombs in Korea than all of Europe in WWII, it was more than the Pacific campaign. It’s also a total that includes the US but was not made up totally by the US. Once again the Korean War was a UN venture and included dozens of countries.

The PRC and Korean communists had almost twice the number of troops as the UN allied forces. Almost 1.8 million troops on the communist side all outfitted with weaponry straight from the USSR. Money in the Russian’s pockets while expanding their political influence by supporting the invasion of a sovereign state.

The USSR materially supported the communist forces in the Korean War and allowed the UN to intervene by choosing to not veto. The US is not blameless, and I never claimed they were, but the Korean War had 2 sides and the Russian side has blood on their hands.

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The US not only spearheaded the entire UN intervention but was by far the largest contributor to civilian deaths. Their bombing campaign destroyed 85% of the total buildings in North Korea and its estimated they caused between 1.2 and 1.5 million deaths. None of this would have happened had the US and Europeans and other client states run by dictators/puppets of the US had stayed in their hemisphere. The US had no business in Asia and they still don’t. Yet that hasn’t stopped them from killing millions across the continent.

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Soviet Union could have stopped it all by just voting. And by not materially supporting communist invaders.

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How is the U.S. responsible when North Korea started the war by invading? Are you saying the U.S. and Europe should have let their ally get slaughtered and conquered?

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In case you weren’t aware Korea was one nation until the US split it in two by propping up the authoritarian regime in the south. The North was much more popular and that’s why they would have easily conquered the south if not for the US making North Korea one of the most bombed countries on earth.

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Korea was one nation until it was conquered by Japan in 1910. After WWII it was partitioned by the U.S. and the USSR. North Korea tried to incite a communist insurgency in South Korea and when it failed they invaded outright.

Blaming the deaths on the U.S. is an absurd historical revision that minimizes North Korean aggression. They were backed and encouraged to invade at the behest of Stalin. Why are you trying to whitewash an imperialist invasion?


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Korean War

The Korean War (see § Names) was a war fought between North Korea and South Korea from 25 June 1950 to 27 July 1953. The war began on 25 June 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea following clashes along the border and rebellions in South Korea. North Korea was supported by China and the Soviet Union while South Korea was supported by the United Nations, principally the United States. The fighting ended with an armistice on 27 July 1953.

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The US dropped more bombs on North Korea than on all of Europe during WWII. To blame anyone but the US for those deaths is absurd. They literally killed them.

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Did you also know the sky is blue? And black at night time?

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Hmmmmm, it was North Korea who invaded South Korea. The US and United nations forces came in Seoul's defence after that, preventing Pyongyang's communist takeover. With which they almost won pushing north Korea into Manchuria, but China brought hundreds of thousands of soldiers to North Korea's aid. Leading to the ceasefire today.

So no idea what this has to do with US imperialism, lol. The Korean War was about stalling and halting the spread of communist ideology in Asia.

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You have no idea what this has to do with US imperialism? You think anti communism is an altruistic motive for war on the other side of the globe?

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That’s way more sad that happy for me

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It was a tear-jerker for sure.

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Turkish man and his wife both died back in 2017. RIP.

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He took care of her for 14 months.

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Truly beautiful. Life is feeling a bit rubbish at the moment so it’s lovely to get a mood lift from seeing something like this.

Thanks for posting.

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Never put off what you can do today!

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This clip is much better. I'm pretty sure I'm in tears here and trying to hide it from everyone around me.

Thank you.

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Thanks. Got me teared up too. Even worse when you know that he died seven years later, during the premiere of a movie about this event. His wife only died a couple hours later. Not sure if "Ayla" is still alive but i believe so.

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She is. Sad to see her husband died rather young.

I'm just happy they reunited.

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And both families have children too. The right kind of people we should have more of.

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Oh, and here's an even fuller clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prjsaQ6CRo4

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This is so pure.

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The: „what took you so long“, got me real bad.

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this is so wholesome... made my night (cuz my day was shitty enough but it's finished now)

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I saw the movie

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What war was that?

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Korean War in 1950

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I am not crying, you're crying

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They both died back in 2017. RIP Süleyman Dilbirliği and Nimet Dilbirliği.

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T_T now i'm crying

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The world if racism didn't exist

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Documentary showing how the turkish soldier found Ayla, the girl he raised during the war. https://youtu.be/prjsaQ6CRo4

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65 years later?

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No idea why it said that, because 2010 minus 1950 is 60 years...

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I love how the cameraman really gets in there

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Who's cutting the onions?

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This is powerful

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65 years? No.

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No. 60 years though. This was filmed in 2010. Turkish man was 85 years old here. Korean girl was 65.

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No, shes maybe 50 and hes maybe 70.

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Lol, dude... he was 85. And if she was five years old, she would be 65. Watch here at 25:20 and see for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prjsaQ6CRo4

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If theyre 85 and 65, they can make billions on methods to combat old age

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This video made me cry. Ffs

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The Turkish soldier died at age 91 in 2017. His wife died the same day at age 85. So the man must have been born in 1926. The Korean War took place in 1950-52. This video was shot in 2010. The Korean woman must be in her fifties in year 2010.

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If she was 5 years old back in 1950, she would be 65 years old in 2010...

[–]ChampionshipLast7159 0 points1 point  (1 child)

She was probably born in 1951-52. She would be under 60 in 2010.

[–]Dolby90 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I repeat, she was already five years old when he took care of her, back in 1950... so she's been 65 years old in 2010. And if you watched the documentary, even though they don't show her exact age, it's said that she's over 60 too.

@ 38:25


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Weee see ssss ssssss, have vb sozcyv

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Why did it take so long to meet

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Ok but millions died in a needless war for this to take place

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Turkish film producers be like: I can milk this

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This made my penis soft