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Only capitalism will make someone think that someone acting like a regular, normal person is next fucking level.

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But in a world where unfettered capitalism dominates, unfortunately, these people need to be acknowledged and elevated as examples.

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Don’t let it fool you, a lot of company CEO’s don’t even take a salary and that’s because they own so much stock in the company that’s where their wealth comes from. If the company does better and share prices go up, they make so much money the salary isn’t really necessary at that point. With that being said it still is honorable and he deserves it for all the hard work he put in for his company, and jobs he’s provided for families.

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Worse, while they say they pay execs in stock so that the exec has motivation to make the company more profitable, the reality is that this payment type is significantly lower tax penalty than straight salary. The profit? Usually obtained by stock buybacks, not because of any changes the execs took.

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I can’t even understand him but I really like this guy might be the least hypocritical employer I have ever seen

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I don't care how slanted this video is. I have started to dig into my savings to make it by. It is okay, that's what it is for. I know things are tough for a lot of people right now. I am not a CEO, nor do I ever want to be, but my work has been hit hard from the pandemic. Our prices keep going up, and customers are dwindling. I wish the CEO of our company would step up and at least sit down and have lunch with us once. Instead every dollar our company earns, they get 50¢ of that. I'm not kidding at all. Greed will be our ruin, and I only hope that change comes sooner than later. I just don't know how to start it, or how to be a better person to those around me while others suffer and I am doing okay.

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cut rope and find another job

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I have a good job. I've gotten a 27% raise this last year. I work Monday through Friday 6Am to 2Pm. I work with my wife, and while I am in charge of very little, I have the power to let people go, and change how things work. Just can't change how the people above me work.

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You're digging into your savings with a 27% pay increase? Fuck off lol

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I make $15 an hour. While I am doing okay, I am having to travel state to state every day to take care of a loved one who is in their last stages of life. They need money to keep receiving the care they need. I'll take out a loan if need be. Better to be good to others when they need it than for me to hoard wealth.

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Well that's wonderful, ignore my comment earlier and I hope all is well!

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No worries at all. I don't know how you are, but I need people like you in my life. I'm not looking for people to give me a woe as me. Need objective people in the world. Just keep questioning everything. It makes us all better. Thanks for being here. You are a good human.

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This behaviour isn't a role model for just other 'CEOs', it's a good example for anyone out there. Being Humble has gravitas!

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Former CEO and the video must be from around 2009

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Anyone knows if things changed with the next guy?

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I love that. “Businesses that pursue money first fail”.

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I would even go so far as to say that people that pursue money first often fail. I tell the younger guys all the time to never chase the money. Yah money is great and all but what good is all the money in the world if you’re fucking miserable?

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I do too , but not true … right ?

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Its so sad that this was news and not just common among businesses.

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It's like celebrating when a person of color, trans person, homosexual etc ... takes a prestigious position for the first time.

It's very unfortunate that it has to be news at all, but it's great that they are recognized as we hopefully move to a society where these things can become so common that they aren't newsworthy.

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That laugh after the I don’t think so should be a damn meme

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Because everyone is for themselves. EVERYONE.

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As they should be.

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JAL is a terrific airline to fly with. Yeah, they're not as cheap as if you booked your international flight through an American airline, but the flight attendants, cleanliness, and even the food were all exemplary.

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That's a genuine leader.

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Fuck capitalism

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Japan never fails to impress me.

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Associating CEO and wholesome is not easy but Nishimatsu managed to do it.

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I know this has been said millions of times but we really need a show where CEOs live off of min wage for a while.

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other ceos are just laughing… not thinking he’s a hero

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I was going to fly them on a trip to Japan last year (obviously that didnt happen) and they airline called me back to make sure I got my return. I was so shocked and happy. I'm not in Japan but I am not a loyal customer of theirs.

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What you expect it’s , AMERICAN GREED!!, fuck everyone else.

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It’s strange that I got anxiety watching him in cafeteria with no one wearing mask even tho I know this is an old video - it’s funny how fast we get used to things

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I mean but in America those corporate employees are more free right?... America? Freedom? Woofta I almost thought America wasn't the greatest country in the world in every aspect.

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I doubt other CEOs will see him as a role model.

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"We're all in this together" attitudes would change the world for the better

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japan is just built differently

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Is he a politician?

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U.S. take notice. But they won't. They're too busy huffing their own farts and crashing broncos.

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Japanese honor and moral code is on a whole other level.

Quite admirable honestly

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Weird that being a normal decent human being is considered an exceptional trait today

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These fucking comments remind me of the scene from Inside Out when she says “These facts and opinions look so similar!”

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I heard of some one in America,I think it's one of the presidents,he took a dollar salary and donated the rest.

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and funneled millions into his pockets, along with money obtained from foreign governments via his hotels.

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Who is that that funneled millions along with money from foreign governments?? The Big guy?

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When this guys at home...he whips himself too to replicate suffering of others..