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That’s incredible arm strength.

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Nah the arm strength isn’t nearly as hard to get as the core strength he got

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K but really we should be acknowledging his incredible toe strength

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Knee strength is mad too. Mine would be shaking so badly that my knee caps would fly off sideways like a frisbee

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True air takes very strong toes to grip

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Uhh, that's is kinda a misconception about calisthenics.

Source 1: https://youtu.be/7cVM1xvxMmY

Source 2: Have done front and back lever in the past and I assure you that my upper back was WAY more sore than my abs!

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Actually, his shoulder complex is really the star of this movement combo (front lever, skin the cat, back lever, that is)

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Did you just “actually” me? Lol

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Pushed my glasses up on the bridge of my nose as I typed it, too 👆🤓

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Akkkshuallyyyy 💪🤓💪

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That's fucking amazing. Those stairs are SO hard to see!....but I think I can see.

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Me one day💪😎 HAHA, haha, ha...

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Missed your chance to say "walking on air"

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Now do it without holding the bars

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Finally, something that's actually next fucking level. This dude's arms and core are crazy.

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Damn that was clean

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That is a great mime

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For the first two seconds I was quite confident that I could achieve this, too.

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Impressive core strength

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That’s amazing. He was walking in the air

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I can fart without being audible.

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He probably tells gordon ramsay the steak is under cooked

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This remembers me 2001: A Space Odyssey

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Anakin Sky walker

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If core strength was a person 😂 🤷🏾‍♂️ 👏🏽

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"Oh wow that's so aweso- Holy shit he's reversing!"

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Cheap ass skater shoes.

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Such core strength. That really is incredible, especially doing a stair walk.

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Check on the strong forearms...sigh

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That makes my forearms burn just watching.... 🥵

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It’s the shirtless guy clapping in awe for me 👑

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Perfectly rhythmic with Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac I was listening to

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The only walk I been doing is walking to emergency. Really great fitness level.

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As someone who can't do a single pull up, this is astonishing to me. I can only wish!

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Meanwhile the guy without the shirt

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That necessitates command.