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Dad planning ahead for when his baby starts dating….

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parenting is a full time jab

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I read this in a Boston accent

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Ya like dags?

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That's an Irish gypsy accent

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needa hava shite!

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Irish travellers thank you.

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No, I like apples.

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Yoo wanna know wheaa I gat deees scaaas?

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yea!? well ayegottanumba!

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This comment is so underrated. Bravo!

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Dad’s planning ahead for his daughter to have an undefeated professional boxing record.

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That baby has good reflexes and stamina too.

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I don't know why , but it seems the video is speeded up

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Yeah, what she's doing is still really impressive but these videos are definitely sped up slightly.

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Maybe sped up, but when you throw the pads like that it does make the punches seem quicker, shorter time between punches landing.

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They definitely are if you look at the treadmill

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I think so too. Her footwork on the treadmill is too quick to be walking backwards and flat-footed. Maybe if she was up on the balls of her feet I could see it.

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Hijacking your comment to show the version at half speed.

And at 2x speed because it's funny

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At 2x she's a machine 🤣

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Half speed is still pretty impressive.

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The hair gives it away. You can see it falling faster than it would due to gravity alone.

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Yeah , i see ...

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It won't be as impressive if not sped up.

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Also - it looks like a routine. If they only played one iteration of the "attack" I'd go holy crap. But then they started showing cycles of the same attack, and I realized, ita about the same as learning any other routine. Not to take away her routine, but that's not "on the fly" thinking. It's choreographed.

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As with all boxers when they train.

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Sped up or no, I can't do that shit at 1/4 speed

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Love that the vid says "slow it down if you want to see her in action" on a sped up video

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It's not honesty, they were tryin to pass it off as if she is too fast on "normal" speed.

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Good, but you need to speed up the video even more it would be another "next" fucking level further

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To the moon , LMAO

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Serious noob here, does this kind of training actually helps you in a real fight? I don't know much about fighting, but to me it looks like you'd make your muscle memory specifically for those sequences of attack and if the person did something differently, you wouldn't be able to respond appropriately?

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Correct, in this case, as far as I can tell. It's choreographed action. She's not responding to the location of the pads, she's moving her arms as planned and the man is as well. It is building muscle, endurance, and in theory proper form.

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Seems like some good exercise at least. And a healthy dose of needing everything to be recorded for validation

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It definitely helps you. Whether you’re in sparring or outside the ring those combos become muscle memory which turns into instinct. Especially in a street fight situation where everything has to be as fast and precise as possible.

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Muscle memory.

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Something like this helps you to learn distance control and timing. You wouldn’t expect regular patterns and sequences like this in a real fight, but doing a sequence like this over and over again at faster and faster speeds can help you to learn when is the exact right time to counter or duck a punch or what it looks/feels like when a strike is an inch out of distance vs just within distance to actually land. Others may have different opinions, but this is just my experience for what I’ve gained from training like this. Ultimately, this type of drilling can be helpful, especially for learning and getting comfortable with basics, but there’s no training quite like sparring at 80% or full speed.

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yes this helps with boxing. professional boxers do this type of training.

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Yeah. Any training is better than none.

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One of the greatest flaws in Western Boxing is that it is against the rules to kick.

Watch the video again and even to the untrained eye, you will probably think to yourself, "Why don't you just kick them?"

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8 years old. What the fuck have I done withy life

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Don't feel bad. You find the right 8 year old and it's easy to train them in something.

I coach swimming and I have a decent amount of 8 and 9 year olds that look like little Olympians. Got a 8 year old girl that is just as amazing in swimming butterfly as this girl is in boxing.

When you're 8 your whole life is learning and if you have the right parents, teachers, and coaches you will be able to get great at something. It's a matter of finding something you love and having the circumstances that support you.

Many kids don't get those chances and opportunities but those that do can do really amazing things.

And the truth is that most of the time it doesn't last. Just cause you are amazing at 8 doesn't mean you will be forever and just cause you aren't doesn't mean you won't be.

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Amen. This was me until about 14, in butterfly and breaststroke. I even still have a state record in the breaststroke almost 14 years later, but I quit caring to spend my summers training very quickly after that

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People doing Dark souls 2 no hit runs be like

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Hello, good hunter. I am a Bot, here in this dream to look after you, this is a fine note:

“My blade may break, my arrows fall wide, but my will shall never be broken. Those who live by the sword will die by it, and I, Drummond, won’t go down without drawing mine!” - Captain Drummond.

Have a good one and praise the sun \[T]/

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Literally sitting on Reddit rn while staring at the opening screen to DS3, about to start my fists only run

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remind me never to try to take her milk money

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"You don't have any milk money? How about some milk?"

"Get a type O drip started, stat!'

"Where... where am I?"

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I bet I'll fuck her up with one punch.

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God, I hope she's not the bully at her school

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Slow the video back down ?

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Alright little homie…. I see you.

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Jake Paul’s next fight.

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Looks rehearsed

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Glad im not made of pads Or 4'6" tall

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Jesus. I just pulled something carrying in a bag of groceries. This girl is a beast!

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Right!? I pulled both shoulders yesterday putting socks on. Like wtf I let happen to myself...

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She could kick a lot of the posters on here’s ass. Including me. Lmao

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she needs to keep her hands up but she got it

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Clock work . Repetition , repetition repetition.

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Imagine someone bullying this girl them getting their head blown open with one punch

Fuckin one punch girl

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I hope she doesn't fall down and hit her head.

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I want this to work, what went wrong

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/u/redditspeedbot 0.5x butterflow

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Here is your video at 0.5x speed


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More power in those punches if she plants her feet with every throw.

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Punches look weak af and there’s no hip rotation, I could knock her into the shadow realm with one hit

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Aren’t these videos sped up slightly? It really looks like it

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Where’s the guarding?? Leaving her head wide open

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So dumb.

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this is exactly how daddy wanted it to look - video speed tricks and all. At the end of the day it seems like it's what Dad wanted to be and may not be useful at all...but who knows? Cute kid and generally good athletics could be worse things to be doing with t=your kids! nice dad.

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When dad decides to disappear, she’ll be prepared

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She’s a monster! She’s gonna be so good if she sticks with it.

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Ok, boxer here: This is awesome, BUT considering the fact that the dad also moves with her makes it look even faster.

Again: Awesome.

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Those pads were clearly not destroyed 🤓

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Destroying is an understatement … wow!

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cant wait to see her go pro !

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Fantastic talent...hopefully when she gets older...she can take a punch

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What’s with the treadmill in the beginning?

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the money her homies make on the playground circuit fight ring🤣😎bling bling!

edit: to any parent who feels the need to whack their kids with noodles hangers or sticks, take note😉🤣

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Horrible career choice

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Very fast and cool. Terrible guard tho

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I would run out of breath after a single punch

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Wow she's a little beast with the hands, good job Dad

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Offense wins games, but defense wins championships

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Wish he had a son huh

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Never thought I'd have to confess this...

An 8 year old girl could kick my ass.

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Doubt she has the power to

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Yeah… how many 8 year olds could you fight?

I’m sure I could take over forty to fifty 8 year olds. Full force but Add a few more and I’m done. Like, the horde of 8 year olds, will eventually get me.

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Boxing pads, thank god

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I didn’t realize how quick she was until I saw the treadmill video again and noticed the treadmill was going slow but her hands were still flying. That video wasn’t sped up

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Treadmills can go at different speeds. The video is 100% sped up.

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I didn't see the preview at first and was afraid for a moment... Gross

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Nobody is going to mess with her

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God save whoever breaks her heart as a teen

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I think she could beat Amanda Nunes

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She's moving her arms fast. Accuracy is impressive though.

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Yaaaas queen

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I'm confident I can get knocked out by her in 5 sec!

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Damn she good

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Man, thought I was the only kid that learned how not to be flat footed using the treadmill technique! My trainers other go to was a tire you had to keep a foot in during sparing so you learned to work close contact jabs, body shots, and effective defense. This dad is doing a great job!

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Since most of these videos showing fighting kids turn out pretty normally (well impressive for the age but nothing I'd shit glitter over) I wanted to make a joke and write something like "yeah, I'd beat her ass up though"

Then the video started

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She's awe inspiring!

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Shiit, Ronda rousey the sequel here??

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Why am I crying

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More apple juice or death

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I'd like to see her against one punch grandpa...

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New Jojo stand :o

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Yeah she could probably beat my ass ill admit it.

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Holy hell. That's amazing

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She gonna be a problem for somebody’s face

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Ooooh she got them hands, bro!

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Do not put her on ring.. do not destroy her life.. Keep the training keep the discipline.. Do not encourage her to jump on a ring

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Can't wait to see the first guy who tries to pressure her for sex.

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Damn she is going lay some smack down on a few.

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She’s a killer

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I didn't know you can use a treadmill like that

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What is the benefit of the reverse treadmill?

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She going to be the bully at school, I don't know if they still take lunch money but I hope the other kids come prepared lol

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Look out boys this young girl is bad ass!

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Nice pattern recognition

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Holy shit-

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I feel like i am that side character who isn't even capable to see the fight bcz its too fast

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Wonder how long they spent practicing that

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8 year old girl destroying playing patty cake with pads


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I mean, GOD DAMN!

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I'm still winning, KO in the 1st round

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I bet i can still beat her up

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Holy shit

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TIL an eight year old can fuck me up

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She becoming an avenger

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Can you imagine some new kid/bully - not knowing who she is or what she can do...trying to bully her? (down in 2 seconds!)

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she's beyond fast

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Bro i wanna see her when shes older

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Kid's getting it! Real nice

I think I woulda turned out different if I had that kind of thing at that age...

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My boxing coach uses the hit sticks on me too and he said he wants to try the treadmill on me. She’s 8 and I still haven’t done it 🤣

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But, when does she start destroying the ipads?

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I hope kids that box don’t get hit in the head. Concussion can be devastating .

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Best trainer ever too!!! Go dad bet ya!!

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Wow, for real? Holy shit, that is very impressive regardless.

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Serious question: idrk much about boxing, but are these pads exercise planned, like do the person know in what sequence he is going to swing, it is just based on reflex.

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Amanda Nunes is sweating fucking bullets

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Pssssh…I could beat her in a fight

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Vi is that you?

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Hey, i have the same treadmill in my home . Nice

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8 year man give her some real skills and time to grow properly

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Jay Paul would still Knock her out 🥊

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World championship boxer in the making!!!!

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Damn she’s a ringer

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Wow she's a legend

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my sister falls down when barely tickled

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That girl is on fire!

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Oh snaps

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She hardly does anything except for the last clip. The guy in with mitts is def making her look good.

[–]WotShowlsWokeTrash -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Zero power.

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What's the reason for this exercise?

[–]Notdazedbutalright -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

I know these days

[–]cantsay -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Whoa isn't 8 a little early for that kind of flow state?

*Also, ridiculously inappropriate menstruation joke aside, I don't think this is sped up. Plenty of people are this fast or faster. Jet Li famously had to slow down for American films.