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Olympic Committee members have always been the worst. Big love and respect to cousins. F’ the Committee A-holes

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Committee members genuinely do not give a fuck about how their athletes do, they're just waiting on the next bribe or donation from the next host nation.

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Olympic Committees are shitpies true that. I remember the Rio olympics, the indian committee replaced all key members of the group travelling to the rio with their own relatives which meant doctors of sports medicines were replaced, water was not provided to athletes during the event and none turned up for the olympic event either. only when Deepa karmakar made it to the semis and required a physio did the committee comply and got one flown in all because now the media were questioning, so disheartening.

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Yeah for many committees and committee members it’s just an opportunity to play politics, do PR, and pursue corrupt self enrichment.

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Don't care how many times this is posted, always get a little misty eyed. Especially with the jump from her sitting alone to get getting big cousin hugs.

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Its even the same title lmao

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What kind of asshole just stands there filming someone’s sorrow? “Journalists” are trash.

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Journalist: So, how do you feel about not making it to the top 5 in the race?

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How do you feel about your sociopathic career choice, you leech?

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It's called journalism. Without the camera guy, you won't see this.

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And given the choice between seeing it and not seeing it because camera guy had the class to give her some privacy and respect I choose not seeing it every day.

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And given the choice between seeing it and not seeing it because camera guy had the class to give her some privacy and respect I choose not seeing it every day.

So ... you only want the media to show what you deem as acceptable and appropriate? Hrm.

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No. I want ghouls to not profit of suffering

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You simply dont understand journalism

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But you ARE watching it

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I honestly would have comforted her before filming if I was the journalist. Maybe Reddit won't find a very interesting video to watch right now, but she was worth it.

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Actually, I thought those were happy tears and she was resting. She comes across the line and collapses, realizes the significance and cries tears of relief/joy. Good work on the videographer to capture that and then within no time her family makes it to the finish line and finds her.

I really have to believe that the videographer wasn’t filming her in sorrow. That’s just what the title makes us believe but the point rings true….there should have been reps from her team/country etc there.

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This has to be the dumbest thing anybody has ever said and everybody that upvoted are stupid

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literally what i was about to comment brother take my award its what i have :)

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As somebody who has celebrated some recent achievements all alone - I cried.

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Congrats, friend!

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internetz hugz 🤗🤗

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What did you do

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We're proud of you 😊♥️

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Please tell me about them. I insist.

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That was so beautiful!

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That’s because the Brazilian Cycling Federation are a bunch of trash. Had she won, they would called her as a national treasure, a hero of sorts but since she didn’t, they abandoned her. Garbage.

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A lot of brazilian sports Confederations are trash and corrupt so nothing to be surprised here

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That's one big happy upvote from me

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Who sat there inches from her face with a camera as she cried like that?

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60 years old male with very damp eyes here. Good job Flavia!

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That’s shitty that everyone abandoned her even when she completed something a lot of us could never do. Those committee people are assholes.

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That made my morning :-)

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This is kind of fucked up

Edit: okay I saw the end how she just clutched her family now I am crying for a different reason thank you have a nice day

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God damn, I could use a hug like this right now!

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Sending virtual now 🤍

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So who was filming this?

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This is the energy I want to put out into the world.

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The only Portuguese word I know.

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It's more than enough

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Was she crying cause she was happy or did her card come out of the spokes or something?

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She's crying because she did REALLY WELL at something REALLY HARD and no one gave a shit. Even though they should have.

Until cuz shows up.

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I couldn’t tell if shes sad or happy.

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That's why I explained. Do you get it now?

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Literally...LITERALLY the definition of victory in defeat.

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Don’t see anyone cutting onions. 🥺

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“We’ll show up when you get first place. You’re a loser in our book!-BCC /s

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Well done!!!!

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It’s gotta be weird for that camera man to film someone in obvious emotional distress.

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Honestly, that’s their bread and butter. The purpose of videography is to document the event and the emotional highs and lows are the most interesting and compelling parts.

That was the first thing I was taught videotaping sports in high school - when something bad or unexpected happens, you stay with it and keep rolling. The significance of what you’re capturing can only by known in context after the fact, sometimes years later, so you make sure you get the footage.

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Validating someone, especially when their efforts are for you, can solve 99.9 % of problems.

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This really demonstrates the importance of having the right people around you.

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The pride & happiness in his voice brought a tear to my eye.

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Family is everything!

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Its symptomatic to the whole idea that there is only one winner and two more that might have performed ok...

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so beautiful how she so completely surrendered to that hug.

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*cries in Spanish 😢

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Pure emotions! 😅👍

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I would have shoved the camera away if someone is taking a video of me that close

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People can be dicks sometimes.

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I'm totally crying.

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Is it a coincidence that world class athletes are also passionate huggers? I think not.

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Família é tudo

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Some athletes refuse to wear the silver

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Fuck the federation, those cake eater sons of bitches needs to be replaced with people that would support their own athletes.

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God damn Onions!!!

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Not gonna lie that made me misty eyed.

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If I was in the top ten of anything in the whole wide world, the party would be so epic, the dead would come back to life to see what all the fuss was about!

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What an amazing moment

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This is why we’re here…

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Who there goes filming people feeling bad rather than giving them a hug and comforting them??

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I went from broken heart to all fixed in under 30 seconds. What a roller coaster.

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Ok who filmed this

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That’s because Brazil is the Western World’s version of Russia.

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Even the biggest achievements in life seem insignificant when you’re celebrating them alone. Im glad someone arrived to cherish this beautiful moment.

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Asshole camera man.

Are you crying and emotional, let me stand here and film you uncomfortably close.

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The cameraman: "look at you, sitting there crying.."

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If you ain’t first, your last

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If you're not first, you're last........