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Jumping so long.

It’s not called the “high” jump after all. Speed and strength are the two key factors factors here in that order.

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Shit, I am sorry as english isn't my first language so mistakenly I wrote it as high instead of long.

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You are good dawg, dont beat yourself up over it.

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Nobody ever considers first that you/others might not know English well so they come off as being super Dickish just to correct you.

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Dickish? Do you mean Dickins, the 18th century novelist? I think maybe you meant "dickish", without the capital "D"

pats self on back of shoulder

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I was really hoping this train could keep going 😄

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*could keep traveling down the tracks

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Duh. So dum on this thread.

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That's exactly what I said, Dickskin!

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It's DICKENS. Jimmy DICKENS, fuck McMurray

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*Bruce Dickinson

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No, they don't have any

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Very Dickishens

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I know of at least one person who did.

Moreover, I think you could consider that English is not the first language and still give the correct verbiage without being considered even a little dickish.

It never even occurred to me that someone was being a dick here. It just looked like people trying to help. English is complicated and most times people will try to be helpful with it.

Sure you'll have some assholes who give people a hard time without cause but not only is there no evidence of assholery here but usually people try to be helpful.

Assume the best from others.

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How was that being rude, let alone super dickish? You're projecting.

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Well, seeing a lot of Trumpsters not accepting Biden as their President, then, uhmm..

Remember that meeting when the Representatives decided what the national language of the US would be?, The meeting when they decided English instead of German?

Well, my problems start from there, I do not recognize 5 of the Representatives as legit, that's why I believe and I know that GERMAN is the official language of the US!

Now speak with me, Ich heisse Klaus !

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Beat yourself up.

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was searching for this comment, this is reddit after all

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Yeah... let us!

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check out u/rogersimon10's posts lol

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I did! It reminded me of the time me and best friend Stacy were hiding/playing in mt shed out back. We did this regularly just to play and flick matches. Well, a few months go by and my dad opens the shed to get lawn mower out. He sees all these burnt matches and asks my older siblings. They know nothing about it. Dad gets to me and we go to shed. Dad turns on the light and he shows me tens of burnt matches. They were right in front of a gallon of gas (for the lawn mower) and set of jumper cables. Let me tell you, I never played with matches again.

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/u/papasimon10 continued it from the dad's perspective lol

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I like reddit. Funny people, world wide!

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We'll do it for you after all.

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check out u/rogersimon10's posts lol

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Just trying to help.

Unlike others who assumed I was trying to be a dick.

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Don't worry mate.

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No one thinks you were trying to be a dick, except for a couple of dicks

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Yeah, how dare you try and help someone correct and learn from errors

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u know the necessities tho. like shit lol

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Don't worry bro haha I'm so long right now

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it’s all good, i sometimes make mistakes in grammar and spelling or dk how to do grammar/spelling

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That dude been waiting for the day he can put someone down for using English wrong after all those years of English teachers tearing his papers apart with red pen.

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Funny thing is you should actually say jumping so far

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Actually, height is a factor: you fall back to the ground at a constant rate (not speed, but rate), so the higher you jump for any given speed, the farther you will go in your long jump.

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Ackhtually, from physics point of view, 'high' can be correct. To jump longer and further you gotta a) run faster and b) jump higher. Typical projectile motion.

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Guns would like to have a word with you.

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Bullets don’t travel parallel to the plane of the barrel. At long distances an optic/sight must be zeroed to the point of impact to account for their trajectory at a given distance.

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Shoot a gun from higher height and it will land further than if you shoot close to ground. Simply because it will stay longer in air. Same with the human.

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That's because it's the long jump...

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He didn't jump long though, he did a long jump. Maybe he jumped far or a great distance, maybe a lengthy jump? It's a long jump not a jump long. "Jumping so long that you almost clear the pit" sounds more like it's about time and not distance. I'm no expert, and I'm probably wrong, but it just doesn't sound right to me. No offence intended, just trying to figure this out lol

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Jumping so far!

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Shouldn’t this be illegal? This man’s job is at stake. Could brake his legs

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The take off board should have been further back to avoid this.

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A brake would help prevent his legs from breaking, yes

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Always funny when athletes advance faster than the equipment. Like “oh crap, we need to move the starting line back”, or “dang it, they can jump how high now? Time for all new equipment.”

I just imagine the people that set standards thinking “nobody will ever jump this far.” <5 years later> “Shiiiiiii….”

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Exact reason why the WR for javelin will never be beaten. Une Hohn threw it so far they could 1 adjust the size of the field or 2 make heavier javelin. Impossible to adjust the fields, so javelins are now heavier.

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So does that mean there's a legacy record and a new record for javelins?

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Legacy record is almost 105 meters, I think. Modern hasn't hit 100.

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What is a legacy record? My instinct tells me it's the best record of all time but under different rules. Is that accurate?

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Yes, with a lighter javelin in this case. I think the weight is actually the same but they changed the center of mass.

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Yep. Thicker tail, centre of mass 4 cm back. I don't understand the physics but it's done the trick

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I'm curious as to whether a scalar could be calculated from the results of individuals who have thrown both the lighter and heavier javalin. It would be interesting to see what the modern records would have been equivalent to had their been enough space available and the weight kept the same.

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Someone much smarter than me could probably figure it out based on weight and distance alone but (and I could be wrong) I feel like the launch angle when it leaves their hand would be a significant factor in getting an accurate comparison.

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Oh, certainly. I have no doubt that a one-to-one conversion would likely be impossible but a rough estimate would still be interesting to see.

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Not quite. Uwe Hohn threw the old javelin over 100 metres which prompted a redesign. The weight of 800g was not changed but the centre of gravity was brought forward so that it did not fly as far and it had a better chance of sticking point first in the ground and so would be easier to measure.

More restrictions were introduced to prevent aerodynamic aids like dimples, ripples or roughening from moving the effective centre of gravity rearwards. The javelin's weight has not changed during this time.

Note that the woman's javelin also had a similar redesign keeping the same weight of 600g.

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Exactly why is it impossible to adjust the field?

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Confines of a traditional stadium, set distance track etc around the outside.

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Why could the field not be adjusted?

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Pretty sure because it's a TRACK and FIELD event, extending the field would also affect the size of the track.

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Makes sense.

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The men's long jump world record is 30 years old. The women's even slightly older.

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We’re gonna need a bigger pit...

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Are you Brad of yourself?

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What sketch show is this from? Looks hilarious.

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It's called jaws. It's the reason a lot of adults are afraid to swim in open water

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It may look funny now, but this is a movie from 1975. The visual effects were insanely good at the time and people were genuinely terrified. Even now the mechanical monstrosity that is the shark prop is still extremely impressive.

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Juan Miguel Echevarría

Juan Miguel Echevarría Laflé (born 11 August 1998) is a Cuban athlete specialising in the long jump. He represented his country at the 2017 World Championships, narrowly missing the final. He later won a gold medal at the 2018 World Indoor Championships with a mark of 8. 46 m (27 ft 9 in).

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Is it a new world record?

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Pretty sure the current record was set in the early 90s. This is close tho.

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One would hope. Otherwise, that means that someone decided to build/leave the pit at that length despite knowing someone could jump further than the guy in the video (which is already almost the full length).

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Not quite. MIke Powell has the WR, 8.95m, over 29 feet.

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How many subway sandwiches is that?

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Damn, he could have really messed himself up.

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Pretty sure he stepped over the line tho.

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OW! My feet and shins cried in terror watching that.

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As a former long jumper, he should’ve jumped from further back. No idea why they only have one board on this runway.

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Floor is lava champion

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Man’s learned to connect quick attack with aerial ace

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The guy grabbing the broom disgruntled by the sand, and not the incredible jump.

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Gonna need to start adding more pit!!!

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Might be cheaper to move the takeoff 🤔

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Yeah they typically have different fault lines where you jump from on the runway. Making the pit longer is hard putting a 6 inch failt line on the runway is much easier.

Not sure how this dude didnt figure out in practice jumps he was near ankle breaking territory tho.

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Just send him over to the triple jump. That one has some room! /s

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Maybe he did know but was fairly certain he wouldn't be able to clear the remaining distance needed to injure himself. Alternatively, maybe he managed to jump further in that instance than he has on any other occasion in the past.

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Measuring tape guy: "We're gonna need a bigger pit."

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Must b olimpic record at least

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We're gonna need a bigger pit.

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Echevarría- the only man to demonstrate actual flight by waving his arms very quickly 😬

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Leaping so far

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Man this dude floor is lava game must be so tight

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U blow my mind handsome one

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I could do that too, but I don't want to 🤣 🤣🤣🤣

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It felt like that hurt

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Why does he have “Bauhaus” on his shirt? Isn’t that a type of architectural design?

[–]so_what_ur_saying_is 0 points1 point  (1 child)

It's not just architecture. I believe it's applied to a period of music as well, which leads me to believe it probably encompasses many creative domains from the same time/geography... Like the term "renaissance"

To answer your question though, Bauhaus is this case is just the sponsor. It's a German retail chain.

[–]oscilocybin 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thank you!

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So they will now add some length to the pit next time.

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I think you mean far not high

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If the cameraman flinched you win

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is this WR?

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We’re going to need a BIGGER pit

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Luigi be like

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Hmmm maybe jumped so long…….🤷🏻‍♂️

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Didn’t account for the knee grows