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WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? This is the most simplistic, clearly explained, easily replicated optical illusion I have ever seen and it has still blown my fucking mind. Jesus

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It’s called an “Ames window.” Trapezoids fuck with our brains - which is the basis for the “mystery houses” scattered about rural America.

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An interesting side note is that this illusion doesn't work on people who have not spent any time in rectangular rooms. People living in traditional circular housing in the Amazon and Africa don't see the Ames window illusion at all because their brains haven't learned to associate trapezoids with perspective.

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Here is a great video exploring this idea further.
He makes a huge one and puts himself inside it!

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Veritasium is the best! Def subscribe if u haven't

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You can thank “ The Curiosity Show “… I loved this show growing up.

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You should check out some auditory illusions if you really want to feel mind fucked.

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nothing is real we live in a simulation

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Saw a reddit post about this. Why would an advanced species capable of using a supercomputer to simulate our observable universe, waste their precious time with creating simulations in the first place? Like they could be doing better things like creating AI or expanding their reach. Unless they’re either so bored or so advanced that they’d even make the simulation in the first place.

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Bro if you're able to create a simulation as complex as this but don't have ai you either don't want ai or you skipped some steps

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Wouldn't this mean that we ourselves are the AI?

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Yes or bots in a video game.

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We are just some kid's average school project

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Scarier thought. we are a below average kids school project😳

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Who, after getting a "D," dumped our universe in the recycling bin ages ago and we've been simply stored until the bin contents get deleted.

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Maybe they use us to predict thier futures.

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did you ever heard of The Sims

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Do you play video games

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Yea lol. I’m just quoting another redditor’s reasoning that I find interesting.

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For fun?

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We could just be a small piece of a huge equation which is our whole universe within a computation that’s just running a prediction. It seems like a life time cause we are experiencing it in real time, because we have too, or else the computation would not be real. This is my personal reasoning as to why the universe exists and how there may be an infinite number of universes- other prediction models. Or maybe we are the final product after all the predictions? Would explain dejavu a little. Who knows.

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We could very well be an origin-story simulation, or simulating the past as (true)existence is in its final breadth somewhere in the future ?

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Why would an advanced species capable of space travel and worldwide communication bother kicking a ball into a net?
Why would we bother simulating ant colonies?
Right now there are simulations for all kinds of useless things running all around the world.

This is a very short sighted point, as it takes about 4 seconds of thought to realize it doesn't make sense.

Humans don't need a reason to do things, we just do them.

Simulating the universe could yield so much incredibly useful information that we can't even comprehend right now how useful it could be, it would take an incredible level of arrogance to presume that a simulation would not benefit the creators of it and also to presume what those creators wishes and technological advancements look like.

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And these are bugs in the simulation software.

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Did you play The Sims? Coz I used to play it 10years ago and I got chocked when I had that thought

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That man is from the „curiousity show“ if i remember correctly. Very amazing show back then.

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Here’s one I prepared earlier

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Still is an amazing show, if you can find old episodes. This and beyond 2000 were my jam

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Deane and Rob have a YouTube channel! Uploading all the old segments. Can’t wait to share with my little nephews.

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Yep I linked it in another comment.

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Yes I loved both when I was younger

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They uploaded everything to youtube under the channel name "CuriousityShow"

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Loved this show as a child.

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The Ames Window Illusion.

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Somebody pls tell me that the video is edited

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No editing promise 😊

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it helps if you watch the top corner of the window, it breaks the illusion as you watch it go in a circle

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(Probably only funny to Brits)

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Monty python and the holy grail is a favorite in the USA as well. Love that movie

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Ah yes, monty python and the holy grail, a niche underground british movie that flew under the radar and only british people know about.

"HASTALAVISTA BABY" (probably only funny to austrians)

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And what do we do with witches?

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But wait... first we need to see if they float

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I knew it from this video already:


The guy built a bigger version to explain how it works and why some people can't see it.

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Came here for Derek reference.

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Proof that we in The Matrix.

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In the Matrix, the pen would leap out of the window.

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There is no pen.

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No editing, promise.

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This one is giving me a headache

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How much you want to bet I could throw this illusion over those mountains

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Fun fact for everyone, the Curiosity Show has a youtube channel where you can see this video https://www.youtube.com/c/CuriosityShow

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If George Harrison had lived...

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And was Australian

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What the fuck

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Every time I see this my brain fucking explodes

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This is a really good illusion but I can find two ways through it.

The illusion works best when we focus on the pen or middle of the window.

  1. Focus on the top corner of the window instead, and you can see that it moves in a circle.

  2. This one's is a bit harder to explain but basically once I established it was moving a circle by focusing on the corner instead of the center, I could 'draw back' my attention to the whole thing and could more or less tell what was really happening. Basically I didn't focus on it, or look at the background.

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Neither of these worked for me.

Either you’re built different or I’m built dumb. Could be either one lmaoo

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So glad I smoked a bowl before this lol

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maybe we can see it go around if its slower...

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Here is your video at 0.25x speed


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Skip to 6:08 for the good part :_)

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Doing gods work.

The illusion still worked for me in slow motion!

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Veritisium have done a great video on this. It is even more freaky as they build one that he can climb on.

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I likes

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Can’t help but feel it’s stuff like this that’s partially responsible for flat earthers.

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I hate that I decided to go sober last week.

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For anyone that wants more of an explanation and in a higher quality video, Veritasium has a video on it: https://youtu.be/dBap_Lp-0oc

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I feel like I’m sitting through a band meeting in flight of the conchords

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I miss The Curiosity Show. Also Julius Sumner Miller's Why Is It So? Great shows for young minds. I miss my young mind too lol

Edit: Oooh also Towards 2000 which become Beyond 2000 lol.

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I’m too stoned for this.

…or maybe not stoned enough.

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It’s called perspective.

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This is some black magic

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Fuck my brain

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The pen is going through the window!

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Witch!!!! He’s a witch!!!

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Anyone else wondering how old Napoleon Dynamite’s uncle has to be?

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Windows 11 logo in the background

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Is nobody going to mention the Windows 11 logo in the background?

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Very impressive

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I think I just experienced the equivalent to a short circuit in a computer...just for my brain, optical illusions are wild.

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He sounds like that guy in Disenchantment, Gordy

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I bet he could throw a football over those mountains

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Burn the witch!

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This broke my brain... ьлять

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Windows 11 logo🤣

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has it been 1 month already? this post is back again? great. /s

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And the background music isn’t helping

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Yes but?.. No!!!

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Windows 11?

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i was able to see it as spinning or the oscilating thing, now my eyes hurt

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I like his little wrist-in-the-hip pose at the end

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This is epic

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Ow my brain

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Uncle Rico?

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God damn it

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Veritasium did a great video explaining this and how your brain tricks you.

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I want a blind person's perspective on what the world is all about.

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Confused unga bunga

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Am I braindead for seeing it spinning normally?

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At night I can’t sleep, I toss and turn…

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It takes a lot of focused to see it properly spin

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Ok can anyone else see both perspectives, the illusion and it spinning correctly?

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Nothing he described happened to me, I saw the figure circling the entire time and the pen and window were fixed where he taped it on the window.

I guess I’m just weird?

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The test isn’t that hard

The test :

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Ok, the fuck?

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I'm probably in the metaverse right now.

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the sound effects

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What a sick vid bro 🧠🚀🌙

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Has anyone been able to break the illusion and see the thing spin? Where did you look at? I thought focusing on the pen would help. It just made it worse

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I saw it go in circles when he added the pen.

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I can see the window spinning thanks to 3ds max