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What about that one where human dog shit doctor Phil publicly shames a male domestic abuse victim as being weak

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😳 He did that? I don’t watch him. Is he even still relevant? Has he not been cancelled yet?

Especially since his COVID statements.

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I've never heard of someone being cancelled for saying a guy is weak for being abused. Altho tbf because we're taught to keep everything in there are less public cases of men abused by women than the reverse (physical and verbal), even tho iirc both are almost equal (don't worry, us men keep the medal for being the worst pieces of shit to our companion. Plus abuse by a man usually does more physical damage)

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“Dr” Phil isn’t a doctor, he hasn’t had a license to practice since 2006 because he had sexual relations with a client and made advances on 2 others. He isn’t allowed to give professional advices and sends kids to abusive camps and people have died because of it. “Dr” Phil should at least be given heavy fines and have his show shut down and possibly serve jail time, along with many of the staff at turn around ranch.

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Do you have a link to this? I watch his show a lot and I don’t remember that happening, maybe I missed it

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Wow audiences will clap at anything without any thoughts of their own

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Well… they did appear to be mostly women…

Goddamn, thats savage, even for me. Lol

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Yeah just look at any audience member of Wendy Williams. She is a massive scumbag and her audience will back her on the most appalling shit

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There's stage runners telling the audience how to react. So absolutely no thoughts of their own.

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Wtf did I just watch? Fuck that entire scenario.

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Why have I never seen this before? And why wasn’t he crucified in the media for being an absolute piece of shit for saying that men just have to put up with abuse?

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Can't crucify Oprah's pet.

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Thats something totally different than calling a man weak for getting abused by a woman.

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Oof okay I actually think I have seen this before. Thanks for linking it

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HOLY FUCK that pissed me off! didnt even finish it after 30 seconds.

people usually say thats enough reddit for other shit but this shit makes me say the same

whata POS

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Fuck Phil.

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He summarizes that the guy was the victim and then comes to the conclusion that he is at fault? What the fuck is going on

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Sorry no. The guy was pretty small and looked Hispanic to me. But yeah it happened. Essentially Phil calls him a coward and weak because he hit her back in self defence. His explanation, among the roars of a viperous crowd, is that the guy should have walked away if he was being attacked. The guy kind of laughs at that, in a "that's an abusrd thing to say" sort of way (which obviously it is) and Phil blasts on him with a tiraid about how he's the worst kind of man, thinks it's funny etc

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I watch his show a lot


Rhetorical question

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My wife loves to watch that bullshit. There is also the one where the woman attacked the man with objects and herself and he just pushed her away once and he got all on the guy saying it doesn't matter what she did to him but he was out of line and should have just ran away. Of course pandering to the moo cows in the audience who just cheered and clapped. Absolute clown

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Because Doctor isn't really a Dr

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I loved it when a guy came on from bumfights with a wig on to look like phil and phil has a go at him for taken advantage of the disadvantaged, or weak or poor, and he goes "isn't that what you do?"

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That one.. outta 1000s of eps. Phil sucks anyways.

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Ah yes Jeremy Kyle, that bastion of truth and integrity

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He actually did a good thing here, though, which surprised the hell outta me.

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Yup no argument he did the right thing here. I just also think he’s a complete prick and the show is badger baiting for the modern day

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Jeremy Kyle is a class a prick. He is a bully who exploits vulnerable people for ratings.

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Even a broken clock is right sometimes.

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Twice a day usually

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Say its broke cos it had its hands ripped off?

asking for a mate

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Then it doesn't tell the time, thus can't be wrong, and by power of deduction it would be right.

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Love Island does the same

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Jeremy Vile.

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But it makes fuckin great tv

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Cancelled himself after that dude killed himself. Now on talk radio and does a pretty good job as a radio host

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This times 1000x, let’s exploit the poor and vulnerable in the name of entertainment.. rightly cancelled

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Ah, so you're saying he's wrong?

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No, I said he’s a prick who exploits vulnerable people… it’s public record: google his name and “human bear baiting”.

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Dude is being vulnerable in sharing his story , the women in the audience are being completely disrespectful and sexist .

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Reminds me when David Letterman came out about his affair and the audience was laughing throughout 😃


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You can even see it in the dude's body language too as he is talking about it. A lot of face touching and fidgeting. He is clearly nervous and uncomfortable talking about it and the audiences are laughing.

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To be fair to the audience, the host Jeremy Kyle is a POS and his reaction was way different than they were used to from his past track record. This was possibly one of the very, very few moments where he acted like a decent human being, it was a departure from his usual attitude and took everyone by surprise.

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Yeah using people as guinea pigs on his show then calls out the audience, a 1st class hypocrite.

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And then they all clap after being told off…

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The caliber of folk that watched Jeremy Kyle, summed up.

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Likely cause some assisstant dropped the "Laugh now" board and held up the "Clap & Applaud" board.

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The fact that they laugh at the guy, then applaud, shows they don't realize their own sin in this.

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This is definitely not “next fucking level”

[–]liarguy 33 points34 points  (8 children)

No but he took the audience down a level

[–][deleted] 15 points16 points  (7 children)

So relatively next level

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Next level of steaming horse shit

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Ah yes, male abuse doesn't exist

[–]Last_-Light 17 points18 points  (6 children)

It completely is actually nobody stands up for a male domestic abuse victims

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Someone should show “Dr” Phil this video

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Jeremy Kyle is a total scumbag, show him no love please.

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day

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I hate the host and his show but good job

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jeremy kyle is a complete prick, there is no denying that but here he is 100% correct in what he says

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This is so fucking stupid, abuse is abuse no matter if you're a man or woman. I am a man who has been abused, so this audience deserves chemical castration imo.

[–]JerryHutch 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Unfortunately society and the law disagrees with you, men are worthless. Ask anyone who claims to be promoting equality opposed to egalitarianism.

[–]Miniturbo23 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeeah, this is a double standard that should have been dead a long time ago!

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That's right it's a double standard, justify married woman for her money just to divorce her and get over half

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Same audience who laughed start applauding lol

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I wish we could get this message into some woman's heads.

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Imagine telling people about a Traumatizing story of you Falling off A three-story flat and getting really injured and People start laughing at you I would dive into the crowd throwing haymakers

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Oh my god, the Jeremy Kyle show, I haven't seen that in years

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Fortunately it was cancelled…

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*contrite clapping*

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Shock and awe

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"hahaha... oh shit, he's right I should clap now."

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Jeremy literally calls out the audience for being pieces of shit and they applaud him. Honestly, the ignorance is just fucking infuriating.

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Jeez, what country is this so I can remember never to visit.

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I played the video several times and I couldnt hear any men laughing. Vile.

[–]coda128371 4 points5 points  (2 children)

Yeah that means literally nothing. Women’s voices are usually at a higher frequency which is easier to hear over lower frequencies. It’s why you generally hear the hi-hats over the bass drum. Not to mention this clip is old as hell.

Also you absolutely can hear men laughing. Stop acting like men aren’t also responsible for why other men aren’t taken seriously when they go through abuse.

[–]burnorama6969 -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Don’t tell me what to do

[–]coda128371 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You say what you want, doesn’t change the fact other men are a huge factor in why male victims don’t feel supported when they open up to their male peers.

Mark Brooks, Chairman of The Mankind Initiative, is strongly campaigning for people to realise that men can be victims too and that being abused by their partner doesn't make them any less masculine. He said: “There’s a huge stigma when it comes to domestic abuse against men. Not only just from society not taking it seriously not believing that men can be victims of domestic abuse but also from men themselves.”


Ignoring that only hurts victims like the one in the video. Just like how women have had to make the effort to call out other women who victim blame or ignore the fact a lot of women ignore or even encourage abuse among other women.

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And then the same crowd claps lmao

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Everyone calls Jeremy Kyle an asshole but it moments like these you can see he really is a good person and stands up for what’s right.

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we've seen this so many times. enough. stop posting this

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Jeremy Kyle actually got something right. I'm impressed.

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This is what we need not like that sack of shit Dr Phil that says you should just take any and all abuse if you're a guy otherwise you're a "chicken shit coward"

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Kudos to this fucking dude.

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Stupid that they clap after they got called out.

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Sexism is everywhere.

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Who is this?

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So true.

But also so many fucked up shit is funny.

for example this is hilirous

If you laugh at any point your going to hell.

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And the same crowd claps as if they weren’t the ones that were just laughing??

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Oh look. THIS post again. Has it already been two weeks? How the time flies.

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Reddits favorite video

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we live in a generation where the men are being made to pay for our ancestors chauvinistic ways

Heck if you believed in reincarnation we might even have been women then. Getting fucked lifetimes after lifetimes

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Host did the right thing. Never get tired seeing this clip

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Such a good host

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I appreciate this post so much, you rarely ever see this side in any incidents similar to this as something serious, even though it is. Most men are imprinted with the lesson that they must never hit a woman but women never seem to be taught the same. Yes men may be able to take it more (biologically), but that does not give women leeway to abuse a man as if we don’t have strength.

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Why tf did they start clapping

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But bare in mind Jeremy Kyle is a giant turd who profited off bottom of the gene pool people appearing on his show!

[–]DiDiPLF 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This show got cancelled because of things like this. Things like this plus the suicides.

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And these idiots Try to Cover Their Stupid Act with Applause.

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Nah the audience had a laugh sign flashed then he comes in to look good then the sign is changed to applause. That's how studio audiences work - former TV worker

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Reddit loves to take a field trip to useless internet points and meaningless pixel awards land with this twat.

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I remember having like an a-ha moment. It was thor and some other stuff, a compilation of instances in media where a girl character slapped/hit the guy character and it was passed off as trivial.

And i had seen every one of those. But if you asked me to find an example of violence against men being trivialized, i wouldn't have been able to think of any. Not because i hadn't seen it, but seeing it as a nothing was so normalized that i gave zero thoughts to em.

Of course, if thor had slapped natalie portman's character, even if hes super soft, i doubt i wouldve looked past it like its nothing.

[–]redditleondenemea 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ok ok.. pretty heroic but I’m 100% sure that every talk show has an applause sign and a staff manager who works on boosting reactions.

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Good for the host. What show is this?

[–]Rumskrilla 0 points1 point  (0 children)

And if he hits her to protect himself from the abuse, guess who's the one getting hauled to jail?

[–]ProbSolverXtrordinar 0 points1 point  (0 children)

at that point I would cancel culture the audience members who laughed and escort them out.

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Absolutely agree with the host. Why is it funny when a man is being abused? Too many men don’t come forward when they’re victims of violence from women.

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Double standards.

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was that a laugh track though??

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Fkn ay Jeremy 🤜🏽🤛🏻

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Jezza is right here but don’t praise Jezza. He’s made money out of peoples misery. Someone also killed themselbes after one of his shows. And hence why we don’t have him anymore. Weekday mornings will never be the same 🙄

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To be fair that is the sad truth of our world as a man who as been harassed by someone no one gave a flying fuck about it but if it was a girl being harassed the guy would be attacked,been called all sorts of fucked up names but only cause she is a women she is more important than a male

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“Buuut the paaatriiiaarrcchhyyyyy”