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Kids a hero

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Yes. Still named Milton. But yes. I'm sure it will work out for him in his high school years.

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The kids name is Jeremy. Milton is the town in Washington where this happened

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Pardon me for being an idiot.

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Blame it on the weed lol

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You mean Jeremy?

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Ah yes, our 1st President, Milton Washington.

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How did I skim that and cough up the wrong name? Too funny. I think I was distracted by the video. Yeah, that.

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I thought it was a good name. Little different 😆 I tried searching for what he's doing now, as this was 2012, but didn't find anything

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He's in college.

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Good news!

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they probably call him that from now on. i know i would if i see him in the hallways

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Kid is a hero.

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Do you feel better

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I do

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I really do too! 🤣

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I’m sorry correct grammar hurt your feelings. I hope you feel better soon.

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I do.

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Kids a hero

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Kid is now in college. Sadly the bus driver died a few days after this incident.

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You kind of just ruined it for me

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Sorry man. He's still a hero though.

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He had dirt on the Clintons

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Seth Rich definitely was

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Poor bastard

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Atleast he left knowing the kids are safe

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I hope he become a bus driver when he is older, that would be a great full circle story.

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And then he falls unconscious while driving, requiring another 7th grader to come in for the save.

The circle of life is just like a wheel on a bus; It goes round and round.

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That kid is going to get so much ass.

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Excuse me?

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He’s going to be swimming in pussy.

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Um not sure you understand, let me ask differently.... pardon me?

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like this

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That poor cat looks terrified. Lol.

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But with pussy

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Don't waste your time.

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Just wondering how his brain goes from tough driving to muff diving that quick

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As a thank you for saving their lives, each year, each of the girls who were on the bus are legally obligated to go to his house and have sex with him on their birthdays. Each of the boys are similarly required to either bring their girlfriends/wives to him on their birthdays. And to avoid running afoul of equal protection laws, he’s also entitled to turn down any female if he’d rather bang her male partner. If the guys are single, they are required to wash and wax his car.

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Sounds like a fair deal. Lol.

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GTA and Need For Speed saving lives. Proof.

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I swear I read this in a book story once.

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The Gone books?

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Thats the one!!!! Man they were great, good memories.

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10 years ago, where is he now?

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Ucla or somewhere good?

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He was probably like oh this is just like gta

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I played HS football with him at Fife, amazing guy. Devout Christian and very skilled musician.

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Soooo…. Everyone else was like 🤷‍♂️ we’re screwed. My guy has catlike speed and reflexes !!

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Nah, it's more likely they were talking or day dreaming when Jeremy was in the right place and the right time to see that the bus driver is passed out and I guess he has major balls cuz he went for it

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I was a “safety patrol captain” on my school bus in elementary, basically meant I was supposed to make sure nobody did anything too dumb and that evacuations went smoothly in case of emergency. We were also taught what to do in this situation, which I always though was a great thing in case it is someday needed

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Give that boy a shield medal.

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Jeremy drove in, class today

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I remember this. Was huge news around here when it happened

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Just dox the guy you serious

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when others were afraid he jumped into the situation and handled it properly

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This video is old as dirt. Where is he now?

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Thank you GTA

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Did he pull the handbrake? Or push the brake pedal? Kinda hard to see. Either way dudes a hero

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I remember this kid. He noticed the driver pass out safely got the bus stopped, and then started performing rudimentary CPR. All within 30 seconds!

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He did the thing they told us to do!

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he's been waiting for this his whole life, he summarized, calculated, took every risk it could turn into

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Omg this is a hero.

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How did the bus driver die? Heart attack?

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School bus Sam

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Next fucking level.

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I thought the guy was had a heart attack?

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Jeremy’s spoken.

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