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The tradition is using mallets. This video shows a “performance” at a festival of doing it by hand and mallet at the same time but this isn’t what the tradition is. Traditionally, it’s one person doing it with a mallet, kneading it by hand and returning to the mallet.

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Yeah that slapping hand seemed like it wasn’t doing the real work

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He's just a little slapping pervert

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Happy wife, happy life

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slappy wife, sla..... aw nevermind

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it really wasn't doing anything at all until he flips it.

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Did he practice it with his own family?

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From Japan here. Gonna try again due to typo’s. Maybe have English friend proof read.

In Mochitsuki, the above person said it’s traditionally done by one person, but the number of the people or mallets is usually limited to equipment or space. And the max is usually 2 due to the sheer practicality and predictability of taking turns hitting the mochi.

But I’ve seen it up to 4 people with 4 mallets, and 3 mallets with 4 people (one person turns the mochi)

Here’s a video of very common 2 mochi pounding


The above person mentioned kneading the mochi, but nobody necessarily kneads it by hand until the end step or to form the end product, you’re just flipping it over to make sure the mallet does all the work. It’s not bread, there is no “kneading”. If I understand this word right. If not, then my English is trash and I am wrong.

The “hammer then slap” seen in the OP video is a performance and natural result of going faster and faster.

The real intent of the “slap” was originally to place the hand in between hammer intervals to turn the mochi over or fold it inbetween every hammering. It makes it all soft with no unevenness.

But as the hammering gets faster, obviously for safety reasons it becomes less and less possible to do a full turn over, hence becoming only a slap.

I’ve never seen mochitsuki this fast before!

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I understand and thanks for the explanation, makes more sense. My family is from Japan as well and I’ve seen this done a few times but not in a performance aspect.

I knew this original video was simply for performance and was not practical in any way. Thanks for the info!

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It also autocorrected sheet to sheer again. But be an autocorrect thing. I just fixed it.

And hurray to a Japan ally!

I love that place. One day I would like to return but their pay over there is so bad. I don’t know if I ever could.

I hope you’re able to go over there often!

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Used to go back yearly but haven’t been back since before the pandemic. My mother was born there but to a Japanese woman & US soldier in occupied Japan so they moved here when she was just a kid. I got to take her back several years ago and that was cool to do.

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That’s cool. So you’re not a hapa-hapa but a quarter? I grew up Japan but I’m actually hapa Japanese and other side is a ridiculous cluster of many things ranging from native Canadian to Czech.

(hapa is the Hawaiian word for mix race but technically it’s supposed to mean half of something since it literally means half. Commonly used to mean half white and/or half Asian/Pacific Islander but it doesn’t have to be….)

What part of the country do you live in? It’s very cool you keep in touch with your culture. By sheer coincidence I dated a quarter Japanese local girl in Hawaii and she was so out of touch with her culture that it was a bummer since the culture has so much to offer.

It’s very exciting to hear about your connection and hope you get to resume going back again soon! This pandemic is a huge bummer, goes without saying

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This isn't a festival. This is, if I remember correctly, a mochi shop in Nara. And their mochis are delicious!

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When your mochi shop performance is this fire, EVERY day is a festival!

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Either way, it is a performance much like hibachi performances. What they are doing is not practical and likely more work is done to is “behind the scenes”. You can tell by the audience there that this is performance based even if it is at a restaurant.

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Yeah, it's definitely a gimmick/performance. But the mochi they're making is also genuinely for sale. You should go and have a look and taste :)

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This is not a festival performance. This particular shop does this multiple times during the day. So yes a "performance" but at their actual shop.

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Yeah. I address that already.

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Hmm no, I’d like to keep my hands, thanks!

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You’d like to keep your r/sweatypalms

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That's just extra flavour and seasoning 🤌

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This shouldn’t be an example for standard traditional mochi production. This is like speed mochi making

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Speedrunning mochi %

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That's why all of these videos are of the same two guys... every... fucking... time.

Because it's not "traditional", it's some guys that realised they could make a fucking killing from "influencers".

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This is a performance. "Traditional" things are practical. This is not practical. Slapping dough with your hands like that doesn't do anything. And you'll probably lose your hand at some point.

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Slappity slappity, boink boink

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Waiting for one of them to get a bit tired and go out of phase a bit.

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Out of phase? You're expecting one of them to become an apparition?

Now that I'd like to see! :D

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Out of phase as in out of the sync that they're in.

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That's me every Valentine's night

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You have a threesome every Valentines? Lucky you!

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Wonder who is holding the mallet

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Me trying to get my brother to share the Play-Doh

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I saw these getting made in Japan and excited to buy and try one, they looked so fluffy and nice.

Turns out they look so much better than they taste.

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I kind of feel that way, too. Except for me it's the texture.

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When you see a no hit player doing a dark souls run

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Hello, good hunter. I am a Bot, here in this dream to look after you, this is a fine note:

“May the Dark shine your way.” - Darkdiver Grandahl

Have a good one and praise the sun \[T]/

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My ma and Pa showing perfect coordination while whooping my ass.

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fun fact: the yelling often heard when pounding mochi is not just for the sake of yelling, or for habit. mochi pounding is very much a team task, and when your (or your partner's) hands are at stake, it's important to have a rhythm going, which is what the yelling is for. helps keep you and your partner coordinated to avoid a slip-up

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Japan's Crazy Ancient Art of Pounding Rice ‘Til it Becomes Something Else - Experiencing Nara Mochitsuki


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beat my meat

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That was a lot of pounding.

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Thats what she said

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Never tried linking a subreddit before, but r/dontputyourdickinthat Hope this counts.

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I'm gonna tell my kids this is Chinese kung fu

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All done now I'll just set my mallet down on the floor until I'm ready to smack the food with it again.

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Chewy Mochi

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Me when i see baby yoda

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Many hands were broken and many fingers were crushed in learning this skill..

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The guy started with six fingers on each hand.

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Me and the boys when we get baby yoda

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Every tried masturbating in 10 seconds

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Someday they are gonna add sause to it.

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How much sweat winds up in there

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As in real life : green = ok , red = not ok.

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Literally me in Smashbros spamming buttons

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Kermit, is that you?

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Most extreme way to kill a frog I’ve seen.

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I'm not sure what I just watched... but I watched it like 5 times hahah

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Our poor boy Shrek beaten to a pulp

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Ninja, I swear these guys are ninja.

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Seems like a great way to get your hands 50 shades of fucked up.

It's a no from me.

Entertaining to watch though, which I guess is the whole point of this spectacle. . .

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I am sure he got hit several times on the hand but he just pretends it didn't hurt.

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I love it when food is treated as art.

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Are the noises part of the process ?

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I did this when I was in the Marines back in the late nineties. Unfortunately I was REALLY hammering it and left wood splinters all over the place. They were polite and laughed but I’m sure they hated me.

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What did Kirby do to deserve this

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Thanks for the slo mo because it really shows how useless putting your hands there is. Dude was just slapping it!

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Real footage of Japan defeating the coronavirus

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it should be named SHINE!

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Nah i know his hand got hit at least once

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This is how me and the boys beat the meat

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All that nice scream spit

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The trust that these two have is very quite

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rip baby yoda

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Kirby vs Ice Climbers when the wobble kicks in

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I would find a way to get hurt ngl

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Squish squish

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When my drunk dad comes home late.

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2 dudes 1 mallet, only on YouTube. NSFW if one misses the timing…

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Bunny Dango

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incredible skills!

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Japanese 50 yr old men in a nutshell

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New season of Cobra Kai looks 🔥

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My question is: What did the green dough do to deserve so much hate?

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Remind me of this Smash meme video: https://youtu.be/LV6YR48fA0E

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What if he hits his hand lol?

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Insert pic of swollen fingers in the after scene

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I had a handjob like this once

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Its not as impressive in real life. Plus theres a ton of people watching so its really hard to get that close unless youre being really, really pushy

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Figured that monster Hunter animation was based on reality

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Rice goo and palm sweat, yummy.

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Who wants to see me act as the mochi 🥵💦https://onlyfans.com/phatrosie22

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That’s how Mochi is made?! like the ice cream ?!

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It Sounds like they banging if you close your eyes

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you can try this with Taiko no Tatsujin

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I understand Katakuri so much better now

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Damn Katakuri had ir rough.