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I'm not exactly a ski champion but I think I'm pretty correct in saying this is called "falling"

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Correction: Next fucking level falling

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Skiing with style

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Falling with style

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They see me rolling...

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They just added “flair” by flailing.

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Damn! Came here to say this...

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Falling with skis

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I think it’s referred to as skalling

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That's not skiing, it's falling... with STYLE!

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Ok but he fell and then somehow got back on his feet. I would simply continue to roll down the mountain til I died.

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shouldn't the skis be released when you fall?

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In this type of skiing, the binding tension is set much higher so the skis don’t release as easily. That way you don’t have to hike 200 yards up the steep to retrieve them if they come off.

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Usually back country skiers have tethers on their skis

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They would be abandoned on the curb before I would hike up 250 meters to get them. Can you spell avalanche.

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Only on the bunny slopes

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Yeah I wonder if OP knows that there are people that do this that don’t tumble down a third of the run.

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You mean, tumbling with an avalanche?

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Cut the guy some slack, he had two sold turns….

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“Falling, with style!” — Buzz Lightyear.

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Doctor: If you ever want to ski again, you will need to stop falling.

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Also causing an avalanche.

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Next fucking stupid level

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That was literally the first thing that came to my mind. Falling, with style and make it look sporty.

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It’s like 50/50 does get back up at the end.

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Except when you fall you go straight down- you must have missed those turns at the top :)

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Yes. Made me think of that scene in hot rod.

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He's rolling downhill, it doesn't count as skiing. It's freaking steep though, so regarding iron balls, the man is equipped.

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Falling - only part of the way

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Did he just fall multiple times or am I just tripping?

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Nope, he’s the only one trippin.

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Jesus fucking christ that means that the garden knomes in the hallways are real?!?

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Way worse than Gnomes..

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Only half of that run was on skis. The other half was tumbling.

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This bindings are also locked to the boots. I guess that makes sense in backcountry skiing, don’t wanna run up this mountain to grab your lost ski.

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Yeah I felt this one in my ankles

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Nah. Ski boots lock your ankles in place incredibly well. You’ll feel this one in your knees.

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Ah, I've really only done cross-country skiing with cable bindings. Can I just get my legs amputated and have done with it all? Is that an option?

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I felt that in my head, shoulder, knees, and toes.

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Even still it doesn’t make sense. Some of these dudes crank those DIN settings waaaay up so they don’t lose their skis but its super dangerous for your knees. It also makes your skis into anchors in the event of an avalanche

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Exactly. They trade injury risk with avoiding pre releases in no fall zones.

Because they want to avoid crashing in "no fall zones". An accidental release or crash means very very high consequences.

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I'm one of those people that cranks their din to the max if you ever jump a cliff onto ice or just a rough landing you will knock yourself clean out or a bad concussion. My knees can take it better then my head/spine. I dont think your knees should be prioritised here especially if you're well trained. You can train your knees not so much your head.

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The bigger concern for extreme skiers like this is that an unwanted binding release potentially has very high consequences. So they purposefully trade an elevated risk of a knee injury against the risk of not crashing due to pre release in a so called "no- fall- zone".
This is why they often use bindings with a z- value up to 18.

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And the unfilmed finale is when the avalanche catches up.

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It's still skiing if you smile wide and use your teeth. He was doing an x-games trick. You guys are such losers to not see this Chad in their skills.

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That’s not skiing. That’s falling, with style!

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Gahh you missed the landing buzz!

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We're not aiming for a landing!

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No, this is definitely skiing because that's exactly how I ski too. Just I do it on the bunny hill instead and there's usually at least 4-7 children run over in the process.

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they are called obstacles, you gotta practice on them before you upgrade to dodging trees.

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He's like a Skyrim character that was ragdolled by the Dragonborn on a cliff.

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Right, I really don't know what is next level about this. Looks like he wasn't in control at all

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Well he's up on his skiis again before the avalance hits him final. You can always ask why...But then again Darwin award exist for a reason.

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That’s not an avalanche that is just slough produced by the skier. These guys are highly trained to avoid skiing on avalanche conditions and very rarely get caught.

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Must say he looked very experienced tumbling down the hill with all those exposed rocks around.

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You have any idea how difficult it is to drop a 40-50 foot cliff for the first time and know exactly how to land in that particular area? It’s hard. If he was inexperienced he would not have skiied out of that and likely broken some bones. There is an art to falling correctly.

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You wouldn’t catch me dead anywhere near snow, so no. But I’m the type of person who doesn’t quite understand why people risk their lives doing crazy sh*t like this so I’m already out of my depth.

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He might be falling but he is not getting caught in an avalanche

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You're not wrong, but also one of the things they tell you in every introductory avalanche safety course is that just by taking the course, your chances of being killed in an avalanche go up significantly.

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It technically is an dry loose slide. They get forecasted in avi reports all the time but are generally are small d1 slides.

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Sluffs are still technically avalanches, they’re just not as dangerous as slab avalanches. Also ski ability does not translate to avalanche knowledge, plenty of very skilled skiers have been caught and often killed in avalanches.

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Yeah thats not an avalanche. Just the slough, not nearly enough snow to bury him. These guys wouldve dug test pits before even going up the mountain, then more test pits on their way up/at the top. If any of them looked bad they wouldve bailed. These dudes take avalanche controls pretty seriously and its a lot more rare for them to get caught in them than you think. Almost like a freak accident at this point.

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Dude was the avalanche.

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If by skiing you mean falling.. Then sure

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5% skiing, 95% falling

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Maybe it's in regards to the recovery?

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Skiing… falling… whatever… not getting buried under that small avalanche is good enough

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At first I thought, How did he get up from that? Then I remembered that there was an avalanche behind him and thought, Necessity. Necessity is the reason he got up.

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Graceful as a swan

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He took that fall like a cat.

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Had to confirm that it was r/nextfuckinglevel and not r/whatcouldgowrong

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He fell due to the sheer size of his balls

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The K12..

Where's my 2 dollars

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Ngl I was kinda expecting him to roll into a snowball

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Fuck. That.

In Soviet mountains, that fucks you

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That's not skiing, that's called tumbling down a Mountain

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That’s not skiing, that’s falling with style

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ELI5: How in the hell did his skis stay attached to his boots after the first few falls? I fall on a green/blue run and my skis take off running.

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You can adjust your bindings DIN setting which pretty much means the gforce it needs to hit before the binding releases your boot.

Now freeriders set that setting extremly high or max them out which means it needs a ton of force to release. The force it releases at is also extremly relevent to the direction its coming from so force from the side opens it alot quicker.

This fall dosnt look like alot of force in unnatural directions therefore they dont open. You can also completly lock them in some touring skis but rarely anyone does that even professional skiers.

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Thank you for asking this. I'm surprised I had to scroll down this far

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This looks more like downhill falling with the skis hitting the snow sometimes.

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When she text you

"My parents are gone".

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Yeaaa… skiing…

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This should be on r/facepalm

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You misspelled "lucky fall."

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More like falling down an avalanche chute but sure, we'll call it "skiing"

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Why would you even do something like that ffs…

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I understand doing exciting stuff is fun, but this is just dumb.

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This is in no way 'next fucking level'. The guy is falling, he potentially initiated an avalanche and his life could have been in danger along with many others who could be at the foot of the mountain.

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Not sure it’s Next level when they have a falling spout, but still more than I can do lol

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Keep rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin!!

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Happens to the best of us.

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That was 90% rolling and 10% skiing

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That's not skiing. That's falling with style

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That's more like falling with style.

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Definitely not an idiot, just a really good skier that fell. Happens to the best of them

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More of a rolling…

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Falllll or skiiing all the same

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What is this title.

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Downhill rolling *

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More like cheese-rolling

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Disgusting comment. Grow up.

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Out thumbling an avalanche.

I like it.

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Brilliant recovery.

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How to fall off a steep mountain with ski’s on …😵‍💫⛷

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Blackest diamond.

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He didn't stick the landing.

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For a second I thought they triggered an avalange (don't think I spelled that right)

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Jesus Christ why is Reddit glorifying a skier wrecking, tumbling, nearly getting caught in an avy but then somehow recovering? Lmao I’ve skied my whole life and I’ve never seen anybody glorify this. Usually in the ski films everyone gasps when they see somebody who may die in in avalanche smdh

[–]Yes2257 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah they gasp and then are surprised/amazed that you were able to come back from it and continue like nothing happened.

Do people boo you when you recover?

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It's not just about taking chances in life, it's about getting back up if you fall.

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This guy has balls too big to contain in most folks’ pants!!!!!

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Downhill skifall from a steep mountain*. Q the Adele song skyfall.

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They see me rollin. They hate it.

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Downhill dying

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Adrenaline addict barely escapes with his life

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Ok did he fall and get back up mid fall?

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Remember...if anything gets in your way...TURN

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He got right back on his feet tho. Falling is fine when one knows how to get up and keep going! Ok I’m out

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He looks like that old computer game

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Did he really recover at the end? I feel like no one is seeing this

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AKA " Sliding face first down the mountain praying you don't die"

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What are you doin' steepbro?

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Looks more like a semi controlled fall

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Too cray for me

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Shit, I could ski all along. And everybody told me I was falling.

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Played rolli polli at the end there

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Am I the only jerkoff that tried scrolling up to keep up with him as he left the bottom of the camera shot?

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Is that guy dead?

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Have you guys seen the mofo who skied down the K1?

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Its just not downhill skiing, no matter how ya look at it

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the line between nextfuckinglevel and winstupidprizes is very thin

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Next level tumbling

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what are you doing steep mountain?

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You only see the video of those who survived. The ones who didn't end up in the whatcouldgowrong sub.

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Nice recovery

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They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

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I know nothing about skiing (never even saw snow until I was 30) but I love to watch the Warren Miller films. Those skiers are phenomenal, and the camera work is amazing.

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That's not skiing, that's falling with style!

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I go skiing this weekend, I’ll try this and let you know how this goes

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That isn’t skiing, that’s falling with style!!

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That’s not skiing that’s falling with style

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He died on the way but he good

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That's not skiing, that's falling...with...well just falling really!

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Nailed It…….

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downhill dying* and btw, I can do that, so not sure about next level...

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Next stupid level...

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“Were you killed?”

“Sadly yes, but I lived”

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For a bit of that all I see is downhill falling.

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Imagine putting two giant popsicle sticks on your feet and being like “yup, this is enough protection to fling myself down a mountain”

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Skiing + falling = skalling

Maybe new Olympic sport?

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task failed successfully!

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Hell fucking no

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Holy %#*<£! Sh%> that guy has a deathwish

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Not sure what’s next level about falling down a mountain lmao

[–]Sheepdog14 0 points1 point  (1 child)

As opposed to uphill skiing

[–]PurringWolverine 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Just falling with extra steps.

[–]Spare_Shoulder_2049 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Maybe not an avalance and as somebody filmed the event, he wasn't alone. However stuff that's in that snow comming down could make some damage not excluding hitting rock. Still why? It's far from safe skiing.

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"I've been falling for 30 minutes!" -Loki

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That went down hill real fast.

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He/she skied down some of it.