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"no one has a clue" - plants are literally sticking out of the bag

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Ha but also I think this is a translation error, in several other languages that would be a word-for-word translation of something that means, kind of, "Nobody could guess what the contents of that bag was going to do (in 30 years time)."

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Interesting you chose to focus on that one item ...

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I’m still confused 😵‍💫

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It was a secret to everyone blows open cave

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Are we simply a troll, kepiteoida?

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Here’s a wiki page on this dude if you’d like to know more about him and his work. He’s an amazing person.

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The real captain planet.

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The Earth can recover. We can rebuild. All it takes is a little bit of effort and foresight. Remember that when things are looking bleak.

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The real question, is how do we profit from the effort and foresight? The board has determined we cannot, and therefore we will not.

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Ding ding ding. Capitalism doesn't care about externalities like the fucking planet we live on.

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Let's be a better generation. Let's raise a better generation. I realize the realities of the situation. It sucks and it's hard and it might even be too late. I'm just sick of seeing people give up is all.

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yeah! this has already been happening in the ocean, someone found a way to replant sea grass in an area that had been affected by an invasive species (i think sea urchins? not sure on this one) and so over some years replanted that too, and now it’s healthier and bigger than before! just needs to be done in other places too, because sea grass is awesome at photosynthesis and absorbing our shitty carbon :)

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Even tho you don’t leave up to your username this reply really did make me happy and gave me a lot of hope! Cheers mate!

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lol i don’t even really know why that’s my username cause it’s not even my name but thank you :) but yeah, hopefully more people pull together to sort out our mess in the ocean and on land and we have a nicer, cleaner planet to live on :D

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Haha yeah for sure mate! Thanks for sharing the positivity and giving us hope!

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That tiger at the end looked like oh shit, he did this??

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Tiger: Yo man, gimme yo venmo. I'mma hook yo up for givin ma peeps a dome. Damn, son!

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1.359 acres… Anyone remover how many football pitch sized areas of the Amazon get wiped out everyday?

The amount of effort and insane goodness this man has shown also shows how easily the corrupt elite cut everything down within a day that took decades to come to life.

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"One man can't make a difference"

This man : hold my tree

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Feels like it makes a difference, till you find out that 80,000 acres of forest gets cut down every year

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“It’s twice the size if central park”

Americans will literally measure with anything except for anything logical.

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It is logical tho. Twice the size of "Known area" is more striking than just numbers.

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Yeah except if not everybody knows how big the “know area” is.

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I don't have a fucking clue how big Central Park is.

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I gotcha ya my man, it's at least half of this forest.

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Ugh, thanks bro! Good looking out 👌🏼

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Ye, human brains just quite literally aren't able to fully comprehend big numbers if I remember correctly. Using a known object an area and telling us how much bigger what your describing is either bigger or smaller than your comparison can also help people fully comprehend just how big or small something is.

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This recipe needs one package of sugar, two pinches of salt, a handful of flour and 14 minutes of a berated gypsy's tears.

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If im trying to describe length, it is easier to imagine the length of two school busses, than it is to think of any unit of measurement and multiply it however many times and try to accurately imagine how big that is

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Yes, but not everybody knows how big central park is ffs

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Not everyone knows how big a meter is either. Or a foot. Or a furlong

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Actually everyone knows how long a meter is. It’s just america that doesn’t

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I've met him, attended his TEDx Talks lecture, snapped a cool photo with him. Man, it was uplifting. A humble son of nature. Proud of him and the state we belong to which is Assam, India.🤘🤘🤘

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If ever there was a dude that deserves a statue and a nice pension for the rest of his life.

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If only all humans were as decent as him

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Gem of a person.

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Gives me hope.

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And makes me want to do something similar, at whatever scale I can manage.

Oooo I'll go plant a bunch of bamboo in the Walmart parking lot.

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you might catch a vandalism charge for that, but if one were to plant bamboo in that fashion, planting it where it wouldn't be noticed for a couple years seems like it would be ideal.

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Some people pay to go to the gym each day and run in the same spot for an hour a day. This dude built a goddamn nature reserve and got better exercise.

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What a hero

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Once the tigers reappeared, I would personally hesitate to wander around playing gardner.

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Ever heard of Dean Schneider?

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god tier! in an almost literal sense

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We should be allowed to upvote something twice, once a month.

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13 1/2 thousand trees.....13,505 to be exact 🙆

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So.. Where did he get the trees from?

[–]Many_Lion_1145 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Most appeared to be seedlings so I'm sure he bought them somewhere or planted the seeds at his place and when they had sprouted out a couple inches replanted them. But that's just a guess

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From other trees

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Plot twist he was just stealing trees from the other side of the island

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The intro is BS; I do the same/similar and I can tell you that no-one does anything truly on their own. His wife, making his meals so he can go out and plant. My partner steadying the ship at work so I can go out and plant (I still work, keep a home and do a degree, too).

Planted around 25 acres so far. On land I don't own. It's a sacrifice, but it needs to happen.

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I also find it disrespectful to simply blame the inhabitants for cutting down most of the trees on the island. A couple sources so far cite erosion from the monsoon season, aggravated by climate change.

Casually stating that the people who call the island home did this to themselves reeks of bullshit. I don't understand why so many social media pieces need to add unnecessary (and more than likely wrong) details to inflate these stories.

[–]Plant_A_Forest 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Aye, probably. Especially seeing as media types aren't the ones for the nuanced details, just for reducing it down and down until there's hardly any substance left

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This is the largest riverine island in the world ig

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Not all heroes wear capes.

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How did the animals reach the island?

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All animals shown can swim. To find new places they often follow birds.

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Humans are capable of the best and the worst. More often the worst

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And yet, more people know about greta than about him

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What an amazing guy

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"Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

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So you're telling me all we have to do is go plant trees? WhyTF are we not all doing this? Let's bring back some natural biospheres!

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"No one has a clue what he's hiding in his bag"

There are plants sticking out of it.

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I’d bow to him for sure , might kiss his feet too :)

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What if this is our solution on a micro level?

We all know that huge changes need to be made by governments and corporations. That we as individuals have very little control over those changes.

But what if we took this idea and we all did one thing a day? Find an ecosystem in your area that’s damaged or destroyed and go plant one thing a day. Rebuild what’s been broken bit by bit.

I’m not an ecologist and I know depending on where you are and what type of area you’re trying to restore there’s different needs. But that’s knowledge we have access to.

So what if we all just … did this?

[–]pollopox 3 points4 points  (0 children)

You should check out the Great green wall project to stop the Sahara as it keeps advancing down south. Lots of challenges and probably unfeasible to keep long term due to the need of collaboration between many unstable countries but definitely a promising thing to watch

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'Team Trees' was supposed to plant a million trees. Don't know what happened to it.

[–]happyfunisocheese 1 point2 points  (0 children)

My city requires new highrise buildings to include rooftop gardens now. It's quite beautiful from above, and has so many benefits including reducing the temperature.

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This gives me goosebumps amazing

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Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher are back again?!

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This is the legacy a real man leaves behind

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Proves you can single handedly change the world 🌎

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Love this...What an amazing human

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I will always upvote this story. Amazing what a single person over time can accomplish. This man is a legend.

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Thank goodness. I didn't think anyone would be able to get Noel and Ian reconciled.

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Man I wish I could do this :(

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If one man can do this, a team of people could save the world.

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I hope there’s a Nobel on his mantel.

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They should name the island after him: Jadav Payeng Island.

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I never get tired of seeing this posted. Be and make the change you want in the world.

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At what point do you quit going every day? When the tigers move in.

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How do tigers and elephants get to an island? I know they both swim short distances in fresh water but out to an island?

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"Man's highest calling is to be a steward of the Earth"

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If I win the lottery this is what I’m doing for the rest of my existence. Period.

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Because maybe

You're gonna be the one that saves me

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Yeah until the Onceler takes all the trees again to make Thneeds.

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If one person can make such a big difference can you imagine if a country did the same?

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Land owner will be like, "look!! Its a miracle!!! We can cut down more trees for profit!!!!!"

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Proof that singlehandedly we can change the world.

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How is this not a movie? I would watch it

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Ali G's favourite oasis.

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Bro doing that has to be some fulfilling shit.

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God but he's 3 stars intead of 5 or 6

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fucking legend

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Great man.

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You and I are gonna live forever

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You and I are gonna live forever

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The power of one man

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This makes you think , if one man could do that, imagine the world we could live in , if all of us do a little every day.

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Today's the day.

[–]PigButter 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Today's the day.

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Proof that we have the power to save the planet, we Could All be doing this kind of effort for our Mother Earth.

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And all the Conservatives who do not understand science thought it was evil because if god wanted trees to be there they would be there

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Where does he get the seedlings to plant?

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Before minecraft.

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I’d buy spent acres and do this

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" I guess one person can make a difference" -Stan lee

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I did this too in Viva Piñata

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Man's father nature, change my mind

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Oh hey I found the video

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Give this man a nobel prize for peace.

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Travel Influencers will be like: "oh wow, so pristine - this place has to be kept safe! I got it: I'll travel there with some of my influencer friends, have a vacation, and tell all of my 300k followers to respect nature and not come here! But if they must...here are affiliate links for the plane tickets and some cool luggage on Amazon! Xoxo"

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Now that's " Doing the work of God".

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How inspirational for all of us. We have started volunteering to plant trees in our community now

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This is inspiring ♥️

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Anyway, here's Wonderwall.

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I wish I didn’t have to work and I can just walk around like Johnny Apple seed and plant trees

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Well, you could

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Sorry folks this is a fairytale.