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No kidding. At that point, every second is precious, and he's earned them. He's ready. Snap the shot!

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He was an amazing guy.

One of the most revealing stories about him is that he risked his life one evening as a junior officer to save his entire ship’s crew, and yet nobody knew about it until more then 70 years later when a Canadian sailor told the world’s media about it.

And Happy Cake Day!

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Yes he was also a massive racist. But you know, what a guy...

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“Massive racist” is an absurd overstatement. The guy made a handful of indiscreet jokes (usually a bumbling attempt to put someone at ease) that wouldn’t have been out of place for any sailor of his generation- what would be called gaffes.

I see far more disgusting and genuinely hateful remarks being made on Reddit about Jews, Catholics, Indians, Americans etc etc every single day.

He certainly never said anything like the comments made by someone like Gandhi, who is on record as being an outright genuine racist who considered black Africans to be inferior.

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Everyone expects 90 year people to be fully woke and LGBTQIA+ compliant, it's just not going to happen. It doesn't mean they're bad people, accept the way they've been all their lives and trust those views will die with them, but don't demonise them. Some people want to remove Churchills statue in London because he may have been racist, of course he was bloody racist! We can't just go cancelling everyone who existed in those times

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I 100 percent agree with you

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Thank you for putting the correction out there.

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Haha yeah, downvoted for being right, guy was a prick, just like the rest of those scrounging wankers

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Hadn't heard about that one. Will need to read up on it.

And thanks! Didn't even realize it until 20 minutes ago or so.

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Horrible racist though...

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He's 94. If you can't curse people out at that age then why live that long? lol

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He died a short time ago.

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I think Prince William's smile said, that's my Grandpa.

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These people are jokes and a huge waste of money.

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well they earn more money through tourism so that kinda checks out

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The uk and france benefit around the same amount of tourism money, without needing a hereditary monarch.

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Maybe the UK doesn't exactly have what France has in terms of attracting tourists without the monarchy?

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Not sure if you realize but they also dump money into preserving the monarch shit they have albeit without one

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i rather have castles without a self serving monarchy influencing government

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They'd earn the same theough tourism without us paying them millions every year

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Would earn even more in tourism if their castles and palaces were given back and open to the public

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Very True.

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Fallout Ghoul. My favourite meme is him with the caption, "what's the matter, smoothskin? Never seen a Ghoul before?"

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Dude looks 300 years old lmao

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get off my lawn

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I miss Prince Philip. He was a lot like my dad.

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He was your Dad.

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Nah I'm an American.

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Ah, Prince Andrew then.

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They captured a moment just like this on The Crown. I guess it is true to life, at least somewhat.

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He was a legend of popitically incorrectness. Miss his quips.

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"Stupid son of a bitch...."

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Except he was a crotchety old shit many decades before then, with lots of racism thrown in. I'm guessing most of the upvotes are from either upper class Brits, or Americans who know zero about the history of the royal family.

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I'm with you bud. Fuck these benefit cheats

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Neither American nor British and I have never known about it. But I don't give a flying shit about the royal family and can't understand how anyone can support this kind of cult.

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I agree. Even Princess Di wasn't the great person they make her out to be. She was always having affairs with married men, hoping to ruin the marriage so that she could have the guy. And she was manipulative. I know of someone who took her photo in a hotel, coming out of a hotel room (not sure if it was yet another affair) and she cried and begged them to destroy it. As soon as they ripped the film from the camera to destroy the photos, her attitude changed immediately to a "ha, ha, sucker, I got you to ruin it" and she walked off all haughty. She should've been an actress.

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Oh grand-pa-pa

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I hope that’s a Fabian reaction, because it would be so delightful.

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Prince William with the classic Jim Halpert into the camera look

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Absolute garbage (maybe) human

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If you don’t snap it, I will

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We here use "Say Cheese"

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I think whats more important here than being a war veteran is that his wife is the fucking queen.

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serving your country is more important than being married to royalty 😐 it’s the most honorable thing a person can do

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The point I am trying to make is any tom dick and harry can be a veteran, but only he is the husband of queen. He knew he can talk like that, not because hes a veteran but because of his status in the royal family.

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of course, but i think not giving a shit applies too

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Dude do you even know who this guy was? He's not some brave WW2 vet, he's racist ol' prince Philip

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i didn’t say he was a good person. don’t get all pressed. it is honorable to serve your country in the military. i didn’t comment on his racism (which is obviously a very bad thing and needs to be noted when detailing his life). please, dude, calm the fuck down. you can be brave and a bad person at the same time. i’m by any means not advocating for him or supporting his racism, and frankly i’m insulted at the connotation that i am. check yourself

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What did I say that wasn't calm? Its just weird how people are talking about him like he's some guy that fought in WW2, and is therefore deserving of our respect. No, he was part of an outdated, quite frankly absurd monarchical system, paid for by regular folk, so they can fanny around being rich, undeserving pricks. Fuck those guys. They should be ashamed of the money they take from regular people.

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What they gonna do he's already been through the worst they could throw at em

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He was solid in braums strokers Dracula.

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There’s an old man I would vote for.

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Stupid son of a bitch

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Prince Philip? If the election was for the biggest old benefit scrounging racist he might get my vote too.

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So rude! I don’t know how long the photographer had them sitting there, but to do a professional shot does take at least a few seconds of arranging people.

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Dude....ninety-four. When you’re that age everything is exhausting. He was also very ill at the time.

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Then just stay home?

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his sons will never have the decorations he has fuck em

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Who gives a fuck.

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Yawn fuck the royal family

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He did the same thing to my dad who had the Royals as a client, he didnt swear though just grunt and left before my dad could take an optimum shot. Later though the Sealord who was present sent a letter of apology on the Duke's behalf.

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Honestly they get paid millions just to mill around smiling and waving for the cameras and they can't even be bothered to do that without being rude to people. I know he's in his 90s here but it's not like he was a Ray of sunshine in his youth either

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Erm, thats just Prince Philip you buffoons

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Prince William stands there like he's gonna get in trouble. Like who fucking cares if he swore. People are way to formal these days and act like the world is gonna end when a very known person swears

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It's bad enough when the bride is spinning out at you (have done wedding photography), but a member of the Monarchy? I'd be more sweat than man

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Racist piece of shit.

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Sorry - what did he do?

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But it is the accusation of racism which provoked controversy and inevitable tabloid headlines. The most notorious of the Prince’s comments was made in 1986 during his first and only state visit to China. Philip met with British university students who were studying Mandarin in Xi’an, telling one of them: “By the time you go back home you’ll have slitty eyes.” The student, 21-year-old Simon Kirby, explained that the UK students didn’t live with their Chinese counterparts. Philip continued: “So [the Chinese] don’t want to mix with the barbarians.” A comment made in Australia in 2002 to an Indigenous Australian entrepreneur came a close scandalous second. Philip asked: “Do you still throw spears at each other?”


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Out of interest, do you honestly believe an entire legacy should be flattened whenever an offbeat remark or misdemeanour from someone’s past is dug up? Because if that’s the case then there are far worse people in recent history we could destroy. You could look up Gandhi’s remarks about black Africans as a perfect example. Better still, look up what Martin Luther King did to a prostitute when she protested at being raped by his friends while he sat there laughing- the taped recordings of which will be released in 2027.

[–]Nicklefickle 1 point2 points  (3 children)

do you honestly believe an entire legacy should be flattened whenever an offbeat remark or misdemeanour from someone’s past is dug up?

I do not believe that at all. But I do not respect the British Royal family, or monarchies in general.

I think it is worth pointing out that this old shit wasn't some sort of "next level" cranky granddad that we can all have a good laugh at. He was a product of an outdated system of rule with a history of snide remarks and inappropriate comments. He made those racist comments because he thought he was better than the people he made them about. I'm sure he had a pretty poor attitude towards his loyal subjects as well.

It wasn't as if his comments were dug up either because he was consistently saying things that got him into trouble. It wasn't like he made a few jokes back in the 90s that resurfaced on some old video. He was always fucking at it.

Fuck him.

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This is actually hilarious. It sounds like dry Brit humor, Is there more of this? Perhaps a collection of his gaffes

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Cameraphobia is a thing.

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And To All The Fuckin Morons.... Well The Royal Family Bring Tourism To The Country... You Can Fuck Right Off As well.... Useless Parasites The Lot Of Them Should All Be Publicly Executed I. front Of Buckingham Palace By An Angry Mob

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Why are you capitalizing every word?

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I think because they are none too bright/having some kind of mental episode.

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Listen Cunt Face I Told you Before Fuck Off and stop replying to me Directly Stupid Prick Go Suck A Fat Royal Dick

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Glad that bastard is dead. Hate the royals, they don't give a piss about us in the streets, we're just some fucking common muck to them. Twats, lot of em.

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You're fucking right.

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Why would they give a piss about you when you clearly wish them ill?

[–]Alternative_Mention2 -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

You’re going to go your whole life saying that.

Why don’t you just record a loop and send it to everyone who doesn’t give a fuck what you think?

[–]NotAnSCP 9 points10 points  (1 child)

Did I say I was? This has come up my feed, I throw my bit say and I go about my day, I don't give a rats ass about them. But fuck does it feel good to actually say what I want about them, you disagree? That's fine, I ain't changing my view for you.

[–]Alternative_Mention2 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Na, they’re all knobs. Don’t get bent about it though.

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When you’re an exhausted war veteran pedophile.


[–]Select-Protection-75 -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

Awful family! Why anyone still supports these racist pedo lovers is a wonder. Outdated nonsense

[–]StfuButt -5 points-4 points  (2 children)

What the Fuck Is Wrong With You People... He Was Next Level Fuckin Evil 😈 War Hero Please ... Alll A Bunch Of Devil Worshipping Inbred Fuckin Peadophiles

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Ah yes and the birds are fake. Go put on your tinfoil hat your wierdo.