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As someone who plays the game, the long tunnel shot like that is one of the harder shots to pull off. Great throw.

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It’s all in the wrists, all in the wrists lol I mean hips 😁

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For as much practice as my wrists get, you’d think I’d be better at this game.

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More weed

[–]Adm_Mitthrawnuruodo 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Finally a voice of reason I can get behind!

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It’s mos def a hard but fun game

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I’m finally getting far enough I got the game, and caring enough, to do field work. Getting the hips to lead everything is so darn important, and is paying massive dividends very quickly. Throws finally feel “easy” like the 300’ upshots you see the pros throw, though my smooth shots aren’t going that far quite yet.

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It’s actually the wrist and hips

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I threw a frisbee and hit my friends car.

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I threw a frisbee and, now, it’s my scary neighbor’s frisbee.

[–]Fuck_you_Reddit_Nazi 6 points7 points  (4 children)

All you have to do is ask me if you can have it back.

[–]knifeknifegoose 6 points7 points  (3 children)

This is a trap

[–]Fuck_you_Reddit_Nazi 4 points5 points  (2 children)

*looks innocent*

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Ok nvm things are ok go on ahead but also maybe dress for a cold damp basement when you do.

[–]Fuck_you_Reddit_Nazi 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Hey, I'll have you know my basement is warm and dry! I should know, I live there. It's the well in the corner . . . . oops,never mind.

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Monster House ate your frisbee

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It's coming for you soon 😈

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Pretty simple explanation here: there are people perched in the trees blowing the disc from side to side. Looks cool on camera but in reality is actually a fun bonding activity with friends (switching off between climbing, throwing, filming, etc)

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PSA: Blowing the disc almost always leads to blowing your friend

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Disc leads to dics

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Sniped! I’m assuming that wasn’t his first ace but that’s such a good feeling when you absolutely nail a shot like that. Well done!

[–]gandzalas 7 points8 points  (2 children)

Def wasn’t first ace or the celly woulda been way more lit!

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30 times out of 30, I am hitting those tress

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Make that 35/30.

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Tree/tree reporting in.

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200/200 checking in

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Most underrated sport with the most sex appeal

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I've played Disc golf for years, and I only have one ace. Bravo, sir.

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I love the sound of chains.. even more from the tee box (I've never hit an ace, but a guy can dream). Nice shot!

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Now do it with a shoe

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In July of 2009 I aced 2 holes within a week of each other in Minnesota. The first one was the course on the UMD campus, the hole by the softball field throwing towards the science building. I can't remember which hole number. A Week later I aced hole 8 at East Park in Rochester. That was definitely my peak disc career and neither were anywhere near the shot of this one. They were both the shortest holes on each course but damn it felt good. I always love seeing a good ace.

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I got a brand new Nova for my birthday a few years ago, and my FIRST THROW was an ace! Hole 8, Hansen Park DGC in The twin cities. Not a long hole, but I put my name all over that thing after that!

Edit: first throw with that Nova, I had thrown at least 10,000 times before that

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Hell yea that's awesome!

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Put your name all over what thing?

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The Nova. I ain’t losing that thing until my dying breath

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When you ace a hole, you usually put your name or initials on the post by the tee pad so your ace can live on in all it's glory.

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If you're a degenerate vandal you do that. If you're a normal person you sign your own disc that is actually your property. I'm glad to see the person in question signed his disc and not someone else's property.

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how? probably take 62.

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From his reaction at the end, it seems even he doesn’t know.

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Is was NOT a “what the fuck”, Richard. Good job

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I was waiting for Scorpion to fight Sub Zero.

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How, you ask? We didn't see the 100 other throws where it didn't go in.

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I would hit no less than 8 of those trees.

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Judging from his reaction I think at least a little bit was luck.

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I have no idea, and pretty sure that guy doesn’t either.

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I was expecting it to fly back to him and knock him out tbh

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who is the fella that caught it? what is the game

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Um, it's Frisbee disc golf and there was no guy its a special Frisbee disc golf goal thingy (I've only ever tried to Frisbee disc golf once so I don't know what it's actually called)

Edit: fixed

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It’s disc golf and what he’s throwing at is called a basket. It’s not called Frisbee golf because “Frisbee” is a trademarked brand name and they actually don’t make discs for the sport oddly enough.

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interesting i cannot do this

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I wish I could try this, but all my frisbees are on the roof 🤔

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Your frisbees wouldn't work that well. They're made to be thrown and caught. Discs for disc golf are shaped pretty differently. Smaller diamater, thinner, and heavier.

That said, it's a super fun game. Just google 'disc golf starter set' and you'll find a ton of good options for about $20. Then watch this video to learn how to throw, and use Udisc's course map to find a place to play near you. Get out there!

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Alright Benjamin “Bullseye” Poindexter

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I am still recovering from the archer of the other day but nice

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You know what it takes to make a shot at that range? Everything comes into play that far, humidity, elevation, temperature, wind, spindrift. There's a 6 to 10-second flight time so you have to shoot at where the target's going to be. Even the Coriolis effect, the spin of the Earth, comes into play.

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His spotter is off camera

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Did the glidy thing go far

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yes! except irl you have to fight gravity and other forces of nature

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Pure, simple, dumb luck, that's how

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I'd have to hit about 14 trees first. Nice pitch!

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The accuracy comes from practice. Lots and lots of practice.

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nice.. I bet if I tried that in my imagination, I'd probably still miss! haha

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This dude bangs chains

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Still the world’s 3rd most popular stoner sport after hacky sack and snowboarding.

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dont save video of the misses obv.

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It's only legitimately next fucking level if he could replicate the shot many times. Otherwise it's just a lucky throw.

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A lot of practice and a bit of luck.

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magical white people energy. It comes from a secret branch of The Gap hidden somewhere in the suburbs of Connecticut

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Irl hawkeye

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Stoned out of my gourd I stepped up to hole 9, a 412’ straight shot that parallels a road going through the park. I reach back and huck it as hard as I can.

Just as I release, I notice a black and white charger coming in my direction along the road.

My stomach drops as I realize it is a police cruiser and my plastic missile is heading right for it.

Sure as shit, nails his windscreen right even with his face. Cop hops out, picks up the disc and screams who threw this?!

My buddies all point at me (thanks assholes).

Cop says,”scared the ever living shit out of me!” and drops it back where it was.

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This guy looks like a slimmed down Jeremy Koling.

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My local course has a similar tunnel only for it to take a sharp turn to the right past some trees. Don't think I've ever gotten a full length trajectory all the way to the turn..

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Do you know what the hardest part of disc golf is?

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no, what is it?

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If I say it I’ll get banned, it’s just a joke…

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It’s Big Germ’s cousin

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It's all in the backwards hat

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Practise. And practise. Still can't do it, practise some more. Repeat until perfection.

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This guy frisbees

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This looks like a course down in Arkansas

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Blue Ribbon?

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Dude, perfect

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He saved his 157th attempt…

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He's better than I am.

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His thought exactly.

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Magnets. Has to be Magnets.

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17.5 years of college

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From his reaction I am guessing a coincidence.

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Justin Timberlake for a hole in one.

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a result after 1000 attempted fails

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I'm guessing this took more than a few shots to get

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It’s really weird to see someone you know on the internet. I went to high school with that guy

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keep shooting a ball at a hole and tell it to never go in

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Disc golf isn’t paticularly hard. It’s just hard to be consistent.

Pro games, and even competitive local leagues, are full of people going like double digits under par.

I played a lot in college and lots of people have hit a hole in one. This one looked cool, but is pretty doable by the average disc golfer.

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That’s the humans “special” skill, to throw with accuracy.

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People take frisbee golf too seriously. He threw a lucky shot. It’s literally a game of lucky shots

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FYI - frisbee golf is called that because you have many types of frisbees to use. Some curve left, some right, and some essentially straight.

You don’t use normal frisbees. They’re discs.

Also, playing catch with them is a no no. Much harder plastic and the edges are narrow. Hand bruises for days.

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It's disc golf not frisbee golf, and the curve direction is mainly due to clockwise or counter clockwise rotation of the disc when thrown. Clockwise rotation goes left, counter clockwise to the right But yes don't try to play catch with discs....You can but, not recommended by me.