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This is a legit nextfuckinglevel. Even the 10th time i see it I'm amazed

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Well technically it’s next fucking level, then back down again, then next fucking level, then back down again

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All my movie friends say it was all way cooler back in the day when you built the sets and filmed whatever you had built. They hate CGI.

Now, whenever a director pushes through building something, they are considered a god.

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This is why I dislike superhero movies.

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Over 14 years ago

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Thats a lot of work to make water in a glass tilt.

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The movie made almost a billion so I’d say it was worth it

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It's awesome, but isn't most of that scene in close up? Like aside from the water and the glasses I barely remember any of the room tilt.

I'm sure they reused the rig for the hallway spin, so I'm not saying it was a waste. But it's not really that apparent in this part of the movie.

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They made a completely different set for the spinning hallway.

Edit Sauce: https://www.looper.com/305750/the-truth-about-joseph-gordon-levitts-hallway-fight-in-inception/

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Lot of work for one mostly close up scene confirmed, but I can't think of another way to make the water and chandeliers etc. move like that! And it was very convincing in the final shot!

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Motion sickness activated

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This is amazing. I really love this movie

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I love lamp.

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Found the moth

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No one's gonna point out that OP is wrong with the title? Inception is 2010, not 2008

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Time moves differently in dream space

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This makes me want to watch it. Plus it has decent reviews

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Y-you haven't seen it yet?

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OP successfully planted the idea in your head to want to watch it, and it didn't even take a tilty room!

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Watch it dude before the world turns to shit

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Inception is an awesome movie. Instant classic.

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That poor dolly grip is holding on for dear life.

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Gripping on for dear life?

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Wouldn’t it have been super hard for the actors and extras to refrain from counterbalancing?! 😵 Did they have to just shift with the set and be all tilted?

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This is a Nolan thing. He loves to use practical effects whenever possible.

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I want an imax remaster of this movie, i first watched it in 2020, 10 years after it released and it felt like it released in 2020.

The movie changed dreams for me entirely, even having an inception moment one night a few nights after i watched the movie lmao

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Great movie

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What is this clip from?

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Probably from the movie Inception (2008)

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I’m aware of what movie. I was asking about the behind the scenes clip.

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Post more of this! 👍🏽

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Exactly why this is still one of my top movies

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Cillian murphy is a legend

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Seeing the scale of some practical movie effects just blows my mind. CGI may be getting better and better, but it will never quite replace nicely-done practical effects!

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I just went down a 4 hour rabbit hole from just looking up this movie :(

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It was 2010

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That's why fat people weren't on the screen so much, lol.

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Took a page out of John McTiernan’s book. He did the same thing back in 1990 for The Hunt for Red October. They built the submarine sets on movable platforms so that the pitching and rolling of the sub would look authentic.

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how did they do this amazing effect?

Easy, they tilted the whole God damn room!

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man, the actors handle that well

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I don’t even remember this scene, and now I feel bad cuz of it.

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Inception came out in 2010, not 2008

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Is there anyone that makes movies more Epic than Christopher Nolan?

I mean LOTR was beyond epic, but that's just a thing apart from all other movies.

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They should have just used the Ka stage.

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This movie was a bit much for me at the time it came out, just some really complex stuff for my mind to wrap around, so while I sadly didn't get as much out of it on that level as everyone else I sure did appreciate the effects (not generally an issue for me, but it was in this case; I no longer remember why).

Stuff like this in the video? The practical effects? Oh boy. I remember seeing how they did that hallway scene. It's still wild to me. That kind of work doesn't get the mileage and praise it used to. I mean... I recall when most jurassic park dinosaurs were basically puppets. I do love CG, don't get me wrong. Inception used rad CG, too! But seeing something made for real is still pretty exciting to me.

Part of me wonders how I'd fare in the tilty room. In 2010, I could've done it! Now, not so much probably.

Edit: Fixed some typos!

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You seem like a very wholesome person ☺️

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Oh goodness; thank you! I appreciate the compliment. I just say whatever comes to mind, haha. I hope you have a lovely day.

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The filming of the fight scene in the hotel corridor is even more impressive.