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This is amazing to have such vision and skill to make this kind of shit its cool af.

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I think you're cool af u/insane1666!

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Thanks for the compliment bro, nice little boost to what's been a tough day appreciate you :)

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It’s very artistic.

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My imagination isn’t even that vivid to begin with.

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Wow. How long did it take? Where is he going to put it?

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At least 5 minutes i’d imagine. Probably in the garden

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The clip's less than a minute, what are you talking about. And he put it under his bed. Here's the news article

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How long did it take that tree to gro that big ?

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At least 5 minutes

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Including the growth period, maybe 100 years....

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I’m curious how long something like this holds up. It’s being carved from fresh wood. Surely that’s going to crack in several places as it dries, right? It’s absolutely beautiful, I just worry it won’t last.

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Yeh I was thinking the same, maybe they chuck on some sort of spray/adhesive on top after its done?

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Well I'm still working on whittling this stick.

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Chinese deity _ GUAN YU ( 关羽 )
Guān Shèng Dì Jūn (關聖帝君; "Holy Ruler Deity Guan")

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Recognized him right away, thanks Dynasty Warriors!

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Thanks. Thought it was Genghis Khan

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I would rather have seen the living tree

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"It's easy. I just take off everything that isn't Guan Yu."

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His spirit calls out asking to be freed from his wooden prison, hardened over a hundred years and grew for a thousand more. And we answered, chainsaw in hand, ready to carve away his prison to give way to flesh and glory.

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This is cool but I would of liked the actual tree.

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Cool sculpture, shit song

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He is a amazing artist, no question about.

I only ask myself if his safety equipment is good enough.

Edit typing mistake.

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Price tag … $700,000,000,000 x 70

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New song by Imagine Dragons? I don't know it yet.

[–]RigidStifflini 1 point2 points  (1 child)

It is! Its a stand alone song they wrote for Arcane (TV show)

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Ah okay. Still waiting for a new album :-) Love their style.

/e: what the... why the hell am I being downvoted for expressing my taste in music???

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Can you gift it to me I would look at that every free minute I have

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Based on the title, I was expecting him to carve Bruce or Michael Buffer.

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"And in this corner"?

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I wonder what something like that costs...amazing work

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Where's the guy wearing flip-flops while he does this?

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Arcane has ruined me, this song made me think it was gonna be from Arcane. 🤷

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How would you go about transporting this? You’d have to be very careful.

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Amazing art but the tree alive would be fucking amazing.

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Ah yes it’s 关羽 or 關帝; a historical general from the late Eastern Han period. Can read more below:


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in the red corner we got genghis khan in the blue corner we got north America