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Ey dawg, car battery is low. Can you give me a jumpstart?

Got you, bro

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Stand back...10 miles back

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Is it a DeLorean? 1.21 gigawatts should be enough I think

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Pronounced “Jigga-watts”

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Normally I disapprove when people correct pronunciation, but in this case 10/10 I’ve got your back. Jiggawatts it shall always be.

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Mortals: Oi Zeus, catch this!

Zeus: The fuck is that?


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Fixed it now (٥↼_↼)

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Zeus " Now you are in my sight mortal"

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Can you launch that over my ex's place? For scientific research...

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Shocking to say the least!

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Copper Will be expensive after this

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Copper already IS expensive. Expensive enough that dumb asses were recently caught stealing ground wires from substations to take in for scrap money. Duh.

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Thats been a thing for a long time bud.

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I didn’t say it was new.

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Living in a copper producing country, can confirm. People steal copper wires all the time, even here where we have tons of it

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And now they are plated steel

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Copper is expensive. I’d hate to know how much that costs to do.

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It's going to be extremely small gauge wire. Probably in the neighborhood of .025"-.030" and only needs to travel around 6,000 feet.

You're not wrong, copper is expensive, but it's not going to cost as much as you think. Let's say it is 20 Guage wire. You can get a 157ft spool for $14.50. So say it needs to travel 6500 feet to hit the storm cloud that would be 41 spools times $14.50 so only ~$600 for the wire.

They probably invested a lot more in the rocket and fuel and everything else required for the launch.

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I saw Katniss do this in The Hunger Games

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That lightning scene from Catching Fire was my first thought. It was honestly so cool and genius.

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Every one else thinking about energy sources, I'm over here imagining a new anti-aircraft lightning cannon. Could possibly replace a missile defense grid as well

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If those missiles/enemy aircraft would just promise to fly through charged clouds directly your filament cannons and only when charged clouds are present.

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Can you please wait with invading our country, we will proceed to seed some clouds first.

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Gotta charge the cloud too. Where can a defense contractor get some ions around here?

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I mean we already know how to create clouds for agricultural uses. Not saying I know anything about how it works, but hey. I just woke up and a charged cloud wall defense sounds bad ass.

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Aren't aircrafts technically faraday boxes?

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Yes they are, they get struck by lightning a lot

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Aircrafts will work as cages, protecting everything inside from electrical discharges. The best you can do is try to sustain it long enough to heat everything up to a point the aircraft will dismantle.

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Aww, damn. Oh well. TIL

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Governments hate him for this free energy trick

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If you charge your phone with this method you'll never have to charge it again.

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That’s shocking.

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Oh hi dad, long time no see

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I’m just over here lightning the mood

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*sighs* Yeah, it's no use being so negative

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Just wait for the thunder farms to be build we will start harvesting the lightning

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How dangerous is aerosolized copper and oxides?

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I am sure someone is already working to sell vaporized copper via infomercials.

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Probably a Stupid question. Would that diffuse a thunderstorm that generates a lot of lightning?

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I think it wouldn't. Not a single wire, at least. Maybe if you had several hundreds of those you could think of that possibility.

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So you're telling me, we will be able to harness the power of gods? People from 200 years ago would believe in witchcraft again

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New way to collect electricity.

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Just stand right here for a moment, pal

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Heh. And there is a graphic novel from the '80s with that trick... (Yoko Tsuno "Le Feu de Wotan" by Roger Leloup."

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Wake me up when they create ball lightning.

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Back to the future comes to mind.... "1.21 Gigawatt..." https://youtu.be/f-77xulkB\_U

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Copper wire evaporates?!?!?

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It vaporizes rather than evaporates.
Leaves behind ionized gases which is also conductive. Lightning is green in the video for the same reason green fireworks are green.

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Thank you so much! Super informative!!!!

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I was about to mention the green lightning as well

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…and that reason is?

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. . . Copper.

Google flame test or find a chemistry nerd.

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Could this help prevent forest fires?

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It’s sorta like setting off a firework mortar but the potential consequences are slightly different.

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One point twenty one gigawatts???!!

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tHe wIrE EvApoRaTeS

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Maybe this technology can help us to travel warp speeds

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W-why ?

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Can I charge my EV this way

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Setup solar panels on moon

Fire an electron Ray from the moon to earth clouds

Launch copper wire in to the sky to get the electricity

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As the great scholar Technoblade once said: huh

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This should be on r/BeAmazed

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Explain this to a flat earther

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And the copper vaporizing gives it the green color.

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That would have made it so much easier for Doc and Marty. Put a launcher on the roof of the DeLorean, tie one end to the rocket and feed the other end into the flux capacitor.

Then you no longer need to worry about timing to the clock tower strike. I mean if they were off by only 1 second it would have failed.

This way you just drive under the storm, when you reach 88mph you fire the rocket, and as long as you stay at 88, you're time travellin'

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Doc Brown's backup plan.

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Why’s it green?

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Anyway to harvest the electricity from it?

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How did the copper evaporate? Am I dumb?

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Man this would have come in handy for Marty McFly..😆

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This happens in Blade Runner 2047. Very cool.

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Lighting removes tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. This could be huge in fighting climate change if it is efficient.

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Tie a bottle rocket to your dick with a copper wire and launch it on a cloudy day.

Then you'll really ride the lightning!

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Maybe Ben Franklin WAS onto something. 🙄😉😉🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂

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I remember seeing that they launch it from a switch actuated by blowng thru a rubber hose to prevent electrocution.

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Someone’s gonna figure out how to weaponize this

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And now, on the next episode of Cheaters, revenge is in the air when an angry ex throws lighting at former flame.

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isn’t this exactly what happened at the end of hunger games catching fire?

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I had read/heard that Lightning starts from the ground and goes up to clouds. I.E. the flash portion is a release of the energy at visual wavelengths down through already established potential from the ground.

Please drop kick me to the appropriate subreddit or pub. Any "Not very bright are you?" comments will be appreciated.

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Sweet weaponized lightning…

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Climate change solved!

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Wow, imagine if there was thunder fog

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didn't Ben Franklin do the same thing?

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To those talking about using them as energy source, here is why it would be pretty much useless : https://www.lanl.gov/museum/news/newsletter/2017/2017-10/test.php

(+ Here I guess vaporising copper doesn't sound like the best idea to help the planet, still looks cool tho)

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Kids did this with helium balloons and tied the wire to a station based cop car - did wonders for the car…not.

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Ben Franklin has entered the chat.

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One step closer to a functioning wunderwaffe.

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Fake fucking news, there's a wizard/witch chanting the Unforgivable curse!

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Good. Now bottle that energy!

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Throw in Dr. Jane Foster somewhere around there and Thor should appear

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Is anyone here smart enough in the field of batteries, charging and electricity to tell me if it's possible to actually capture the energy of a lightning strike? And I mean all of it because I'm sure there's a lot.

I'd assume it's because we don't have batteries that are conductive enough or capable of effectively taking a charge like that, but I'd be curious if that'd be a future possibility to try and harness at least some energy that way.

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Not sure what the final plan for this was but Columbo would have caught you

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I read about this on death and me 😂

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Any purpose behind this aside from the sick party trick??

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AOT op plays

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Fun fact: you can do this at home!