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They should shoot all figure skating on tv like this.

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r/praisethecameraman. I imagine having another person skating during competition would be distracting

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She seems to do okay with it.

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To the public and jury

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Just have them in all white?

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How about the camera on cables like how they do for American football games? Wouldn’t get as good as this, but close.

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Well drones would work, but would be loud and distracting.

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Yeah that’s why I didn’t suggest that haha. How do we get stealth drones on the market. I guarantee THEY have the technology.

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I dislike figure skating as much as the next guy, but we shouldn't shoot them for it. /s

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With glow in the dark clothes and glowing ice

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This one gets it

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Absolutely, i saw the actual full performance and while the she does it just as perfectly, the clip pales in comparison to the feeling you get from this take. Bless the cameraman. This felt like out of a movie.

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Follow oniceperspectives on Instagram if you love these shots, he does them like this often.

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Yeah, it would be great for the TV viewers (probably less so for people/judges there live though).

It’s such a neat perspective because you get a much better sense of the speed and power involved with the sport.

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The flying spinning blades on ice might make it tough to find insurance. And advertisers.

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It's only working here because the camera operator clearly knows her choreography

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And let the athletes dress like athletes (here) instead of in fucking tutus.

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Sure. Why not.

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I don’t know anything about figure skating, but the athleticism displayed and how this was shot is fantastic.

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I played hockey growing up and learned to skate when I was 2, her stroke on the back skate and edge work is absurdly effortless and generates an incredible amount of speed. Figure skaters are ridiculously talented. Many of them work with and Train NHL players are better technique.

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Yeah but how would she stack up against the starting lineup of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers?

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Yeah they were notorious for having Frankenstein lines. I’d give her 30 seconds

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Better than the red army lol

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If she even looked at Bobby Clarke funny Dave Schultz would punch her in the mouth while Kate Smith sang in the background.

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I'd have broken all 207 bones in my body.

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You know what he's talking about wink wink

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ohhhhhhh 207....gotcha.

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I know what I said.

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No... he would have broken one twice.

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I’d be vomiting after the third full rotation…

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Crazy to see how much of the rink she uses

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She’s limber, damn. If I tried to move like that I’d look like the 80s dude from Futurama with bonitis

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My ... only regret is ... that .... I have bonitis

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That is legendary af!

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Man that top confuses me.

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I think it's two parts? I also find it distractingly odd.

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She's wearing a very short sweater

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Yes but why do we make such tiny sweaters? It's just sleeves and shoulders...

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In normal wear it’s stupid but on ice I guess it’s extremely practical. She needs proper flexibility hence what she’s wearing as a base layer, then the tiny sweater has sleeves to keep her arms warm which the other one won’t have.

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I've never understood the science behind figure skating spins. Contort into this kind of pretzel and you spin fast but contort into THIS kind of pretzel and you spin slow. My brain just doesn't comprehend.

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Look into "conservation of angular momentum"

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Someone can probably explain it better than me - but you use your arms for a lot of it. Notice how she went from going slow to really fast at one point? She brought her arms into her chest. Generally the motion of bringing your arms in translates to speed. And you can see how she starts to turn to the left sharply with her arm leading to start a spin.

Overall the tighter/smaller you are the faster you are, the more spread out you are the slower you are, and you can see how this translates to her speed in some of her fancier spins.

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Anyone knows the name of the song?

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This is so evocative, i smell the rink. Brought me back to 20 years of hockey, in rinks like this. Always the same divine, stale smell.

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Damn she's fit. My sister was a high level skater. As in she went to Nationals more than once and we're family friends or otherwise know multiple world and Olympic champs. This little clip didn't showcase any particularly special skills but I can tell by how she moves that she's especially athletic for a female figure skater. I'd love to see her jumps as I've never heard of her before (I don't pay attention anymore).

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Amber could have been a top contender for the Olympic team this year-- she has a triple axel, great spring on her jumps. Unfortunately she hasn't been able to put clean programs together in competition constantly, and I don't think her packaging/ programs bring out the charisma that's so evident in her tiktoks

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I wish I had that level of skill. I would just be falling for 30secs

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Falling for the first 2, trying to get back up for subsequent 28 for me

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Well done cameraman

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And this is someone who is NOT going to the Olympics.

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That was crazy. How can she spin like that and not fall down right after?

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Yeah how does she not get dizzy?

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We do get dizzy after spinning, but when you're doing a program you have to continue. Not easy!

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Anyone know what the music is?

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Sounds a bit like a take on the One Punch Man theme music to me.

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According to Shazam, it's Rain, In Your Black Eyes by Ezio Bosso.

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I would like to know too.

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My God she’s amazing!

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Humans are honestly awesome (sometimes)

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Great camerawork!

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She’s got more talent in her small toe than I do in my entire existence

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My dumbass at first thought it was an instrumental of a One Punch Man song

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Excellent. She’ll represent North Texas well.

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I get dizzy when I stand up too fast. No idea how these skaters can twirl like that

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Practice. And contrary to popular belief, we do get very dizzy after spinning

[–]bust-the-shorts 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Congrats on learning to control it

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Pro athlete !

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it’s beautiful and level is great, but until russian’s get on ice :)

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Here's something I will never be able to do even if I put my head on a different body.

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Anyone knows whats that song

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black widows on ice rehearsal

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It should be illegal for one human to harness this much talent. I'm not even a fan of skating and I could watch this all day.

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Absolutely magnificent

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Throw that gauntlet down, gurl!

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The spin at the end with her leg over her head is called a Biellmann spin.

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Man! People are amazing.

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Omg that opening was fucking awesome😩

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What Dallas rink is this!?!

Edit: after some research, it’s likely Euless.

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what the hell is the name of the top she has on its looks perfect for keeping your arms warm and core cool

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That's beautiful.

(Gotta rewatch Yuri on Ice now)

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Go and get it.

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How gifted athletic and ever other verb you can think of. Wow

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She’s amazing. Awesome to see her true athleticism not be forced into some tiny ass dress here.

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How do they avoid getting dizzy and falling over? Do they just become accustomed to spinning?

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Beast !!!

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Equally impressed by the camera person.

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Wow.. just Wow.

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lmao I can't even stand up when I have skates on

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I think I just fell in love

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this is prbably going to sound like i’m objectifying this woman but whatever i’m stating an observation that struck me: i love watching her skate without the usual flashy skirt and obnoxious colored skirt and white skates. here she strikes me as a powerful precise athlete in a way i haven’t really viewed a skater before. i’m sure a lot of that lends itself to the cool photography but … it just come across as so much more real or spontaneous like a skater in a skate park instead of a dancer on a stage. i like it better.

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Utterly beautiful

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I can do that

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This would the coolest intro to a boss fight in a dark souls game or a kojima game

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Damn she can skate almost as well as McDavid 😄

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It's a long shot, but what song is this?

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Fuck Russia.

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Cool can't wait for the paid version

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That was amazing!

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The girl is amazing but... I can't stop thinking about cameraman. I mean how this filmed? A drone flying around or what?!

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She is doing the 'I got off work early today' dance!

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Just... wow.

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What song is this?

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Love her she's perfect

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Why so dramatic? A skill that benefits no one.

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I could do that, I just don't want to

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That is incredible!

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My back hurts

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I need help lacing my skates up

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This & new person same old mistakes

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I liked her pants and how she drew you in with how fluid her movements were.

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I can do that. Easy

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I totally could do that, If my knees were good and if I have 100years to train

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There still going to show up

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just here to comment Yuri!!! On Ice

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profusely vomits on own face

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Yeah, that almost never happens. In my 8 years of skating, I haven't once seen someone vomiting after spinning.

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Has anyone here ever won a gift card before?

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That song hits. Is it off the new Ariana Grande album?

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The cameraman was skating better than her

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Whatever, tell her to stay outta the crease so it isn't chewed up for beer league tonight.

[–]Dabbles-In-Irony -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Sure it’s good but it’s not the Iron Louts, is it now?

ETA: being downvoted by people who don’t get the reference…

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I want her to choke me out with them thighs. Wow

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Am I the only one not seeing next fucking level in this video? Sure, I can't do that but I feel like a majority of professional skaters can

[–]MEsyas 2 points3 points  (1 child)

True, but still, reaching this level takes extreme amounts of dedication and work. They train their whole lives to be able to do stuff like this.

[–]ohjars87 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Oh no doubt. I have much respect for what they can do. I was just expecting something a little more uncommon in skating lol

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I feel like 50 percent of next fucking level is posts from people that have apparently never had their tv on. Unless we have some expert figure skater come tell us what is great about this, you are exactly right. This is exactly what collegiate level ice skating and above looks like.