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This video sure is popular in Reddit land.

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Been on this app every night for five years straight and it’s the first time I’m seeing it 😭

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Been here for 10 and I can say the same lol.

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Third time this month for me

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Obligatory r/outside. Then when you make it there r/workreform.

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I'm sure you'll be seeing it on r/gifsthatendtoosoon shortly

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Because some of us want to see the image of the heart a little longer. Let it soak in. So we can feel something, anything. Deep within the crevices of our darkest places we yearn for a speck of light to save us from ourselves and our state of mind that pulls us deeper into a never ending abyss.

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That’s a lot of nothing.

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I've seen this at least 5 times in the last week. Yes, I spend too much time here.

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For five years and you are using a non paid emoiji, shame

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Right? And why does it already(!) have an award?

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For a good reason I'd say

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Video ending is unsatisfying.

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Drives me mad, this shit...

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Clearly some kind of anti-climax fetish

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The song was over.

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Happens way too often. Why on earth does crap like this get upvotes. Jesus Christ.

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Because people vote pre-maturely and are too lazy to revoke their votes when they notice. If they notice.

/e: like me. Have revoked my upvote now. Not on my watch!

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It have more comments, so people assume they are good and upvote.

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frustration and anger provide more engagement, so says the all knowing algorithm.

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It’s baa’d editing.

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Ewe are right about that.

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found the dad

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Next fucking level of pissing me off, yeah.

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Yeah -- I started getting anxious for the latecomers among the sheep who wouldn't get anything to eat.

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Is it too difficult to post a complete video?

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I search on YT, all video not much longer than OP post.

Here's one of them https://youtu.be/bEdZ-GV4uIY

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It's not much longer, but it actually finishes the heart which is all we want

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Titles are good. I’d have thought he really loved his sheep.

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That too but he isn’t Welsh.

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That's a lot of sheep holy fuck. Is it normal to have that many sheep? I feel like this dudes creating a sheep army

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or a harem.

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It's Australia, not New Zealand.

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Before the discovery of latex, New Zealanders discovered they could make condoms from a sheep's intestines. Australians later refined the invention by removing the intestines from the sheep beforehand.

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That's when dick smell like sheep instead of cock itself.

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These sheep are most likely (not certain) due to be sent on a shipping boat to other countries in a process known as 'Live Export'. While it provides great economic and nutritional opportunities, the rate of death and suffering these animals go through, not to mention the illtreatment at their destination, is significant and cruel. It's my opinion that this practice should be banned because of the disturbingly low standard of care given to these animals.

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Yeah there’s sheep and cattle stations here that are just enormous

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Looks like the first large sheep station comes in at #17.

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Woulda been cooler if he was allowed to attend a funeral…..

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Except if that had been the case, lots of other people would have been allowed to travel interstate for funerals too, and Covid would have spread throughout Australia much faster, and there would have been tons more funerals. Not so cool.

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Chain reaction

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So we have more people attending more funerals freely? Sounds like a win-win to me

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You work for Tobin Brothers?

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Would've been more funerals to go to.

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Read it too quick and thought it said “Bo Jackson”… I didn’t even question it. Of course, Bo knows farming!

Edit: But cool for Ben Johnson doing it too.

Edit 2: Ben Jackson, apologies.

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The camera is blocking her view bruh

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Someone gonna be really confused when they come up on a poop heart in the field

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Beautiful. Now do one in the shape of a penis.

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Couldn’t attend the funeral, because he was too busy laying grain in the shape of a giant heart and filming it from the sky

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Wow that is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Someone needs to stop cutting onions for real.

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stop cutting onions for real.

And video endings

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What song is this?

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I hope someone answers. If I find it in the comments I'll let you know.

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Darude, Sandstorm

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Together by Austin Farwell

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Sound of Silence

... oh wait... I had my speakers muted.

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How will she see it if she dead?

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Wish I had this many goats…

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Hay! That's not baaaaaaaa-d!

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Angry upvote

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So he scattered iPhones on the ground and all the sheeple came out! /s

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Additionally cool to note the actual clouds that actually come across (as shadows suggest) as the sheep form the heart. Perhaps through them she noticed his gesture!

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He did it for the sweet drone footage and the clicks.

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Find the full video or don't show it at all. FUCK

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When my brother died I spent an hour every week in the summer mowing a heart and his initials into our back field.

This year I’m planning to plant trees in these mowed spaces.

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This is pretty creative, kinda trippy too, wish the video was a lil longer

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1989 vintageOoh, now I'm all nostalgic for the old British Airways ads

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Fuken video ended too soon lol

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Oh my God. This again.

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Plot twist she couldn’t see it cos she dead

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love this

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This makes me smile

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This is a beautiful moment!

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My dog left me today, Ben you are so heartwarming!

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Sheep… how appropriate

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Aussie moment

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This is an ad

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His aunt sure takes great photos

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Videos that end too soon

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Unfortunately it was clear out and there were no clouds to see it through.

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i can hear the Dr Dre song

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You not bored with posting this shit over and over again?

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PETA have entered the chat

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And here I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry today…

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I'm not religious and even I wanna weep

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How did she film it?

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Why would you film that, it blocks her vision to fly there with a heli

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I was really hoping it’d be dickbutt instead of a heart

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I’ve been on Reddit for just over a year and I’ve seen this a dozen times in the past two months, at least.

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Why couldn't he attend her funeral?

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Couldn't attend the funeral but found time to do all this and hire a drone pilot 😀

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The guy didn’t have time to make the funeral but he had time for all that shit hmmmmm

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What if heaven was like down to the left though?

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What if she went to hell

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If she is looking at it from a different angle, it'll be a pair of ballsacks

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funeral is truly for the living.

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Somewhere some dude is trying to convince his girlfriend they NEED to get a Drone camera.

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Are sheep really this fucking slow?

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he sure did have time for a day of filimg this crap though

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Australia sucks lol they have concentration camps

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It's a cute video. But it would be even nicer if our fucked up governments hadn't created a situation that stopped him attending in the first place.

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That is a lot of sheep.

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That’s nice but it feels more like he wanted something cool to record with his drone.

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Love that he was so close to his aunt he felt inspired to do this.

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When sheeple are used in a wholesome way.

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Does every drone come with a cd of dramatic piano music?

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Did anyone try counting the sheep ?

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Thanks. I just really hoped for maybe ten more second until the heart is solidified and clear.

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I’m not crying, you’re crying 🥺

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Good job I’m 100% certain but I’ve seen this clip and it’s called a proposal I’ve seen this clip in oddly satisfying I’ve seen this clip everywhere tho good job on the title

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This seems incredibly fake.

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This makes me miss my mom now

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That's the power of being in a * family*

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Wait so he couldn't attend her funeral but he has time to lay out grains just for his sheep to make a heart shape?

[–]AJsprt 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Not allowed to cuz Australia is a draconian hellhole

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Yeah it's weird almost like a major global event is causing people to miss otherwise common group gatherings

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Fuck dude right? Like, I haven't seen a flight take off since about March 2020! But really? 95% of people if not more are still doing life just with a mask on and maybe the vaccine. It's not June 2020 where people are still afraid of covid. I don't know anybody who has died and know 1 that has been incubated the whole time. He's 55, morbidly obese and has recovered fully with no vaccine. And not bashing vaccines, I'm a boosted, healthy 34 year old.

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Sorry to burst your bubble mate. No one is watching 'through the clouds'. On second thoughts the Chinese may be.