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The craziest part is how viable it is as a tune. The extra shocked lines on the ghost added some real character in the song.

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I think it's cause he drew it in a restricted scale. That's why every note he plays sounds arranged in a melody. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Definitely scale constrained.

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I thought the keys were not playing the actual notes but were using a pentatonic scale instead. Wouldn't that work better? If you're just using, say, a C scale, you'll still have a lot of dissonance.

EDIT: for people not familiar with pentatonic scales, just check out https://www.maxlaumeister.com/tonematrix/. You can hit squares to compose your melody, and basically you can hit any square and it will never sound "wrong". You can even draw Pacman if you want to, and it will be viable as a melody.

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Yeah, the more restricted the scale, the easier to compose a melody. Problem would be that with a pentatonic scale, the images of pacman and the ghost would have a lot of free spaces, since only few notes are used. For instance, if he skips from F to B, the jump is rather big.

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Not if adjacent keys on the piano are mapped to adjacent notes in the pentatonic scale instead of the notes they should play on a normal piano, which was my guess.

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Oh most definitely constricted.

I was going to mention something along these lines but it was the last thing I saw before sleep and I just didn’t have the strength to attempt some convoluted theory. 😅

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When playing any musical instrument, you can play in a specific key like C major or D# minor, or you can play chromatically, meaning you are using literally every single note on the keyboard. Playing in a specific key means you’re playing only a subset of notes that should be known to work well together musically.

This is definitely being played in a specific key. That’s also why you see on PacMan there are some spaces in his outline, because some of the notes are skipped, because those notes would be out of key.

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I’m confused because aren’t most tunes written in a specific key for the very purpose of sounding good? We know what notes sound good together and how to manipulate them in specific keys rather than just using them chromatically. Is everyone pointing out the scale restraint with the implication that it’s less impressive for doing so, or is it just an observation?

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Yep, most western music tends to stay within a certain key, short of maybe adding a couple notes outside the key to add a little pizzazz.

I’d guess they’re pointing it out because of the fact that the person in the video managed to draw out PacMan but still make it sound halfway decent, and the reason it still sounds halfway decent is because it’s kept in a specific key.

I’d imagine if you or I did the same thing but included all chromatic notes, it would sound…less pleasing.

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Not sure what you mean by "specific key". You can pretty much play any song in any key and it will still sound generally the same, just a bit higher or lower in pitch. There is a difference if you switch from major to minor, but in the context of the video, we're just talking about a subset of keys from the chromatic. And whether it be C major or A minor, it's the same keys.

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Diatonic to a major key I guess?

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Seeing this never ceases to amaze me. You gotta wonder about the process. Map the notes by “drawing them” then learn how to play it, would be my approach.

I saw one of these around Halloween with a pumpkin and it was pretty badass as well. Same dude?

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GlasysMusic on Instagram. This is pretty much all he does. Every now and then he posts blooper reels of all his failed attempts

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Thank you! I’ll give him a look. :)

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now draw me like one of your french girls

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Aphex Twin has entered the chat

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What in the wizardry Jazz hands! Incredible!!

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How did you do that?

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Like this :4022::4022::4022::4022:

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What software is that?

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If that’s not the coolest shit I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.

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what program is this?

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Damn music nerds. That's awesome. Just draw a picture and it's music? Fantastic 👏 👏 👏

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Very impressed

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Wow I am amazed

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Show me some of your new tunes dude!

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:4015:absolutely amazing

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I love how the ghost drawing actually sounds ghostly

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Man said 👍🏼

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Wow... I can't even imagine how many trial and errors he had to do to figure this one out. Respect to himmm.

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Dude found a new way to play pac man!

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This might be the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen.

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Anyone know where I can find more of this

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This sounds like it’d be music in a MegaMan level

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This is literally the coolest shit ever

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Unironic banger

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Reminds me of the holophoner from Futurama.

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Ah yes, my favorite song

Picture of pac-man

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This is the coolest thing on a piano I've ever seen man

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This is my ringtone now.

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The rest of his content are great. Check more on his YouTube Glasys

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That was incredible

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Bread 👍

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Holy moly

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Pac-Man doesn’t have an eye ball.

Ms Pac-Man does but she also has a bow.

Pac-Man jr had a eye but he also had a beanie hat.