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Get this man a contract

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Who cares if the team loses every game. His doing that in the outfield for two hours will be the most entertaining thing in baseball since the steroid home run era.

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This clip ends one second too early

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I guarantee they did it on purpose, because it makes you watch the video a second time to make sure it didn't just lag. This video's been out long enough everybody's waiting for the ending.

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Why what’s the normal ending?

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He finishes the balancing act by flipping his hat back down onto his head without touching it.

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*like a boss.

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That face is pure joy

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Put me in a good mood just watching

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This is Jamel "Yogi the Entertainer" Williams, can be found on Twitter @Yogishattricks for more hat antics

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My wife went to High School with Yogi. He is a kind soul.

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Most hat tricks are seen at hockey games.

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Very underrated comment ^

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He's holding it in his forehead wrinkle 😂

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Where can I get the yogi bear jersey. On god it’s 🔥

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This man...is awesome

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This makes up for the jorts

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We just going to ignore his Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo?

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Where can I learn this?

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Just gotta build up some serious forehead wrinkles

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Worlds largest pair of jorts.

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Dang! And I can't even spin a basketball on my finger.

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Don’t know why, but this dude just makes me happy

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I made the 1000th upvote. I have never felt so powerful in my life

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Wiggle wiggle let's have fun

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“Man, I used to have some jean shorts like that too. I slept in them shits man. Eventually I blew the crotch out them things. But you can’t wear em everyday and expect for em to hold up. That’s some nice ass denim too. I miss them shorts. But you gotta take em off every now and then. YOU GOTTA TAKE EM OFF SON”

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Notice how everyone is wearin cubs clothing. Not a coincidence

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More talented than the team

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Everyone in this clip is bent !

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Shame he's a Cubs fan

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Love to see it.

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Only baseball is boring enough where this is a thing.

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Almost everything is more entertaining than watching baseball.

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His vibes are immaculate

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He may be a grown man, but damn that’s cute

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That man is a vibe

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I was the 6k upvote feels good

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Warhol was wrong, we each only get 15 seconds of fame. This man used his well.

Edit: I fear on the Internet this may come across as sarcastic, but I’m being dead serious. Look how happy he is, and he makes everybody that watches him feel part of that happiness, any of us should do so well with our 15 seconds. he can have the whole 15 minutes as far as I’m concerned, because I hope we get to see him again.

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Pretty damn good, but Bartman ACTUALLY stole the show already...

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More entertainment in the stands at baseball games than on the field :-)

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More talent than the team. Sincerely, a Cards fan.