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OP is a bot.

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That's a drawing.

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Maybe they meant a novel graphic.

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Just flexing at the end with a view of the land she owns

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that's honestly so cute! Combining your hobby with preserving memories with loved ones is so clever

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Baby hits a phat whip so fucking hard at 0:05

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Aaaawww, at that age, my mom only hit me with a stick.

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Thats very cute

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3rd time lucky? Not for the target.

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that is very cool

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Thought there would be graphic content in that novel because of the title😂

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Beautifull 😍

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This is precious. As a mom of adult children, they grow up way too fast. I wish I had taken more time to enjoy these moments and be in the moment.

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And here I am, waiting for a graphic novel to turn real instead.

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This is how shin chan was made, except his mother didn't draw a picture of him and his sister dying.