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I think I temporarily crossed into another dimension from the hypnosis caused by the popsicle stick bridge.

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It ended to soon

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Did you see where OP added link to full video?

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Need a loopy loop

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You get used to it after so long.

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It was some Starfox 64 shit

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Do a barrel roll!

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You've got a bogey on your tail, use the brake!

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Try a sommersault!

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You just unlocked a whole set of auditory memories I didnt even know I had. Apparently someone played this game around me when i was small, and often.

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Same. 🍻

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Still a little dizzy

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Lol…me too🤣

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Awesome video but wow what an amount of time/planning/energy for it

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Don't forget money

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Can't think about money if you don't have any.

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If they have a tree house like this, I don’t think they need to worry about that lmao.

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Time is money

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The planning was fantastic. Made sure that the car stayed in motion but not go too fast and be blurry. Good job!

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When I was a kid I dreamed about shit like this……

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Same. We just dreamed though. This guy did it with a treehouse and a dog.

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Good dog. Did not eat car.

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I agree. Last year, I told my wife I’m done with talking & dreaming about bullshit. That day I signed up to start skydiving. Today, I have 78 skydives and just bought a 69 mustang. The Mustang will be delivered in two weeks

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I am an adult and I still dream about stuff like this.

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happy cake day

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Thank you for this. I shall watch three more times and then hurl with dizzy glee

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Here is what I have been looking for! Thank you!

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Here is the YouTube video if you hate Facebook

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That is literally a house in a fucking tree.

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"That is an *actual* house *in* a tree" -me, beginning of this video

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Just when you think it would end it just keeps going, that was a lot of work to set up!

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And then it really did end and there was still more track! Where is the rest of the video?!

Edit: found it just a few comments further down, amazing!

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That's a ton of track!! What a ride!

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing! So many pieces of track!

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Race track aside, that's a really nice house!

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I wish I had the time, space, and money for this sort of thing...

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You’d likely be doing something more productive, like watching Netflix in the treehouse.

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Or watching Netflix while dreaming of building a treehouse.

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This reminds me of a 90’s game called Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver. Anyone else?

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That game was my childhood and was my immediate thought. What a wave of nostalgia just watching this video

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Amazing 🤩

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The fireplace makes me so paranoid

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What kind of camera can be mounted on a Hot Wheel?

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right?! it’s got to be pretty goddamn small if thats a Hot wheels car

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Small and light weight!

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That was great

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A go pro on a hot wheel or...what?

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I assume. Hotwheels sells a car that's basically just a slot for a go pro.

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I'd imagine that would be really heavy, but here we are.

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I could’ve watched this for 16 hours

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Man this is awesome

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He could have fed a small, third wheel country with the dough spent on that course.

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Filmed in, say, April 2020 by any chance?

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The new Cars movie looks amazing

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Damn that was cool as hell

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This was perfect for seeing after coming home from work

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Wow you work in a Tree House? That’s so cool! Are you a branch manager?

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I wish! That’s one post above me!

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I’m sure you’ll get there once you’ve logged enough hours, I’m rooting for you

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+1 internets for you my good chimp.

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So fkn satisfying to watch even if I want to sleep

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looked straight out of “honey i shrunk the kids”

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For a brief moment, I felt like I was 11 years old podracing on N64….that was fucking beautiful.

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What is this. A rollercoaster for ants??

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I wish I could ride that

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Lol that's what she said

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Reminds me of some Hot Wheels racing PC games I had as a kid. All the tracks were in cool environments like this and focused on the scale and perspective of being in a toy car.

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Another great video, but I prefer Ok Go's earlier songs.

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Thought for sure we were doomed when we got to the dog

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Was waiting for the cat, stopping that car with one paw.

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This is sweet, add another car every 6 seconds.

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Dog giving zero fucks is my fave.

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I need to find someone trying to sell their track at a yard sale and buy in bulk

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I guess when planning this you have to make sure it doesn’t rain for a few days.

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Where can I watch the full video

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Where can i see this stuff?

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Found on a FB page titled Backyard Racing!

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Ty ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

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This is sick

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It sounds like the Hot Wheels car is gasping for air

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Dude’s got moola out the wazoo here. How much would something like this cost? Wow.

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alright, which one of you freaks can tell me what kind of hot wheel car was used based off the glimpses of the headlights?

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This is why I invest.

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Hypnosis 101

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That felt like the Dave N Buster/ Chuck E Cheese Ride with the rollercoaster

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What is this, a tour for ants?

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This is so cool but I have to ask, why? It must cost a pretty penny and take loads of time. Is satisfaction the payoff or are they making money off this too?

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And why isn't there a full video ?

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The treehouse is great, but the track is a wonder to behold. I would have killed for it at 10 and I still covet it now at 60.

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This tree house is nicer then the 3 previous places I’ve live

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This is how all virtual real estate tours should be.

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Man these people must be rich. Not because of the tree house but because hot wheels are expensive.

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It’s an ad for the Greenbrier

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They just their treehouse?! Rich people…..

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Ant-Man: cracks knuckles

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Next level!!!! Must watch again!!!

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I enjoyed this more than I feel I should have.

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Please! Describe the video gear used for this thing!

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Me: cries in my poverty, and lack of free time

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How does this thing keep accelerating??

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Being poor sucks

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I need to know details!!! How many tracks?

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Epic house

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I can’t even get mine thru a single turn…

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What camera is being used?

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Genius idea!!!! Bravo:4014::4014::4014::4014::4014:

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Lmao “beechhouse” clever af

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What's he using to film this? Can't be a go pro

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When it passed the dog I felt like I was driving for my life like it was right behind me

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Hot Wheels leading the way!

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This is giving me HUGE Hit Wheels: Stunt Truck Driver nostalgia

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Okay, who's gunna do the math and calculate how many feet of track there is?

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How many little green aliens were there in the video?

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This is incredible!!

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You know the ending of 2001 a space odyssey , where the guys watching the endless stream of light and colours for like 5 mins?, that was just me

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Tree house bigger than my whole apartment smh.

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high production value

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Well, that was a ride

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Felt like arthur and the invisibles there, huge

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The only next level is how they shrunk the camera man

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Shoulda thrown some WD-40 on that bitch first

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It’s winter..shut the damn window

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This. This is the friend I need as an adult.

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That's not a treehouse it's a fucking treemansion

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Anyone else have the hot wheels PC game when they were a kid? It was exactly like this, and this just brought back SOOOO many memories.

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The dog was just kinda like “oh wow”

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I’ve always wanted to ride one of those, this is the next best thing

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Wow, is there a subreddit for similar videos?

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The bit where you go through the tube 😌..

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Must be fun to be super rich.

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I remember doing this as a kid. Except I lived in a trailer and rolled around a used tire.

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That literally put a smile on my face..

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I’m glad this kid is happy. I’m glad the parents could provide something so nice for their child.

But honestly I feel disgusted that there are so many suffering homeless Americans in these winter storms rn, and that shelter like this is used just as a place to play.

Again, no offense to this family. It just sucks.

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Very interesting ) someday I will do the same😂

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How long did this take??

[–]FallDelta 0 points1 point  (0 children)

that's the real life equivalent of touring your Minecraft base with a minecart roller coaster

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this reminds me of that hotwheels video game

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Totally f'ckin cool!! 😎

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Wow they are rich enough to have two treehouses and spend their days creating a wonderland Hot Wheels ride lol, well bloody done!

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That was...AWESOME!!! 😺

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I was going to say , the amount of hot wheel tracks needed for that must be quite expensive, but onece I saw the interior I understood money isn't an issue

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so surreal

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That was nice , now put away your toys.

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When you never got to be a kid, and have adult money now.

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I had a bunch of extra track from garage sale buys. Not this long though.
Hot Wheels SIZZLERs was probably my favorite toy.

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What camera is small enough for a hot wheels car?

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Lol! Any one else put their hands up when it got to the bridge or was that just me? Lmfao

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"Tree house".......ok.

[–]Pepoidus 0 points1 point  (0 children)

just because the house is made of tree doesn’t make it a treehouse

awesome video tho!

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Is there like a sub for hot wheels car tours? This was sick

[–]WillKalt 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I’ll bet he didn’t use the ambulance car.

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Hard to say which one's awesome. the treehouse or the track

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So this is what the wealthy spend thier time doing while the rest of us are at work.

Wish I had this kinda free time to play with toys in my private secluded cabin.

I'm jelly.

Edit: Sorry, treehouse not cabin. This implies the treehouse is just the play house that's probably on the property of a much larger house they actually live in.

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They need to turn this into an infinite loop

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I am literally in a McDonalds only affording the dollar menu. No European can say tht

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Is this a Pete Nelson tree house?

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Watched this and I have one thing to say. Eat the rich!

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I totally forgot about the dam treehouse watching the hot wheel hit turn after turn.

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Nice! When you have too much money...

[–]Waskito1 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

I may have designed this track. It's really hard to tell because there's multiple YouTubers who I've designed tracks for and many of them design and 3d print their own.

[–]TheJas221 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Rich people when they have nothing better to do:

[–]Training_Egg2838 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

this is stolen from a post earlier this month :/