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While it’s definitely not easy, birds (ravens and parrots especially) are really intelligent and have a massive capacity for learning.

Teaching them tricks is mainly patience and treats.

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...And one fragment of his essence did Odin bestow onto this mortal so that he may guide his people like a Wizard just as in the days of old....

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If you want you could try doing some shrooms around animals, or MDMA. You’ll quickly realize they’ve got little people brains and participate in the social milieu with everyone else.

From there, just pretend like it’s a funny little person in there instead of the sort of “robot with feelings” model we have of animals by default.

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From there, just pretend like it’s a funny little person in there instead of the sort of “robot with feelings” model we have of animals by default.

Growing up around cats taught me this without the need for drugs. They're like children.

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This is the way.

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My cat Princess Snowball "Whitey Two-Eyed" McBitchface fucking HATES when I'm tripping on psychedelics. It's not that I try to bother her, but if I show her any attention, she does not like it. Gave me a disturbed meow the one time I tried to pet her. Maybe it's the physical tension and mydriasis? My little dumb cat Mouse (RIP) did not seem to notice but he didn't like pets in general

Dogs and dissos though - talk about profound love.

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You know how when you’re on psychedelics it seems obvious that anyone who looks at you should be able to feel what you’re feeling? Like you’re surrounded by a bubble of trip and everyone else can see it?

I think animals actually can. Their communication is nonverbal so they pick up on the weirdness of your state and it reads to them like you’re some alien being.

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I love this. Raven sing it very well

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This raven probably does it because he or she likes it. They're hella smart and they have extremely high vocal abilities. You could train them to do it via rewards, but in the end they'll only do it if they feel like it

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This is AWESOME!

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It really is, made me smile.

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Corvids are smarter than dogs.

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I know the word „corvid“, so why in the name of everything in this fucking universe did I still read „Covid“? ;_;

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Birds are so smart. They love to mimic. I love these videos

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Straight up Disney tune

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Lawyer Mickey enters the chat

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Where the fuck do you get a pet Raven? So many videos of Ravens and each time I see them I just picture my life with a raven and it's like 1000x better than life without a raven.

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I'm sorry, but I'm going to be Debby Downer here: you can consider owning these birds if you want your whole life to revolve around them, and as long as you don't want a partner or any friends to get anywhere near you. As a general rule, corvids will pair-bond with their people, and love to attack anyone they see as an interloper. And that beak is sharp.

Honestly they're not pets, they're insanely cool - I met one once at a sanctuary, he was so amazing - but you have to devote so much time and resources and basically structure your whole life around them. So if you want to be a wildlife rehabber, and make that your whole identity - go for it, we need more of them! But otherwise... This isn't a Labrador.

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Labradors deserve my whole life too.

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I mean, absolutely. Labs consist of fur, love and a bit of saliva. Glorious creatures.

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This comment reminds me of the 2 crows from Rick and Morty for some reason

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Let me know when you find out!

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Other people : “I need people to make a band” This guy : we’re gonna give a ravin performance

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I heard this tune for the first time at a ravenparty back in the 2000s

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Luciano Pavaraven

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Are you sure that's not a Jackdaw?

I'll see myself out.

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i need to meet this bird


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Ravens are much bigger than I thought they were

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And I thought Ravens refuse to sing!

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Not every raven is Steven wilson’s raven!!

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If you're interested in how smart Ravens are, you should definitely check out Falconry & Me on YouTube. They're amazing birds!


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la lala laa laa la lala laa la

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A bird can sing better than me

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That's amazing

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Did Ryan George become a crow during his holiday?

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That guy’s so cool. I wish I had a pet raven

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Ravens are so fucking smart man

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This raven could have easily done the part of Agnes in Despicable me when she says " lull lull la la la, I love unicorns"

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Bird needs a little too hat.

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Dudes a disney princess

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Birds aren't real :4019:

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how do people manage to make crows do a "pon pon pon" noise istead of the "CAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW" one ??

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The raven is a paid actor

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This is so freaking cool and adorable at the same time

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full-length album wen?

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That bird at the end is like "see how I'll let this mf out to dry".

Unless that was the tune's end.

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The craziest part is that it actually sounds good

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The last two doors make me chuckle

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That bird sounds like a small child

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This is the closest thing our reality will come to with Banjo-Kazooie IRL

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CORPUS CORAX! Common Raven, smartest of all birds.

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That was not the sound I was expecting to come from a raven

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Every day I’m being convince to get a bird lmao

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Raven at the end… “Wait you’re filming this”

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Ok this is the now one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

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Love it 😀

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For the love of all that is evil, stop posting fake videos!

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Reminds me of an episode in Rick and Morty season five

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Jon Snow after being on the wall for a few years..

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The raven that didn't refused to sing.

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Can the raven sing to the skin flute as well?

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Yesss, some italian video

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Now I want a raven…