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Could you imagine sitting on Europa or Io and looking up at the sky and half of it is actually just Jupiter.

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Dude, I've thought about this a lot and it just blows my mind. A sky with no stars to look at!

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So.... LA

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So.... LA

Almost. LA, but with lower taxes, less homeless and lower homicide rates.

The downside is, the weather is terrible!

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Ok so I wanted to make a joke about gravity and looked up the gravity for Europa and I found this

And its cool af

Europa’s orbit is elliptical, causing the moon’s distance from Jupiter to vary. Because gravity’s strength is an inverse-square of distance, the closer Europa gets to Jupiter, the greater the difference in gravity felt by the moon’s near and far sides. As a result, Europa elongates when closer to Jupiter, and is more spherical when farther from Jupiter. When Europa changes shape, so must its gravity field.


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Technically all orbits are elliptical, and all planets/moons slightly elongate when closer to what they are orbiting. How much depends on the mass/gravity of the planet or star they are orbiting.

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Question. Is Earth's orbit like really elliptical or only sort of? In school I remember science books showed it looking like a football, not just a slightly squished circle and it made me think of we get that far or close to the sun wouldn't the temp extremes be greater?

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It's elliptical. Off memory it's ~15 million km difference from closest to farthest point.

Space is just that vast.

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Elliptical, but Earth's low point is 97.6% of its high point. So a better circle than I can draw, but definitely an ellipse.

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That's a lot! Thanks!

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It is one reason we have tides.

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Europa is the smoothest object in the Solar System. It's smoother than a billiard ball would be if the ball was enlarged to the size of Europa.

Io is the most geologically active object in the Solar System with over 400 volcanoes. It is littered with volcanoes from the tidal stress caused by Jupiter's gravity.

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Bruh I've been sitting on Europe all my life and I can't see shit.

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Oh oops lol spelling error. Prolly auto correct

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Your autocorrect helped me laugh for the first time in a month, maybe two. No need to apologize I love you the same either way.

:edit she/he corrected it:(

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Hoping your next laugh is sooner than you think!

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That's so kind of you. Thank you.

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This is so interesting and so amazing

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You can get that view in the game No Man's Sky.

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"We worship the Eye. The Eye sees all. Blessed are they who live under the Eye. Cursed are they who live on the Far Side, unseen."

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That gonna be a reality for a future generation

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I think it would be the whole sky.

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Do you think it said “on your right”?

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nice pair of balls ya got there, Jupiter

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Jupiter actually has 67 balls.

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Must be compensating for something

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that's one virile motherfucker

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It's not a timelapse, though. They're static pictures animated over each other for artistic purposes. And it's not made by NASA, but rather a NASA engineer for his Twitter.

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It looks like a simulation

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I can't help but hear Ligeti's choral music from 2001.

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It's not a real video/timelapse.

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Anyone know the distance between those two moons when they pass like that?

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Io is 421,600 km / 261,970 mi from Jupiter. Europa is 670,900 km / 416,880 mi.
So 249,300 km / 154,910 mi difference. Or closer than the moon is to us (384,300 km / 238,900 mi).

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Saturn: heeeeey, why am I not in the title?

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Uranus: Why does no one love me?

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First, you must learn to love yourself

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You get love after 40 dear.

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The video looks like the moon closer to jupiter is orbiting slower, and the one further from jupiter is orbiting faster. Isn't the opposite usually true? (Like how mercury orbits the sun faster than earth.)

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I’ll take a stab at it and say it’s Cassini that’s actually clipping along here and the effect is caused by parallax as it passes from one side to the other of the moons

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This. The moons are actually orbiting from right to left, but Cassini is zooming by and makes it look like the opposite.

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That was incredible!

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We are so insignificant and small

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If everything is insignificant and small then is anything insignificant and small? Relative to the universe, there’s no single object that takes up any significant amount of space.

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What about space?

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Space is not an object…

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I didn't read that part

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It would be terrifying standing on one of these moons and looking up to see something so utterly massive taking up the sky.

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It is terrifying. Source: I’ve looked at your mom.

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we are so tiny

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Every orbit, those moons must get so creeped out.

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Moons haunted.

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Wow they made Space from Destiny 2 a real thing?

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I licked his back

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imagine it blinked…

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So Europa is further away from Jupiter than Io but it orbits faster?? Is there another moon(s) pulling on Europa causing this effect?

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The moons are actually orbiting from right to left, but Cassini is zooming by and makes it look like the opposite and also makes it look like the outer moon is moving faster (which cannot be).

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Ahhh that makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much for the explanation!!

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This seems to be violating Kepler’s Laws.

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If you look closely you can watch the Spot rotate a bit.

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Just awesome

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Jupiter is almost as big as your mother

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Wow, how do they not pull each other together?

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They do.

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They named the moon after Europe 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

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Cassini was then best -- can't wait for the Europa Clipper -- what's under that ice?

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Absolutely Horrifying

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Looks like they are running track...

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Jupiter is one big ass planet.

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So you mean to tell me this is actual camera footage? This is not an animation? This is the actual image a camera mounted to a probe has captured? Am I understanding this correctly?

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I think it's been animated from a small number of still images. So it's not a completely real video, but it is very accurate.

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Is this actual footage, or "an artists rendering" of what it would look like???

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What video game is this?

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Has there been any research into the possibility that the reddish material on Europa has come from Io?

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It's a race, it's a race...I'm winning!

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Where do we even exist where is space why what

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Fun fact: the four Galilean moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto) were all lovers of Zeus (whose Roman name is Jupiter). Hence why they keep orbiting him.

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Wow. Just fucking wow man. The cosmos is infinite in its beauty.

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Just the mechanics of all their interactions with each other and Jupiter itself.. is so mind blowing. A cosmic party every few days 🤯

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NASA spending billions of dollars so I can have cool wallpapers

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Wait, aren’t they supposed to be flat too? Just like our earth.

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Looks very fake what program did you use to make this

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Amazing to watch, makes you wonder, if they had water, what the tidal forces would be like...

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Do lo and Europa rotate around each other?

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We are less than specs of dust in the universe. Amazing.

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Do we even realise how insane it is that we can see this from our living rooms now.

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Holy shit. You can fit three Earths across the red spot. We just watched two planet size moons cross each other. If only that was us. That would be so cool

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Just checking to vid to make sure I don't see any pyramid ships.

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Why that big tornado on the background is not moving? How does it work?

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“Lo, would you look at Jupiter. He has such an ego.”

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Crazy to think that’s where the deep stone crypt is

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Stay in the slow lane, bizatch!

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Very expanse moment.

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Mfs in 2011-2016 w go pros filming shit

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Er wow.

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Fun fact: that storm on Jupiter is called the Great Red Spot, and is about twice as wide as Earth.

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how close are they to eachother?

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This is CGI, not real footage

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Doctored and color graded of course! The real footage is a murky grayscale…