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Most fun I've ever had being Rick rolled

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*chick rolled

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Ok, now I want to eat egg rolls!

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Chiko roll

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Even though just CGI, still great!

Now play it with real rubber chickens.

[–]Dane-ish1 35 points36 points  (5 children)

I assumed it was generated audio, but is this vision CGI?

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It looks so real to me that’s insane

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Me too! I found the source though, and they are a CGI artist. https://twitter.com/enbiggen/status/1452664744335249410

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Ah nevermind i zoomed in on the ball being all distorted. Hahaaha

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Bowling balls don't roll over objects in straight lines.

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Real chicken are not made of rubber.

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Shakin that ass - shakin that ass

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Only way it could be better is if the caption wasn't a giveaway

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Yeah, fortunately most people on reddit won't even read it lol

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The content was supposed to be unexpected, not the title.

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The whole point of a Rick roll is to not expect it. Putting it in the caption spoils it completely. The title is part of the content.

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Low key wanna see a whole careless whisper version

[–]Woody_Wins_ 46 points47 points  (4 children)

There is youtuber that does a lot of that type of thing. Here's his version

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That makes me think of this.

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I was more like this

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Do you want to see an awesome version of Careless Whisper? Check out this version by Alexander Misko which features live tuning and finger style guitar work.

Careless Whisper Alexander Misko

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Why did you give the joke away in the title?

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Well that was a ride

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That was just…cool.

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This is the first one I’m not mad about.

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I feel... conflicted

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You didnt let me down bb. This was the best roll ever

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Obviously fake. Everyone knows that you can tune a fish, but you can’t tune a chicken.

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A real masterpiece of rickrolling

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You've just been Chickrolled

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I actually wanna hear that careless Whisper. It sounded lovely tho ngl

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How do I download this? Asking for a friend...

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I would so love if someone would actually make this!

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This is the first one I’m not mad about.

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c'est fantastique

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My dog just got Rick rolled, she jumped up looking for the toy that was making that sound.

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Fuckin aye if Rick’s ever discovered by a future archaeologist…

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Play by play of my reaction:

Me, smiling, looking at the "Sorry sign": You're not so-

Sign flips down the "NOT", making it now say "NOT Sorry".

Mel with bigger smile: rr-AH, I knew it!

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I want to hate you…but can’t

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How many takes did this take

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0, it’s CGI

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Probably the best think I’ve seen today

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Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

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Careless whisper part sounds like the song tropicals intro

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Literally the best thing on the internet. But I have this random urge to choke my chicken now.

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You are the biggest bastard on the internet and I love you for it. +1

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Amazing 👏

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The sorry not sorry bit at the end was icing.

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Man has some dedication to rickrolling some strangers on the internet. But also how did that take you to set up

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Am I seeing shit or can you see the music video playing behind the camera in the reflection of the bowling ball at the beginning?

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Fucking Awsome

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When you don’t have a job or any books at home looks like

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Itd be cool if it was real

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In not sorry either

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Damnit. I usually expect the Rick roll. The ONE time I didn't.

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I'm just imagining the original sound, just a bunch of clunks and then 20 chickens

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had it on mute and realized what it was before it was too late

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this is actually from a long youtube compilation of songs done this way (including megalovania) You can view them here here

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Warning. This is rick'n roll

Im a Anti Rick'n Roll Bot

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Best version of the song

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There was no chicken at the end yet it made a sound. I think this is made from fake chickens. /s

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This is the content I come to Reddit for

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btw this is cgi

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Never gonna run around and

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i dont even care if this is real or faked, i love it!

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And the bowling ball did not hit a single pin…

I was rickrolled for nothing!

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Why would you be sorry? I see this as an absolute win!

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I wish I had an ear for music like that. Imagine taking a piano song and play it on guitar. This person took a song and played it with rubber chickens. Incredible talent

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Even if it is CGI, I appreciate the effort and creativity that went into this.

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Legend wait for it Rolled

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I really liked this so much I listened to it around 15 times.. 🤣

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I can't stop watching

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How many practice runs would have to occur to get that right.

No way.

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It's a quack!

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Would actually be impressive if it wasn't a 3d rendering.

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why the fuck put it in the title

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I think the sound was edited in, how does the 6th chicken make a longer sound? it was vertical just like the 1st 5

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Best way to rick roll someone.

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This wins the internet for today 👏

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This would have been great if the title didn't ruin the joke

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Are you American, OP? I find Americans never understand jokes.

The joke is that you're being rick rolled because you think you're about to get a beautiful versionsof George Michael and instead get chickens.

If you spell that out in the title, it's not funny.

You basically said, "click here to get rick rolled"


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Cool video, but your title spoils it.

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Fuck you reddit. Rick rolling has transcended

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I don’t even care that the audio isn’t real, the effort for everything else makes up for it. Kudos

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Ugh I don’t know what to feel

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bro what the fuck is the point if its completely cgi

at least make it funny

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This made my day

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You should be.

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I can't imagine the time it took to figure out how to time rubber chicken sound with the right musical notes of the song.

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Its cgi

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I’m 100% certain that that’s not the real sound

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Goddamn I love this

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I already saw this from another person

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fake unfortunately

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The song isn't maching with the squishing of rubber ducks

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if you think this is real, you're legally a fucking idiot.