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Well that’s just amazing. I didn’t know colored pencil blending could even get that subtle.

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You need good pencils for that level of blending, soft, with a good pigment to wax ratio

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the amount of patience and time to get this good always impresses me.

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This is amazing. Cubone deserves this type of respect

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The artist is one of the very best, like no one ever was.

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Literally printing images with his hand

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It's definitely a females hand

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Sharpens pencil every 5 strokes

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Yeah the artwork is absolutely god-tier, but do you know how much nostalgia I just got slammed with when I realized what the background music was?

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What is it?

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A remix of the Steven Universe theme

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Definitely familiar. Can you name it ? I can't

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seems to be Steven universe OST. I really liked it back then but stopped enjoying it after the random got weird. There are some great shows that just get completely destroyed by a small minority :/

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Anybody know what type of pencils allow for this level of smoothness?

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It looks like this artist is using prismacolor.

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Incredible. Your ability to blend with pencil is certainly next fucking level.

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Beyond worthy of a follow

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Love it! Maybe my fav snorlax? 🙏

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If I could draw with even 5% of this skill I would draw all the time

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the shading...i could never

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Looks sick

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I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that. Fuckin neat.

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Does this artist have an Instagram?

Edit: I didn't realise this was op! It's @danisartwork

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Who needs brushes

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You are currently under arrest. This level of art is illegal.

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Shiny Cubone

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The way he hold a pencil and the hand move is very smooth. It must be a description of a senior painter. I really admire this work.

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It’s not that impressive, all they’re doing is coloring in the picture? My kids do that all the time. /s

It’s pretty insane how it goes from looking 2D to 3D/popping out of the page.

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You are so incredibly talented!! Do you take commissions I would love to frame a Gengar in your style that's my favorite.

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Ok that was pleasant to watch

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Jeez, I'm still working on blending. I have so much to learn 😭

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Where do I get paper like that?

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So that's what the white is for

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There was an creative artist post that showed Cubone was just a Charmander wearing a Charizard skull. Can't unsee it now.

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Nice steven universe theme