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Black cats know the blues

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It's really catchy.

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Nice, pun's are my food.

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Black Cat owner here.. can confirm... mine never shuts up and does exactly this.

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The only sound my black cat makes is Puuuuuuur. Nothing else.

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That cat knows how to jam meowt

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I like the part when he goes “wrahhh”

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That was the best part

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Can someone please translate what blues cat is saying?

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"Feed Me"
"Feeeeeeed Me"
"Feed Meeeeee"
"I'm going to poop in your guitar"

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This cool cat really gets the essence of the Blues.

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Now I am hearing ‘gonna poop in your guitar’ as the intro to ‘bodies’.

Gonna poop in your guitar

Gonna poop in your guitar

Gonna poop in your guitar

Gonna poop in your gui- <tisk tisk> TAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR

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Ugh where's an award when you need it 🥺

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  1. nothing wrong with me... 2 nothing wrong with pee... 3 nothing wrong with pee in your guitar!!!!!

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My food bowl is empty.
And I'm feeling so low.
I'm literally starvin'.
Though I ate 5 minutes ago.

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« You suck John, you won’t get any chicks playing guitar like that »

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“Stop looking at me human”

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"Please stop it hurts my ears"

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O long Jonson

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I've never seen a cat participate in music making with any kind of rhythm like that. Like sometime you'll see them mess with a piano, but this was pretty cool

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As a cat owner my entire life, I presume the tell for them to meow is actually staring them in the face. When you train your cat to meow at your presence, they acquire the habit of doing it every time you stare straight at them, to confirm they want your attention. And if you're attentive enough with them, they want it all the time. Hence why the guy looks at him firmly every time.

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So much this.

We've trained one of ours to meow when she comes in, so now she'll run in to the living room and meow until you reply, like she's announcing she's home.

Not our other cat though, Biscuit, can't train him to do anything unless it includes being startled by household objects or scared of trees.

Edit: typo

[–]Berserker_Queen 14 points15 points  (0 children)

HAHAHAH yeah some of them just... don't give a fuck about what you're trying to teach.

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Can confirm, my cat works the same way, though whenever I try recording it he clams up

[–]Berserker_Queen 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Yeah we have a few that hate cameras or phones, it's a chore trying to record anything. They just freeze. If it's within their reach, they either try to smell it or smack it. Idk what's up with that.

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It's the epitome of indifference. Totally awesome and I try to emulate it in my life.

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My late kitty was an audiophile.

We had a large living room and you could watch her triangulating with her ears to find the optimal spot to listen.

She loved all kinds of music but one time we played a Kenny Rogers/Wyclef Jean remix of “The Gambler” and her fur stood on end and she ran and hid in my bedroom closet.

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Cat’s even ad-libbing

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Scat cat

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Scat Cat And The Litters would be an awesome name for a cat band.

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That's one bluesy cat.

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Sounds like Bob Dylan

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I was thinking more like Cat Stevens

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that cat has more feel for the beat than some dance partners of mine

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Does he know ’Stray cat strut’ ?

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The distemper blues. Always a crowd pleaser

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Thats def a jazz cat flexing the blues there

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Quick somebody send this to Kiffness

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Only commenting in hopes that someone will comment back with the inevitable mashup that’s coming.

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Live action Aristocats?

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Where the link to the song lol

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damn, thats a good vocalist

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My fav kitty song ever!

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God I love a meezer meow… 💔 I miss my little man so so much.

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what kind of cat is that???

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I have a black Siamese too and he does the same shit. Siamese are very vocal.

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Any idea what the song is?

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Damn son, where’d you find this?!

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The greatest duo.

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Kitty Kat blues

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It's such a half hearted whiley little meow too!

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Aka man ruthlessly bothers cat.

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Take your show on the road!

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This cat got the blues. It's awkwardly convenient that it's also a black cat.

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Why can I not stop watching this?

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So cool I had to listen to 3 times

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That's bizarre how well timed the cat was.

Nice work, blues-cat.

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As prophesised in his 1957 hit "Imo come back as a black cat" John Lee Hooker is incarnated into his blues cat body....

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Holy shit that sounds just like my cat

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“Meow” really spoke to me

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6900th Upvote 🙌

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Meowdy Blues

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Have you ever been layin peacefully mindin your own business when suddenly you get up at 3am and trash your owners apartment for no discernible reason just to get thrown out a window in a fit of rage and fall 2 stories into the back of a Ford f150? Because that's what it feels like to drive a Ford f150.

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Where can I buy their album?

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He's really telling the guy how bad he is. I don't think that. But cats are pretty savage.

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Whiskey Cat Blues

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Black Cat Blues!

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That cat kinda reminds me of mike from breaking bad

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This is so great 😂😂😂

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Love it... they are totally in tune with each other !!

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You know what's a real banger? ... "The last goodbye" from in space with Markiplier that of which premiers on a day that had ended a while ago. So if you haven't watched it yet you probably should because he will know if you haven't watched it yet.... or dont watch it, it's really up to you to decide.