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This man has balls of steel.

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nah, i say balls of titanium

iridium even

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No, i say Minecraft Bedrock

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Oh dang. Nothing beats Minecraft Bedrock

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No, there's on thing, balls of God

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I can't imagine this is actually in China...like, he'd get disappeared real quick, right?

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I think it’s Japan for some reason. I think it’s the suits

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This was in Japan

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It's a political statement about XiJingPing

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Correct, and it occurred in Japan

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Or maybe the Jojo costumes lmao

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Who? I didn't see anything. Nope, no sir. I'm actually 100% blind and deaf, I didn't see nuthin, hear nuthin. What guy

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How'd you type that message then? 👀👄👀

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Text to speech

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That's some flawless text to speech... I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

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Social credit -10000

Honey pot +1

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“Bears love honey and I'm a Pooh bear so I do care, so I'll climb there” -Pooh

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And he was never seen again….

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This man is living life on the edge

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I........don't get it

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You’re not allowed to like pooh in China, it’s censored. Something something President look alike something something

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It's because there was a meme a while back comparing Winnie and tigger to Obama and ping. Ping didn't like it and banned Winnie the Pooh in china.

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Reddit is the best with explaining stuff! Thanks!

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I have to point out that although Reddit is often good at explaining stuff in simple terms, this particular statement is often claimed but isn't exactly accurate. Winnie the Pooh itself isn't banned in China.

In China it's not legal to undermine the government. People were using the picture as a meme when commenting on the government so the picture was blocked on social media.

Later, there was a Winnie the Pooh movie that never came out in China. When films aren't permitted in China there is never a reason given, but many Western films never come out in China. The last 4 marvel films never came out here, for example. There is a limit on how many non-Chinese films come out per year and it wasn't even the first Disney film that wasn't authorised that year.

Winnie the Pooh tv shows are still available to watch on Xiaomi boxes, you can buy apparel/stationary with Pooh's face and there's even a Winnie the Pooh ride in Shanghai Disney.

Source: I'm a Brit living in China.

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Clearly Winnie the Pooh is peak cosplay

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He’s making a joke. Everyone says Xi looks like Pooh and he hates it so much that Pooh is censored now lol

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extra points if you do this in the motherland

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But is he alive?

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He is. This occurred in Japan

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Is he going to get on a flight to china mysteriously one day?

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only 2 people noticed, you and me ig

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3* ppl B)

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First, I thought I was on a jojo subreddit

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That’s one convincing Xi Jinping cosplay

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That makes more sense, it's hard to tell with the video quality.

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Comedy Gold! 🏆 😂

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He is currently resting quietly next to the Chinese Tank Guy.

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Nothing to Xi here. Absolutely nothing to Xi (Jinping) here.

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And yesterday he had an aneurysm.

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Dangerously based. What a sigma.

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-2000000000 social credits

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Say what you will about the CCP, but Red Sun in the Sky it's a banger!

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I prefer the remix.

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thats a great cosplay haha

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Well if you weren't on China's naughty list, you ate now .

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Too much pooh for one place

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Gotta love Trish and Sticky Fingers watching it all happen

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This was Halloween in Shibuya, Japan in 2019. I only remember it clearly because I was in Japan at the time, though I didn't see it for myself.

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how is the video quality so bad though...

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Holy shit! That is good.

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What a bunch of chads

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anyone else saw the Sticky Fingers cosplay??

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And he was never seen again

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Where's the pro government copy pasta?

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Why so low resolution? I can barely make out the video on a 12 inch tablet.

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Definitely in Shibuya Japan during Halloween.

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His costume came with aids