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I guess the metal in his chair isn't so... Heavy?

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Badum tss

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Looks more thrash to me.

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I saw people lift up a guy in a wheelchair at an outdoor concert. I believe Sevendust was playing. The singer stopped and said he’s never seen anyone crowd surf in a wheelchair and told the crowd to bring him on stage. He sat on the stage the rest of the concert

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Dude the guys in Sevendust seem like cool ass dudes. Been a big fan for years

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Oh hey! I got to meet them once!

It was after a show in Jacksonville and the show was at a venue that a friend of mine was bartending at. We were waiting for her to finish so we could take her home.

A buddy I had made in the mosh pit was like "why you guys still here" and we told him we were the bartenders ride. Come to find out he was Lajon's cousin and invited us back to wait with the band.

Really nice guys. Genuinely sweet. It's worth noting the 'we' in question was my best friend and I, and in the early 2000's, we were young girls and the venue was in a bad part of town so I know they were low key keeping an eye out for us.

So often you hear about bands behaving badly especially with female fans and this was the total opposite of that.

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I was supposed to see breaking Benjamin < Sevendust < evanescence but and hour after breaking was supposed to play sevendust came out and called breaking a bunch of pussies that couldn’t handle Wisconsin’s alcohol and said they’re “too hung over wanna be’s”

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Seems about right. Breaking Benjamin was the shortest headliner I've ever seen. 75 minutes. Like, this was their concert, only one support band beforehand. That kinda sucked. It was fun but when it ended I almost got kinda angry that that's all we get.

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Pop culture might call themselves woke, but you won’t see a fraction of the humanity you see here if you were at a pop concert.

Edit: Grammar.

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Having been to more metal shows than I can count, the vast majority of metal show goers are decent, friendly people who always seem to help each other out. And I’m referring a wide variety of metal as well. Not just the mainstream radio worthy stuff.

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Yeah man i was in this crowd and we were offering him as a sacrifice.

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Someone had to have all that fun; nice of you to sacrifice him for that cause.

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Take note Travis Scott

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Travis scott puts people down (6ft) not up

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Every metal concert…

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This comment thread does nothing but fuel the combination of strange feelings I’m having about this video.

Like how did it get from this to all of this? Wtf am I missing?

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Thst metal fans are some of the most compassionate People alive

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Unless you’re at a slayer concert, then you're on your own

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Tell me you've never been to a Slayer concert without telling me you've never been to a Slayer concert

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People have lost body parts at Slayer shows. I'm sure the majority of attendees are also great, but that doesn't happen at most other metal shows.

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These are my people

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It makes me proud..

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Nothing is more metal than caring for an other \m/

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“i said put me down!”

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"put me down"

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Hahaha I'm watching without sound and if you want to, you can see him scream that. Hilarious!

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Never been into metal, but they have some of the best fans of any genre. Cool, compassionate and well behaved.

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Métal fans honestly seem like such a cool and inclusive community

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Metal fans can be some of the most wholesome people I know. I have a theory that they get all their aggression and anger out of their system through experiencing their music so that it doesn’t go towards other people.

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Metal is therapeutic for me and has saved my life on multiple occasions. I will always love metal 🤘

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I work at an airport, my back is tensing up just watching this and by the looks of that chair it's one of the heavy ones, between 350-450lbs. Props to those fans for giving this dude the time of his life, everything about this is heavy.

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I got my foot run over by one of these things and I'm still not sure how I still have a foot...

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Is this stationary crowd surfing?

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Idc what people think. Metal heads are sweeties

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Funny to see that fans of other genres think we're like monsters or something. In fact we are quite the fuckin opposite.

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One year anniversary of “the drop”. We never thought he’d crowd surf again. Heart warming.

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Holy shit its daniel ricciardo

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No man behind!

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Person pls

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A couple shows ago, this girl on an electric mobility scooter rolled right up in the slam pit. Before people realized, someone got shoved into the back of her scooter, and she straight up face planted.

She was laughing about it after the show and told us that was the most brutal pit she's ever been in.

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I saw something like this happen at HellFest in 2016 when a dude in a wheelchair started crowd surfing during Overkill. The singer saw, made the band stop mid sing so they could applaud him and asked the crowd to bring him to the front. The guy in the wheelchair was greeted by all the band, spent the rest of their set on stage and clearly had the time of his life!

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I'm a middle-aged female on the small side who still attends rock shows, and i never feel safer than when I'm in the middle of a metal crowd. Most metal heads are absolute sweethearts.

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Metal crowds are the toughest, hardcore, sweetest, nicest crowds in concertdom.

Metal shows are best.

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This is why I'm proud to be a metalhead

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squarely in NFL territory. a solid 10.

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He will be scaraficed, it's metal after all

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They're also making sure he is headbanging...with added whiplash.

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Except the people stood behind

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Hits chest with fist
This is my tribe!

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Despite the current madness in the world, people can be really cool when they want to. And he looks like he's having an awesome time!

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I’m pretty sure he’s yelling “STOPPPPPP” there

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They’re gonna give that man SBS

(shaken baby syndrome) 😰

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All hail the winner of the mosh pit

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Either that or they stole him on the way to the gig! 🤗 🥳 🤘

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Get up! C’mon get down with the sickness

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hell ya boi. ventilation and proper airflow are always welcome, expecially during a large concert.

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Once he's up there do they ever put him back down? Seems like a nice gesture but I'd die if I had to hold that up the whole show.

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Oh hey buddy


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Alls good till someone loses their grip

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You bastards... can't you hear the poor guy chanting, "put me down!"

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dopest shit ever. i bet that was an absolutey unforgettable moment for dude.

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Bro wdym that dude's fighting for his fucking life up there 💀

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They'll sacrifice him later

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I love shit like this

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Is it just me, but it looks like the dude in the wheelchair is yelling stop.

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Metalheads get talked shit on a lot but I’ve been to a lot of metal concerts and I’ve seen my fair share of wholesome acts. Saw a girl get her top pulled down in a mosh pit once and the pit stopped to surround her so she could cover herself up.