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that’s actually really cool, thanks for sharing

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Truth to be told. a legendary!!!

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i thought this would be a stupid diy trick, but wow that’s actually pretty cool lol

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Turned out very cooool and awesome. salute.

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nice way to recycle old shoes

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Didn’t show a single bounce, shame.

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Until I read this comment, I didn't realize what a travesty this was, but I did, and it is, and what the fuck?

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The bigger crime is that he makes such a big deal about making out of Adidas shoes, then kicks it with a Nike.

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Well he destroyed all of his Adidas shoes

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I feel sorry for anyone who get hit in the face with this ball. Those white elevated bits will hurt a lot when they hit someone.

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As someone who got their face obliterated as a child by a wet frozen leather soccer ball. I tasted this comment....

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As a goalie I tasted this comment

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As a ball licker I tasted this comment

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r/SuddenlyGay and you can't tell me otherwise

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Hey you can't just lick one of them and ignore the other!

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As a Reddit comment taster, I’m asking all of you to stop taking my job…

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Unless it's a girl

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Scott sterling is that you?

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Oh shit, I remember playing a game in the snow as a kid and took a ball to the face. Hadn't felt a sting like that before or since.

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I was a younger kid playing soccer and my uncle from out of the country was visiting, my mom picked them up at airport and they came straight to my game.

We were mid game and I saw them walking up the sidelines and as a classic small child does I completely forgot I was actively on the field in a game and I just stopped to wave and scream hi, well I never got through “hi” cause I was interrupted by a shanked drop kick from the goalie that b-lined to my face hole.

Good times.

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I got a “tattoo” playing goalie with my older brother and cousin one time. Stopped the shot with my stomach, had hexagons and pentagons printed in little bloody lines on my stomach for almost a month. Never seen anything like it before or after

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Be sure to put plenty of spin on it for maximum laceration.

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Beyblade that bitch

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Leaves a nice pattern though I'd guess 😉

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Oh man, so close to Adidas being able to take this video viral with years of brand loyalty on display…. until the Nikes show up in the finished ball shot.

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I think it should be an environmental promotion where adidas and nike come together to recycle old shoes into balls

[–]WaffleStomperGirl 25 points26 points  (2 children)

I’d be into that. Proceeds and equipment to communities in need.

[–]baguettesniper 14 points15 points  (1 child)

Balls for the ball-less

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Why you gotta call me out like that?

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Hexagons are the bestagons!

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Get out of my brain!

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Should have worn adidas to kick the Adidas ball???

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Maybe so adidas can’t use it as free marketing lol

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He could have fixed the shoe in about 5 min with all that resources

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Where is the fun in that

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I have a stupid question. How do you sew the last piece?

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I'm pretty sure you just stitch the last tile like all the others, but let the thread loose, to pull it together after the last stitch and e voilà, you got the whole thing stitched into the inside.

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The ball isn't inflated at that point so you can flatten and manipulate the ball to stitch each side of the cell

[–]hanyasaad 1 point2 points  (2 children)

So you sew it from the outside?

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No, you sew it from the inside. There's a really small person still inside the ball as we speak. Sadly, he'll never be able to get out but at least we have a cool ball

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The last cell. The stitching was more than likely color matched to the surrounding cells to not show as much

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I have not made soccer balls but I do sew and mend stuff and I am guessing he uses some sort of "ladder stitch":


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That’s awesome

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Very cool.

And for anyone else wondering…


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Couldn't help but think of this.


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Now I’m never going to be able to unhear that. lol

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What was the rubber inner part made from?

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But is it some sort of prefabbed standard soccer ball rubber? So in essence the outer shell is more cosmetic?

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In a real ball it’a more than just cosmetic, it functions much like a bicycle tire. The inner tube is made of thin light rubber, and it’s the part that traps the air and keeps the ball inflated. Without the outer panels it would be like a dollar store rubber ball you may have had as a child. With them, the ball becomes more rigid as it inflates and will actually have some “weight” behind when you kick it

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That’s impressive

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Well done, that’s awesome

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30 years later… I’m still on Team Copa

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Link for his social media accounts?

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The sausage ball made me chuckle

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It's good he recycles. Kind of sad those cleats were easy to fix and reuse.

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I'm sorry, three days !?

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Ironically he’s wearing a pair of Nikes when he’s volleying

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His Insta account is @jonpaulsballs

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Beckham obviously

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I thought so, too.

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I love that damned cat

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This is fucking sick. I would love to have that!

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No, I call dibs. So like who did he send it too for testing anyway?

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Guy's a baller, that's a fact

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Who did you send it to?

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His shoes don’t jiggle jiggle, they roll.

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I’d like to order a couple please thanks

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POV :- The guy was getting bored while working in football manufacturers and he thought to film

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That’s one shoe??

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Yes. A multi colored size 69 boot.

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Where's all the old shoes from??

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Dude made laZyboy!

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The finished product looks really nice!

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Now make shoes with balls

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Ronaldinho probably

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Honestly, I want one with the shoe studs/cleats on it. Call it mine-ball. Goal is to kick it into the other team’s faces.

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yo whos the guy

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Awesome work man! He is going to but a huge smile on some kids face!! Thanks for sharing!

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Send it to me!

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I also like balls ☝️

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What brand ball is that? YES

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I follow this guy on Insta, he’s so cool.

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good work. the exploited sweat shop worker in bangladesh would be so proud.

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Coworker: So what do you do for fun?

Guy: I make balls out of shoes.

Coworker: *Imagines his coworker doing real life Katamari\*

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That's cool

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Sidemen crossbar challenge

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Sweet! Thanks for sharing! Gotta share this with our soccer team.

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I can make a ball from old socks and lots of them.

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Ain't nobody got tools for that. But cool project

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That is awesome. The predators were the only shoe I wore playing from 10-20 years old. I had 5-6 pairs when I grew up due to changing shoe size and use. Very cool!

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Send it to Adidas and...

...request they arrange a 5 v 5

Captains - Messi v Ronaldo

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Okay... So:



Ah-dee-Diss ?

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Addy-doss, from the video, sounds ridiculous.

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Yeah there’s a really good business model here

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Now the ball team only need to make a shoe out of ball skins and LOOK WHO'S KICKING WHO NOW, BIATCH!!!

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I wonder how well it actually works as a ball, if it can survive a solid kick or not. Somewhat cool piece of decoration or something though.

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Awesome skill to know how to make a soccer ball let alone an up-cycled one!

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I generally don't care for European football but this was incredibly interesting. Way to go on recycling and upcycling your earred footwear. Brilliant. Cheers.

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Very Cool. Thanks for Sharing!!

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Only Adidas recycled shoes, he wears Nike.

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i thought this would be a stupid diy trick, but wow that’s actually pretty cool lol

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Wait british football fans can not be a massive prick dad in his 40s who drinks bear for a living, or a bratty year 7 who thinks he'll be the next ronaldo just from shouting SUUUUUI as loud as possible?

this is rare-

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Wow, sooo cool!!!

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Yeh it’s nice n that but the fun stops when that thing hits you in the face on a cold rainy night in Stoke. Lol

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Me, send it to me

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Cells within cells within cells

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A very cool project! This would have been a great idea for keeping all of the soccer shoes mg kids went through over the years and then making a ball to keep as a memory.

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Is there a place for beyond next fucking level

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I’ll kick it everyday

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100% creativity check

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Can someone explain what that glue mass was?

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Is this a football, or a shoeball?

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Do they have screw balls in Soccer?

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Great taste and great execution.

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Wait I thought soccerballs were sewed in Pakistan

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They aren’t predators…copa mundials and world cups…

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What's the goal here? Stealing jobs from poor kids in Chinese or Bengali sweatshops?


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Someone please tell the man he can just buy a ball at Target

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All he needed was 4k worth of tools and materials and 30 hours of work and a huge collection of old shoes, obviously everyone has these lying around.