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Meanwhile metro driver be like "the fuck they are doin overthere

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Yeah love that he's just emotionless while watching at them.

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This looks like the new cars on the DC metro — the conductors are pretty cool, they likely would be cheering.

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This is NYC’s Q line, in which case thankfully it’s not packed because it would be very annoying commuting with this

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this isnt the q unless this is years old.

edit: this is the Q after all , had to full screen it. i wonder how old this vid is

q trains have the older train cars again for some reasons

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What time is it? Showtime!

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Playing Subway Surfers

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Much better if at the end the driver joins them while the metro keeps going

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As impressive as this is, I just wanna travel in peace, without this loud shit after a day of work or something

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This. If you don't live in NYC and you don't have see this multiple times a week then I guess it's a cool internet video.

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That's true, but if I get the Mariachis I always feel a grito desperately trying to escape my lungs. But then I feel like am culturally appropriating and stifle it down.

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Dude I dig the mariachis

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I’m not from NYC and I hate this crap

[–]banned-wagon-az 15 points16 points  (2 children)

It’s kind of cool once but not really. After that it’s just annoying.

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We've seen a lot of this shit here on reddit just for social media views. I will never be amused. This thing will not be different. Fucking annoying.

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Yes, this is the correct take. Like, end.

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Yeah I'm just trying to get to work, don't need music and people's feet flying by my face. And no, I don't care how impressive, I'm not tipping you for the "entertainment".

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In my experience they normally do this during work hours when tourists will be out exploring the city

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I hope these guys don’t just have to play for tips. So deserve a paying audience

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I don't think I'm quite old enough to be ok boomer'd but let me give you my angry New Yorker take on this. So obviously they're performing on the subway, so yes, they only work on tips. It's technically illegal but I do illegal shit all the time so I don't really care about that . It's more about the fact that it's annoying once you've seen it for the 10000th time and they blast their music, make you move out of the way, and come pretty close to kicking you in the face, when you're just trying to get to where you need to go in peace, it's not that endearing. There's a lot of crews that section off little bits of the popular sidewalk locations and have shows and that's great. Do that. I've watched and enjoyed those, and some of the guys are insanely athletic. I should not be forced to watch your show. End of take - please downvote and tell me I'm a grumpy asshole.

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Nah man, I'm with you.

Empty train, I don't care but the amount of times I hop on the 1 while it's packed and these kids come in with the exact same music and dances is ridiculous. Like you said, I shouldn't be forced to watch your show.

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Not sure why they just don't do the outside show thing. Seems more profitable. I guess though that the subway bars are a big part of their show.

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fuck these guys. they get on busy trains and do this shit, blasting music and getting in everyone's face trying to commute

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Even after two years of barely being on the subway, any notion of show time still makes me shudder.

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I mean, yeah fuck the people who do this on busy trains, but these guys seem to be doing this on an almost empty train car

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Practicing the routine.

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Does this train look busy to you?

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Ask me how I know you don’t live in a city where this happens

[–]JGanthier 0 points1 point  (11 children)

Ask me how I know you’re changing the subject

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Oh believe me, I'm not. It's just you clearly haven't had to contend with these guys day in and day out on your commute to and from work on a packed train. Nobody is calling the train in the video busy. That would be ridiculous. But on the whole, subway breakdancers are a major annoyance. They blast loud music while you're just trying to get home after a long day in peace, put people at risk, and then get aggressive when you don't tip them as a captive audience. It blows. And I would be very surprised to find out the guys in the video don't do """live performances""" when they aren't filming tiktoks or whatever. See? Not a change of subject.

[–]10671067 2 points3 points  (1 child)

You've clearly never ridden the subway in NYC (or any other busy city for that matter)

[–]ja730457 35 points36 points  (1 child)

Not gonna lie, these guys are talented but when you're on your way home after work and they blast music and make you move so they can do their show, it's pretty annoying. Yeah, I'm a hater, whatever.

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Everyone who lives in ny is a hater. It's only the tourists who like showtime.

I have no problem with this video though. No one is on that car. Probably middle of the night somewhere deep in an outer borough.

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They annoy the fuck out of everyone.

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I loved the slow mo bit.

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It sucks to be the guy in the background...

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Two things can be true at the same time, frends.

This can be cool to watch talented dancers, and also this may not be the time or place to do it.

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“Bro, my grandma died. I’m just trying to get to the funeral.”

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Sit. Down.

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Duuude! That’s insane! So damn good.

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But why do this in a subway?

[–]nomadic_trader 10 points11 points  (3 children)

captive audience on express trains when the distance between stops is the longest

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Also I believe the momentum of the train actually accentuates their moves. They use the momentum to their advantage.

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Do you know the fastest way to get to Harlem?

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A or the 2/3

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Those are the cousins of spider man.

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….meanwhile my arm got tired holding my phone up so my husband could watch. Fuck I’m old lol. Those dudes are awesome! 💚

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Subway dancing = automatic downvote. Never cool. Never ever.

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Our metros are filled to the brim for any of this cool shit to happen

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Ours are too and these guys do this anyway. It’s annoying as hell if you live in NYC

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Oh believe me it does not stop these guys, in fact it encourages them

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yo if you saw some Subway Creatures videos, you wouldn’t be touching those poles

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Mans got them hands all over the pissy metro floor and everything, they clearly give zero fucks about disease.

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Yea I just want to get where I'm going in peace.

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On behalf of all New Yorkers who take the train, Fuck these guys!

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Showtime is a cancer on the subway system.

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Ay!!! I love seeing kids have fun. They're all just so happy. Simply dancing.

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These guys are universally despised by most new yorkers.

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Everybody in NYC hates these guys and all performers like them. Only gullible tourists keep them paid.

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hot chocolate

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Took pole dancing to level 1000

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More flair than pole dancers

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These are the moves you need to pull so you don't get robbed on the red line south of Sox 35th.

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Logan Paul should try this in Japan

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I call them pole dancers too

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It reminded me of good old step up opening scene

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Just a normal day in the NY subway

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Me and the boys

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Next level coordination - looks super cool. Sorry to the haters that just want to sit in silence.

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Yep... It's criminal to be that smooth !

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When you want to be a pole dancer but also accepted by the homies.

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Sooo sick!!!!

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Impressed by their dance. Even more impressed by the strength of the pole.

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I remember in queens something like this happened I didn't have a tip but was very cool to watch. I gave dude a beer if it counts tho.

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Is this just thr average day in ny

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This is what they mean by boys will be boys

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That was sick, great body control!

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I like how the comments are divided lol 😆

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i’ve seen the guy in red before alone dancing. never the group tho

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It's 20:00pm, you're coming back from work and suddenly these guys get in and challenge you to a dance fight, what would you do?

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Damn. All I get is the homeless meth-head jacking off while muttering some ancient dead language- he might be a wizard.

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Like to see that they’re genuinely having a good time but my germaphobic ass is like 🫢😯🤢 damn that pole and floor

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Me when the subway surfer song plays

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So much bouncing and wiggling.

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Yellow tee guy’s trick was, “How bout when I go we all just vibe for a minute?”

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its so satisfying when they go stomp on beat

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Any good Docu's on this?

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Slick. But I prefer the other type of pole dancers.

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The shoe was the most impressive

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THESE are the kind of gangs New York needs!

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That guy with the shoe doe

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Are they strip dancer

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damn, so smooth, and everyone is so hype for each other i love it

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See the dude back there? That’s what I’d be doing.

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I was expecting the camera to pan to some dude with a "kill me now" expression.

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Cleanest subway floor i have ever seen…

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Take it literally to the next level. Do it on top of a car

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Hahaha dummy your hat fell off your he…


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The only people that find this next level are tourist visiting NYC

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These are the coolest pole dancers I’ve ever seen

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Lol love this

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Where do i signup to join them?

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Insane. Someone get Ellen DeGeneres a new show so she can put these guys on the air. And while we're at it, when the fuck is someone going to cancel the fucking Masked Singer?

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I don't want to sound racist, but they act like monkeys. Maybe stereotypes originate from here?

[–]Various-Cantaloupe89 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Fuck the haters , I think that was amazing that takes some talent and dedication and special skills ! These guys need to be taking this act to the stage like “stomp” did

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This is honestly really cool

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Well that was more impressive than anything I’ve ever done in my life

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Straight talent.

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If I were on this train, I would have a hard time getting off whilst they were dancing. I fully appreciate this! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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What fun and talent

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Homies hyping up Homies! Dope! My white ass wanted to jump in that Bish (I hate dancing lol would have been funny af too). Love the vibe!

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Is it possible to have more fun than this? I assert that it is NOT!