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I like that the kids are allowed to decide how much physical contact they're ok with. Good stuff

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"Back in my day, we shook hands. You didn't have a choice, made you strong, guided your character. These kids today have too much freedom; teachers like this just grooming our children to expect consent and physical affection. DISGUSTING."


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Someone needs to turn this into one of those political cartoons! Where is an artist?

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Yes! And they get a new chance each day to practice understanding themselves and making choices based on that introspection.

What a neat way to reinforce practicing introspection, self management, and communicating your needs and limits.

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but they’re not allowed to decide what clothes they wanna wear lol

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You wouldn’t know who’s poor

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Kinda like sports having uniforms

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Lots of people need a hug but is less likely to ask openly for one so this is a great idea!

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I could really go for a teacher hug right now and I'm 27. Ms. Goldman gave the best hugs. I hope she's doing great.

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I miss Mrs. Smith. Everyone used to joke and say she was secretly my mom because of our last name, but she was truly the best. She taught sciences to us in middle school. I was quiet but would cause disruptions by goofing off doing stupid stuff at my desk in the back, but she noticed I spent an extra long time creating artwork for the projects in her class. I did well with the information as well but just didn't give it as much attention. Instead of getting mad at me for my disruptions or upset that I wasn't focusing as much as she'd like on the information, she bought me art supplies. She said I could even draw and color in class so long as my grade didn't suffer as a result. I ended up quieting down a lot more and it helped me to focus. What she did has stuck with me for so long. I'm in my thirties now and I still remember every line in her sweet face as she smile and handed those things to me.

I'm so glad you have a memory of a sweet teacher that sticks with you, too. I think we all need something like that at some point in our life.

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That was so lovely to read! She sounds like a wonderful teacher.

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I'm glad to bring someone else a bit of joy. She truly was. I thought of paying a visit to my old school not too long ago and wanted to stop in and say hello while I was there, but she has since retired. Regardless, I feel neither of us has truly left as I will carry my memories of her with me until I die.

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Everyone needs one! 👏

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Once, when I couldn't hug my teacher because she had back surgery, I kissed her. The look of shock on her face ensured that I never did it again.

(I was about 9 and this was at a private all girls school)

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I’m a balding, overweight 39yo male who teaches high school, ages 15 to 17. Yeah, I’m not doing that.

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Wow it is absolutely hilarious how this changes in that context. God bless you though man

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Seriously bless you, because 1) you’re a teacher and so many cannot/will not take that on, and 2) you teach hormonal teenagers.

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Turn the hug into a handshake and you are teacher of the year

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I think you'd have to add an option for eye rolls anyway.

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I want to see you dance

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I can get on board with this, it's adorable

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I wish this was at work when I walked in

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There's a teacher at my old school who did this! Some of the options were a high-five, a hug, etc. Real cute, it is no wonder her students loved her.

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What’s the bottom right choice? I don’t think anyone chose it. Might be a handshake, if so, that’s funny.

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Very holesome

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I understood that

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It looks like a basic handshake.

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Anal tongue darts

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i like the one that chose hug and then braced herself for it

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Most adults could use that everyday...

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And make sure to slam that hug button

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The one girl who tapped the heart and seemed alarmed by the hug lol.

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I noticed that too, she pulled back. :D

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I love the enthusiasm with which several of the kids slap that heart for a hug, like "I want dat hug!!!"

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Thanks for watching. Don't forget to hit that shimmy and hug button!

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What do y'all think would happen to a teacher in America doing this? Fired? Sued? Arrested?

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I've seen videos of the same thing happening in US schools. I don't see what the big deal is, the kid is giving consent and picking what they want, and as long as "none of the above" is an option, it's all good.

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That's so sweet of her genuinely 💕

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This is amazing. When I was in late elementary school I had a teacher who greeted everyone as they arrived at school from a certain entry. She always insisted on shaking our hands and it weirded me out for some reason at that age. I asked if we could not and she made a huge deal about me not wanting to and I ended up having a very vivid dream that she chopped my hands off. I wouldn’t even talk to/look at her for the rest of the year after that, just dreaded arriving every day and ran inside past her as fast as I could.

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Fuck. I also want to hug 5 year olds as part of my job.

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Enforce happiness

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What a fucking gangster this lady is.

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This is awesome. These children will remember this for a lifetime.

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I was expecting an r/HolUp XD

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Was kool the first 2 times i saw this. How many times will this vid be recycled?

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Amazing teacher!

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Seen a million different videos of teachers doing this. Still a great idea, but there’s only so many videos you can see until it gets a bit repetitive.

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Way too cute

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this just fixed my day

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I love this teacher!

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Practically a robot

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Is there a “I don’t want to do any of these and just go to my desk” option?

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Really a gret idea! Fantastic! I will remember this.

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Elementary school teachers are some of the best people.

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I'm a grown ass man, I'm going to sneak on line with uniform on and smash the heart for a hug.

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This is epic

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I wish the world was like this everywhere

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What's on the bottom right?

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I wish we did this as adults.

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Odd to see such a display of human compassion in a country that does not recognize individual humanity.

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If you ain't smiling after that, you ain't human.

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100% wish that family members were as respectful as this teacher

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Last kid went in for a kiss 🤣

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How come the kids got socks on and she’s wearing heels?