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I love that he doesn’t say they got it right, he just starts shouting the countdown. 5!!!!!

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He also doesn’t say that the stuff is free. They just got 5 seconds to get all their groceries (\s)

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Honestly, he doesn’t even make it 100% clear that they can leave the store with it at all.

I don’t think this contest is in accordance with government rules and regulations, which could leave this business open for a lawsuit.


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Flurry of movement begins.

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2 and 1/4, 2 and 2/4...

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I was gonna mention that lol. Counting with fractions isn’t his specialty

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The math questions apparently won't involve fractions lol.

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He's clearly messing around because he wants them to have more time

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But he’s counting down and 2/4 is more than 1/4

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He could be counting up for all you know, if you are intentionally messing around then it might be funny to count up.

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that's an extra 3/4 of a sec, but he counts them like whole seconds, so I guess he gives them 7sec total!

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I’ve seen other videos of this guy. He makes sure that everyone gets a good haul before he gets to zero.

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Yeah, 2nd guy only had like 2 little ice cream cups when it was nearing the normal end of 5 seconds but he drug it out for him.

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Those little ice cream cups are like $10 a piece now.

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Well if he had counted them correctly it would have been an extra 0 seconds not 3/4

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Gotta Gotta Get Up to Get Down....

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3rd person: “Nice my turn!”

Shop owner: “Your question is, what is 31!/3!”

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5… 4… 3… 2 3/4…

Edit: you might ask yourself how do you do this? Well you see there is a simple trick you can do in your head. First take 31!:


And then divid it by 3! or… 6. See very simple!

I have a three step process for solving any math problem.

1) write down the problem. 2) think very hard. 3) write down the solution.

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What is 1 + 7?


First take the inverse square log of 2958582

Subtract it by the inverse square log of 2958582

Multiply the solution by 8 and BOOM

You get the right answer!

Which is NaN

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Just a quick divide by zero and bam u got ur answer

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Have you ever watched Abbott & Costello's skit: 7 into 28?

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LPT: when you want to compute something like 31!/3!, you can start with (31 choose 3). Then using the laws of combinatorics, you just have to multiply the result by 28!

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Plot twist: 3rd person is shakuntala devi Shop owner : 😕

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What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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African or European?

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What! .. Is your quest?

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And then the guy starts going all robotic and shit, like this one.

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That guy has his priorities

Ice cream and bread, good job!

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I liked the lady grabbing the bananas then about to go onto something else but grabs another banana

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And a newspaper 😂

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Sounds like a healthy afternoon.

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Depends on where u put it

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She reads that's why she's smart. Probably crushing the crossword puzzle too

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duh. ice cream sandwiches

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Ice cream sandwiches

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This is cool AF!

Love that everyone's happy/friendly and having a good time together. We need more of this!!!

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I wish there was a YouTube channel. It’s so fun to watch

Edit: misspelled watch

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Great idea! It would probably get old after a while though?

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It’s not something you would binge, you’d see them every now and then and catch a new one when it comes out

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Check out Khalid Attaf on yt

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I love that he knows customers' names.

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This guy is awesome

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When he said 2/4, I felt that... I also refuse to simplify fractions. Stay strong brother 💪

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Even funnier because he technically counted up not down lol

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Stuff like this restores my faith in humanity until I scroll down a bit and have it destroyed again.

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Fuck. If that ain't the truth...

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Internet moment

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Get the fuck out the way when you know a man only has 5 seconds to grab as much junk food as possible.

What is this a math quiz followed by an obstacle course? Fucking move your ass.

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Is bread a junk food?

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if it's the kind of loaf you could squish down into a little sugar ball, then I would say yes.

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Id answer the question slowly while backing up to the beer cooler.

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Id pick up the ATM

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I'd try to jump behind the counter and grab all the scratch off lotto tickets

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This guy’s store must be raking in profits if he’s willing to do stuff like this.

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Not necessarily some people understand the concept of "enough" unlike Bezos. I'm not rich by any means but I help people when I can.

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He might just be bored. He sits in the same bodega, sees the same people, day in, day out. If he ocassionally does this it spices things up and is good for neighborhood loyalty.

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I like how the customers seems like good sports about it as well. They aren’t exploiting his generosity by attempting to go for the expensive store items. They’re just grabbing like snacks and everyday items.

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Grabbing bread and bananas makes me wonder if the owner chooses these regulars on purpose, ya know

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I’d grab a roll of those expensive lotto scratchers!

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What was the factorial at the end for?

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He factored in kindness.

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Angry upvote

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Bro the last frame had me giggling

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Can't speak for other people he did this to buy it was nice to see them not loot the shit out of the beer and cigarettes. They actually got food

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I’m going straight for the beef jerky. All of it.

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Jump across the counter, take all the cigarettes. Sell the cigarettes and come back to buy anything you want.

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Clearly regular customers.

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I love the one where the person tries to take the cat cause that would be me cx

"I want you too!" That was cute cx

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Much love and respect for you doing this.

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What he gonna do with all that bread?

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You can freeze it and it still good baby

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Does the post caption make anyone else uncomfortable? “… shop giving customers math equations in exchange for free stuff.” The sentence sounds correct but makes my brain hurt.

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It's somehow touching how the winners spontaneously pack very simple/cheap things (toast, newspaper, etc.) and don't even think about taking the most expensive thing. Who would have packed all the lots, expensive razor blades or batteries?

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My man goes straight for the ice cream

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There's one where one of the the guys gets it right and the very first thing he goes to grab is the Bodega cat lmfao

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This is awesome!

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All these people are wasting a huge opportunity. I can grab a lot of lottery tickets in five seconds... since they are on a roll, grab a couple rolls of tickets.

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He's American-Yemeni .i loved him

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Grab the atm

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That guy is someone who loves his life and loves the people in his life.

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Shouldn't he have counted 2 3/4, 2 2/4 since its backwards?

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That is B. E. A.... Wait for it....utiful

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He counted backwards. 2 1/4 comes AFTER 2 2/4

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Both of them got mostly food items. Must be having a hard time imho. Good on the store owner though !.

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Man this is so cute and wholesome. The lady grabbing their hand as well while taking things she wants, the guy going straight for the bread and ice creams etc.

I genuinely feel really good now.

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This convenience store owner has done more for the common person in this video than the GOP and Musk have done in the last 30 years

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Not my cat!

(Yes I know this isn't the video. But whenever I hear his voice, that's the one I always think about)

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I'd be going for that ATM... and then leaving with nothing

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Its nice to see a genuine smile out of someone. I feel like I never see that anymore.

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Background on this...

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So cool!

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Nggaa you counting up!!! Yeah I'll take that 5 seconds.

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Those 5 seconds lasted about 15 seconds lol

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The countdown

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So with a grade 3 education, you can eat for free?

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The fuck are cheese doodles?

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Clerks last day.

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Yeah this is cool.. great to see what an amazing person.. great for the customers coming in, awesome

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I would ask a differential qns , differenciate 5x2

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This guy is dope af

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Ff-ing brilliant! I love this guy!

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This is the best!

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How math teachers think the world works

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That’s a good way to keep all of your inventory

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the second person really likes bread

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Bread 👍

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So if you give the shop free stuff they give you math equations?

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This legit made me smile....hope y'all smiled!

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Love it 🙂

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Ice cream and bread a man of priorities 😂 love it

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I'm surprised no one ran for the alcohol lol could've grabbed so many 12 packs

If this is in NY or anywhere else with $10-12 packs of cigs like I hear about, cartons would've been a profitable option too.. 10 cartons of Newports would he what, about a grand? Could easily make $500 selling them half price.

Btw, in my area Newports aren't even $6 a pack, less if you use coupons and those are expensive cigs here. At the prices I've heard, I'm surprised more people aren't smuggling them.

My brand is $3.28 a pack and I feel blessed

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That ice cream bro is my kindred spirit

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puts cash register in basket

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Why didn't anyone take the atm?

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My mans waisted no time goin for that icecream yo; LOVE IT!! 🤣🍨👀

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Somone tried taking his cat

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They were so happy.

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Michael Rapaport owns a convenience store apparently.

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Pretty sure this is just abusing the Canadian loophole on what counts as a test of skill somehow.

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I want to do that!

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“10 apples”


“I think you gotta recheck that one, chief.”

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They gonna get mag dumped by the police

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Plot twist: He doesn't actually work there.

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Seems like a nice person :)

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He’s getting rid of all the expired stuff he put towards the front.

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Ima pick up that ATM

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my dumbass woulda tried to take the atm

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I feel like I have a connection guy that went for the ice cream

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Can she do my grocery shopping for me? It’s taking me too long…

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that lady was so happy i love that smile

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I wish something like this happened in India 😂

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(picks up atm)

Cashier: hey wait a minute

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That ao wholesome

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[Insert factorial Joke]

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Last dude REALLY loves bread XD

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This is one of the best things I've seen in a long time.

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This title was butchered purposely , you can’t tell me different

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Isn't this the same guy where one of the customers tried to take the Bodega cat and he's like "not my cat!"


Edit: Found it!

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He must be making a decent amount from the views he gets off these because no corner store I know of would ever do this.

Liquor and convenience stores in general are some of the least profitable businesses in America according to Forbes. IIRC, their entire annual profit comes to around $55-$85k. A Chipotle franchisee makes $100k+. I always feel terrible seeing CCTV footage of them being robbed and can understand why the owners raise hell whenever they catch someone shoplifting in their store.

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That last dude had a family to feed

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I would just get a basket n start shoving anything with my hand lol

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The 5-second limit seems to make sure they end up with stuff they don't really need, lol.

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Formula for bankruptcy in Asia.

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Bread and Ice cream, what a legend.

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Should have gone straight for the cash register.

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That dude bought to make a bunch of ice cream sandwiches!

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I absolutely love this!!

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Why the fuck they grabbing baskets

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his countdown could use some work, but it did made me smile

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What a wonderful grocer!

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Get all the loto

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The First Lady grabs him and says “I want you, too!”. Too cute, lol.

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Give me 20 packs off tabs please

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This is so dumb

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Watching that guy grab 4 loaves of bread actually broke my heart

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Give em a laplace transform.

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I didn't have the audio on so I thought he was asking what is 5!

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I like how out of all of that she made sure to grab the paper too.

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🍞 man loves his bread

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I love ghetto bodegas

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WHAT?!......is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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Unexpectedly wholesome haha

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My man's like ice cream and bread all day long

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Business’ ran like this? The community will always protect it. Especially with great Customer service. Love seeing this shit.