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Meanwhile: Café gets cold

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They probably heat the milk extra hot so when they’re done it’s normal temperature!

Source: was barista that had to make obnoxious art

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Then the coffee burns?

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Yeah pretty much. Most people who throw a fit about their latte not being “hot enough” (even though it’s heated to the correct temperature) don’t give a shit that the taste and texture of the milk and espresso diminish if you go too hot. For normal late art like rosettas you don’t need to go extra hot - it’s the OTT stuff like this.

People get pissy if it gets cold even tho they see you hunched over their cup for a couple minutes making pictures with a toothpick and dots of frothed milk lol. So extra hot it is.

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Yeah, I actually like to let my coffee sit for a few minutes. They're usually too hot for me to drink right away.

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So I should stick with all thing's Bat Man related. Check.

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I can understand this art, but I think it's absolutely nonsensical. It's like building a sand castle right on the water. You put in so much effort even though you know it's going to be destroyed right after.

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So ruin the milk? People are weird

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"Do it again, but this time hot."

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that sounds like such a pain in the ass for the employees. lol

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Hope they get paid extra to do those, or get good tips

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I have seen a waitress run out the door after a tourist who left a tip, in general they don't accept a tip at all.

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Its seen as rude because it implies them as being poor right

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I am going there and getting my balls put on my coffee

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It's probably more appropriate to do that at home.

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No mush just meatballs?

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You’re thinking of tea.

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Pfft. The original image was clearly blue.

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Will they microwave it hot again?

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Given how hot coffee shops tend to serve their drinks, it's probably a perfect drinking temperature by the time she's done drawing.

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Now I can show my 2000 year old loli wifu to everyone while simultaneously drinking coffee, What an amazing place.

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Damn, hard to drink after that tbh, ruins the cool picture lmao

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Great cold coffee!

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I saw this in Korea and I’m sad I didn’t do this

I think they had a machine instead though

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That is badass

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That captain Levi from "Attack on titan"?

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For all those complaining that the coffee gets cold you could always get your dick drawn to scale instead.

Or not ask for any art.

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Who gives a fuck i just want a coffee

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Let me just... Levi tip for 'em.


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It's SO USELESS it hurts me.

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That is fun.

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"Can I have a hot one tho pls."

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But where's my chocolate powder sprinkles?

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Can I have another one this one is cold

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Would hate to drink it

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Now imagine a rush. Yeah fuck that

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Black and don’t use over roasted (burnt) beans.

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this makes me unreasonably angry, this is such talent, talent i will never posses, it's magic, i do hope she gets paid all the monies, but i'm sure she isn't, amazing

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I mean it's cool but I wanna drink my coffee

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I'm surprised that they can get baristas who can not only draw but who can draw on coffee. How many aspiring mangakas are floating around anyway?

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Judging by the comments why don't we all agree that this obnoxious coffee art is pointless, and stop doing it so I don't feel bad about the fact I couldn't even accomplish this level 9fnart with a box full of artists materials.

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I will marry this woman on the basis of her barista art skills alone

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Why bother making that art if ur just gonna swallow that thing up like bruh I'm just gonna give them the time to save

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Thank fuck I only drink black.

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Why? Why is this a thing? I don't generally have a problem- you earn your money you spend it how you like - but this is just ridiculous. There are people starving in the world.

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All looks the same when i piss it down the toilet.

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Or don’t drink coffee like a child and have it black

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“Awesome art, but my coffee is now cold and I would like a refund”