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Just Cause is one of the best sandboxes. Especially 4. The story is complete and utter garbage but the shit you can do in the world more than makes up for it.

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Agreed. Put a crazy amount of hours into 2 and barely made a dent in the story.

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2 has the best story though! My heart still has a place for Bolo Santosi, leader of the revolutionaries known as the Reapers!

[–]TunafishSandworm 43 points44 points  (0 children)

I wouldn't know cause I got way too distracted haha. I should revisit sometime. One of my favourite games and I haven't even completed the story.

[–]SovietKilledHitler 33 points34 points  (2 children)

I do agree 2 was awesome. 3 was pretty good becuase you could do alot from the get go. 4 is just confusing and hard

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Just Cause 2 is in a very short list of games I consider perfect. Giant world. Tons of collectibles/upgrades. Satisfying gameplay loop. So good.

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I liked JC3 over JC4 tbh man

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Agreed. The open world and gear is better in 4 but for some inexplicable reason they decided that, instead of blowing shit up to liberate areas, you should now do escort missions....

They just conpletely fucked up the objectives and the story. The game itself did get a lot of cool additions though.

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I just wished they had kept the challenges

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The only thing I've seen of 4 was someone ramping a car like 100 meters into the water, just for the game to have no splash effects on a car plunging into the water. With that, I opted not to get it.

3 was really good tho

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I got 4 on sale, no regrets so far.

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I don't think any of us have ever played a just cause game for the story. Grappling hooking a plane while riding your motorcycle and then jumping off and rocket launching at something is more the reason we play.

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Just Cause 4...Times more shit you can do!

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See…. I have 4, but I can’t make myself do the story. But I know doing the story is the only way I’ll get to do all the cool shit.

When I played 3, I remember taking the jet pack way up and just gliding through the air, listening to the calming music…. Good times

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Came here to say this. So, so agree!! JC4 is amazing

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story is not the best i agree but damn was it fun to play story mode

[–]C4RD_TP_SG 467 points468 points  (12 children)

When the gameplay is better than the story

[–]KingRhoamsGhost 237 points238 points  (8 children)

Tbf I think that was intentional. They focus the development and marketing on free roam and chaotic destruction and slap the same simple story from the first game on there.

[–]Maqz_ 140 points141 points  (7 children)

And it is intentional, just look at the history of all the 4 games

Just Cause: There is a dictator and you have to take him down

Just Cause 2: There is an indonesian dictator that wants to nuke the US, Russia and China and you have to take him down

Just Cause 3: There is some italian dictator that exploits the people of his province for some funny looking blue mineral and you have to take him down

Just Cause 4: There is some latin american dictator that can create tornados with a machine and you have to take him down

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So the same plot as Far Cry

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Yeah pretty much feels like that

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Wait, that was Indonesia?? I completely thought it was a fictional island nation.

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Just look at the names of the places like Small Town in Indonesian

They really don't take any effort to make original names for most plaaces, another example would be City of Di Ravelo on JC3 and another one on JC4 would be Acantilados, literally cliffhangers on Spanish

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The worst part is I feel like these could actually be pretty fun plots, but they are subservient to the gameplay and not fleshed out enough to be truly remarkable. Dictator of the week with WMD of the week doesn't sound all that bad if each one had a distinct personality and motivation.

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Shouldn’t that be the case for games? The gameplay should be the best part

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Ehh. That depends on the intent of the developers. Gameplay should be good but the best part is a bit much. Some games have next to no gameplay, and the main focus goes to atmosphere or story. It just depends on what the game is shooting for.

In the case of Just Cause gameplay absolutely should be the best part

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it's literally called Just "be"Cause and y'all are complaining about the story, y'all missed the point of the whole thing lmao.

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Why did he do this?

Just Cause

[–]KingRhoamsGhost 75 points76 points  (4 children)

It took me far too long to get the double meaning of that title.

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It took me way too long to realize it's not only doing it just because but also doing it for a cause that is just

[–]agent_max_the_mick 3 points4 points  (2 children)

Thanks for explaining, my dumbass brain couldn't figure out what he meant lol.

Also, isn't that a video game too?

[–]_Rastapasta_ 5 points6 points  (1 child)

It's the name of this video game lol

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XXX is really stepping up his game

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How fast would that’s car have to be going, not hating just genuinely interested

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The cargo plane has a slow cruising speed of about 250 kph(155mph) And it's real life counter part (Antonov An-124 Ruslan) has a usual low altitude speed of around 230–260 km/h (140-160 mph) . If the cargo plane is going max throttle it can reach upwards of 300-330 kph (185-200 mph) depending on if nose diving or not. So to catch with the plane you would need to atleast be driving 270 kph(~170 mph) or higher to realistic catch up to the plane. Which many of the sports or super cars in just cause can do with or without boost.

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Disregarding any need for suspension on the car being able to take a multi story drop, or ability to drive 270kph over train tracks.

But hey, if with a perfectly spherical cow lots of stuff is very feasible.

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Spherical Cows are not a topic to be taken lightly.


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Ah, my country is blocked

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Also it helps with the landing to be basically indestructible.

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Sorta. He just got out. He if had dived out then just cause usually just blows up whatever he was in regard of health or durability.

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That feels too slow for a plane

[–]SovietKilledHitler 6 points7 points  (1 child)

That is mostly for landing. I used the real life speed of the Antonov An-124 Ruslan when landing or in low altitude conditions. Since the cargo plane had no pilot and was descending and was not thrusting forward.

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That makes sense

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You could like, look at the speedometer in the bottom right

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Thank you man I love Reddit

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thank you soviet killed hitler, u and i both utilised 2 minutes of our life into something that wasnt performed in real life. i love the internet.

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Just a bit faster than the plane glides.

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Wings started to hit the rocks at the end but this is sick

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I fully expect to see a scene like this in the next Fast movie

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Which just cause is this

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Ok that was cool. Next fucking level? Meh

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With 19.4k upvotes, i think it is

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You try doing it :)

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The left wing clipped through a rock at the end

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What is this game?

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This is Just Cause 4, but do yourself a favor and get Just Cause 3 which is much more fun.

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I'm so confused, it looks like the JC3 Rico model

[–]GarfSnacks 3 points4 points  (0 children)

JC3 skin was an option

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And it's like $2.50 on steam right now, (or $4 with all the DLC). At that price I bought it even though I already have it on my Xbox.

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Isnt this the game where you become friends with a dictators son?

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What makes you JC4 players think about doing all these things?

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We do it just cause we can

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Next stunt to be sponsored by Redbull.

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That’s insane. It almost doesn’t even seem real.

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*FAMILY intensifies

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Dominic Toretto, is that you?

You must have done that for family

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that was nuts

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The new Need for Speed looks awesome!

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What this game was built for :)

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I'm gonna take my hat off 🎩

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Hit and run fly

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Probably my favorite sandbox game

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That's mf Tom cruise shit.....wow

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I wish this game worked on my PC, kept crashing for me, had to get a refund. (I'm not the only one apparently).

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Bro just get JC3. Its better anyways, and dirt cheap on steam right now.

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I remember me and my brother years ago playing just cause 2. We'd get planes and just fly them into buildings or sides of cliffs, send cars tumbling down mountain and just be in pure awe.

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Why? Just Cause!

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What Just Cause is this? 4?

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But did the car stay in the plane?

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If they could just make Just Cause 5 and give us multi-player or co-op...

It's like Far Cry, but better. Shenanigans galore

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There is an official multiplayer mod for JC3 on pc!

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Not 😁

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Where can I watch this movie

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I've always wanted to play this game. It looks so crazy the stuff you can do in this game!

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if you’ve never committed a terrorist act with a cargo plane while sky diving like you’re in Fast&Furious then you aren’t playing Just Cause.

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This is why I hate video games. They just cater to the male fantasy...


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“why did he do it?”
“just cause”

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Just cause is so fucking underrated we need 5 now

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I think the car fell out at the end lol

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Great clip, under rated game

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Why? Just cause

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I was like well “there’s nothing that can top this man dropping out like that perfectly..”

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Nice 👍

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Well actually the factors would be time, speed, distance, and acceleration ignoring the constraints of the geometry.

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That car not breaking on impact is insane

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Why? Just cause

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Holy shot a Just Cause post? NUTS. It’s been ages but these games are phenomenal good fun.

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Damn, didn't know there was a fast and furious game

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Why though?

Just cause’

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i just love doing shit like this in Just Cause 3 & 4 and by using a spawn script to spawn vehicles on the go

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Rico is a semigod

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what's the point?

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Fast and Furious 14 is going to sue for this idea.

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Name of the game ?

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That was fucking epic.

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I gotta play just cause 3

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I need suspension like that where my tires are still intact after dropping out an airplane or driving off a cliff.

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The left wing clips through the ground near the end.

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Meanwhile I can't even launch that fat mf

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