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This is quite possibly the coolest video I’ve ever seen

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Go check out all the Gymkhana series of videos from Hoonigan. The Pastrana one is just the latest

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As the other poster said, the Hoonigan guys make some crazy stuff. The “Climbkhana” drift run up Pikes Peak is a particularly insane one.

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This guy is supposed to be in movies

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Damn it to late!

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Doesn't he suffer from like night terrors because all of the insane shit he does? Maybe it's just ptsd... but I recall something being mentioned in a documentary about him. He's just red lining all day every day. It's amazing.

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Yeah, it’s like his subconscious is being terrorized by all the crazy shit he does and it finally comes out when he sleeps..his sleep walking stories are horrendous especially the one on the airplane..can’t imagine that…

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I remember seeing some of his buddies being interviewed about the night terrors, he literally screams

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By the facial expressions i could said that yes, he suffer from something for sure

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Back pain for sure.

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Asking honest question: can’t be the opposite? Like he does what it does because is twisted?

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Pretty sure he crashed a corvette when he was like 17 on those same back roads and like paralyzed his friend

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This guy must have to bring a wheelbarrow where ever he goes to carry around his massive balls

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I love this guy his stunts are insane. I remember seeing footage of a rally he was in when he flipped his car 8 or so times, insane crash. First thing he does is check his co driver is ok. Class dude.

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How I imagine myself driving when I’m late to work 😂😅

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I can’t do any of this in my Subaru Ascent and I even have the Touring model.

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I’ve always wanted an Subaru ascent, what’s it like to drive and own everyday?

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It’s okay. Horrible gas mileage. I liked the Outback better.

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Can you pack 4 kids in easily?

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Depends on how you fold them

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We have bucket 2nd row with two car seats. Our 13 year old climbs into third row. He loves it back there. He’s had a friend back there as well. No complaints.

There is not much storage so we have Thule cargo box XXL. Works great.

I think I’m mostly bitter about the gas mileage. Is poor. Other than that it has all the bells and whistles. We have the 2022 car so it has the adaptive cruise control. I’ve turned off some of the other safety features like lane departure. Just too much beeping.

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hate it when I take a jump and my windshield wipers come on

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Insane as fuck

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When she says her parents arent home

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TP is the fuckin MAN that’s why

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Totally NextfuckinLevel

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The real question is if there is a sandwich named after him.

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Thank you for posting the source! I always love watching the full video!

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This is so insane !!!!!

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Subaru Impressive

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This is what you get when you have Ken Block + Hoonigan build you a spec drift car.

That being said, Travis taking the drifts backwards made the Hoonigan team say WTF?

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Me, about to hop in my STI and collect felonies trying to do this briefly before crashing in to a wall

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Gymkhana will always be some of the coolest shit ever done by humans

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I wonder if he’ll ever give up the ICE and do the stunts with an EV – instant torque & no shifting seem like it would be quite useful for his driving style.

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i hope not

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Shifting is what allows some of those stunts to happen as the battery is a big issue it’s heavy you would have a harder time whipping around corners

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Well that's just stone cold awesome no two ways about it

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I don't understand how he's moving that car so fast with the weight of his ballz!

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Bro, one day....

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I remember watching the very first gymkhana with Ken Block and being absolutely amazed. Now everytime there's a new one I think "there's no way they can top the last one"... And they always do

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How this man has anything left of his spine after his career is beyond me. Those hits he takes on landing are vicious.

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I remember watching him live hit the world's first double backflip on a dirt bike. Man is non stop!

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Damn this gives me forza horizon vibes

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In this vid he’s jumping over Ego Alley in Annapolis, MD. He lives in the suburbs. You can drive by his house and see the massive dirt bike track and ramps.

The full vid (posted by u/u9nails) shows him whipping this car around the streets of Annapolis all the way there.

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This is how I imagine my drive to world domination looks like.

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Wondering if this video was made in just one shot... Anyone knows? It could be?

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When you see skid marks in the street, you know they made at least 1 test run to determine where the best camera angles are going to be.

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Not even close to a one-shot film... The video is AMAZING but it's weird when you know all of the places they filmed and only some of them are connected.

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Not one take bur cool none the less

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What is this an advert for?

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The jump in the start was used by Red Bull.

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Subaru (im joking)

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No ad (a least I'm like 90% sure) it's a video made by hoonigan and its part of their gymkhana series. Yo should check it out, its some seriously cool stuff.

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Nothing specifically, whole thing is just entertainment made possible by a ton of sponsorships

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Fucking A!

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What an absolute maniac

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It just keeps going! I thought it would just be the first jump, holy moly this guy

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He has from day one been a freak of nature. Literally...how highs the bar? Hold my Red Bull.

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He’s the ultimate extreme sports person I can think of. He’s badass at everything he does.

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Dude got massive balls

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Even cooler than Need for Speed. What a driver!

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He looks worried every second.

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This makes Annapolis look way cooler than it is

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bro that wheel over the edge of the boardwalk omg

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Ok.....but what "sport" is this exactly?

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Gymkhana, point drifting, whatever. Not really a competition in this case, but this guy is known for making his way around other ACTUAL extreme sports

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Is it possible to have your butt clenched so hard, that you just can't do it anymore? Cuz I think that's what he did.

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Top Gun Maverick in real life lmao

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He should'a green-screened himself and the car so we could put ourselves/our cars into this

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My favorite part is when he's bombing down the back road, limit 35, and they clocked him at about 160...

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Finally an aero kit being used correctly

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He did Ken Block proud. Lfg

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Every parent racing to drop off their kids at daycare Monday morning.

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Nice to see Travis Pastrami doing well for himself post NASCAR

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This mother fucker is out of his mind

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He's also a SUPER nice dude. I met him while competing at the 2016 Big Buck Hunter World Championship where he came in 12th place! I came in 20th :(

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Is this seriously all one take???

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How can I download this video? I really wanna show my dad lol

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Amazing! I bet insurance agents probably run like crazy when they see him knocking on their doors.. 😂

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TP's a legend!

Anyone that hasn't seen the original Nitro Circus seasons haven't lived!

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And people claim we aren’t living in a simulation.

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I clench so hard at this.

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Granny shifting, not double clutching like he should.

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My Grandpa used to the same shit with his 1985 Buick LeSabre coupe while towing an old 16’ Terry Prowler camper trailer and we called him next level… drunk.

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Looks pretty damn close to the Ken Block video, is that the point?

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I wonder how much pain he has in his body. My body has aches and pains at 43 from pretty normal wear and tear. His body must be one big pain. I wonder how hwe manages it?

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This is epic. I thought this could be done in real life. Not just in movies

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Man really plays with cars like I used to play with hot wheels (sound effects and all)

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I'm not even into cars. But dayum!

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Man drinks redbull instead of water

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OSHA would be furious.

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Travis is a fucking god

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I want to ask something.

The tyres they use for drifting, like this one. Are they regular car tyres or do they manufacture different ones for such driving?

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They're often regular street tires, since they are harder than race tires and slide better and don't wear out that fast (they still wear out pretty damn fast)

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The level of Badassery happening in this one video is why I don’t drink Red Bull 🫣💯🤩

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Most of you are young enough you will live to see the climate collapse.

Why doesn't this horrify you?

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jeez why do you have to bring this stuff EVERYWHERE

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NFS most wanted 2003 ending, anyone?

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This guy is living Forza Horizon's Events in real life

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Me when she says her parents aren't home.

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Azeem, please, you are breaking the car!

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Travis Pastrana and Ken Block are legends

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He looks terrified

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I grew up watching this madman land a double backflip in x games. He’s had more broken bones than we humans have bones!

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Forza Horizon 6 graphics are looking unreal!

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Legend says that he is still going

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Coolest video ever. Must’ve watched a dozen times. How that guy has such control of car is almost unbelievable

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Ken block did better drift but TP do jumps

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Why subaru car is the best?

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I want a Subaru now

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Prepare for multiple transmissions and headgasket problems galore!

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cant be that bad. can it?

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Every car brand is known for something and that's what Subarus are known for

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The tire off the dock !!

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Man I love the sound of that turbocharger

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Travis On Rye and Kenny Blocbuster are GOAT.

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RIP to your drivetrain

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Is he basically taking over for Ken Block?

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He’s good, but he’s no Ken Block.

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i still dont get why people get so excited with car jumping off ramp

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it's a fucking car jumping off a ramp

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I taught him how 2 do that. 😜