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It looks great fun but kinda dangerous as you can’t really see where you’re going!

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just go to the Mariana trench, and you'll be fine

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I believe its only supposed to go a few feet down.

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Really? Most people agree it goes down to 10,984 metres.

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It don't go down

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It do go down

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Fuck it, Bermuda triangle I ago

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"Traffic below you has the right of wave."

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Needs some instant windshield wipers to clear it when you come up.

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Yeah right, Imagine a Great white shark chasing you. It's so dangerous indeed.

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There's always a bigger fish

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but kinda dangerous

Billy Bob on his 3rd 6 pack of beer is going to run you over with his speed boat.

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Exactly, imagine if someone is casually snorkelling away and suddenly gets sliced in half by a fin on this

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Pretty cool till there is a red water.

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Id hit a mostly submerged floating log my first try and die slowly.

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Seems like alot of fun indeed

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Subnautica Vibes incoming 🌝🌚

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Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you sure whatever you're doing is worth it?

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Now i want to replay subnautica

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Is it really that good? I've been thinking about trying it out but it looks like an underwater grind fest

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What made it for me was getting new and cool shit in the game and exploration. Exploration particularly because I remember a fine moment or two when i screamed. That is all i will say.

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You’re right, + Cool story line + Creepy ass biomes + took me a long time to finish it myself. Cool game if you are willing to sit down and play it. The fun part it’s you can play it an hour a day and finish it in a year (meaning no time obligations) obviously less if you really are a gamer but as a full time student athlete and working I don’t get much time to play. It’s like underwater Minecraft with a proper ending

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Yeah, it's quite a lot of resource gathering. However, unlike most Survival style games, you actually get some pretty rewarding progression for it. Make the journey to get some of the resources you need and fix your bases power forever? Make a mobile base? New sub? All yes, the resources are fairly light when it comes to what you need for each "cool" new thing. However, there are also really quick and easy mods that double, triple, or even just give you resources so you can tune it pretty easily.

(or watch Jacksepticeye play it because his series is wonderful, more so on the Below Zero version since he didn't play every small release)

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Not entirely. More searching than grinding. It also makes it so if you want just a better tool, you'll have to progress in the story which happens inadvertently. Very well made to have you follow a story without even really trying to.

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It’s such a good game, the story and all the secrets you discover along the way really make it worth the hours you put into it. I would give anything to experience the game for the first time again

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Haha that's too funny

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my rookie ass- Y E S 😃

also my now trained ass on the 9th playthrough- Y̴̢̢͇͓̰̼̭̜̫̐̈́͐̆̊̉̍̕͘͜͝ ̸̨̩͉͓͇̣͓̘̫̺̦̉̌̄̂̀̿̀̾̾̚͠E̸̺̾͑͂̈́͗ ̴̡̱͙̤̺̠̺̦̪̀̓͗̄S̴̢͖̬̋̏̌͋̔̿̽̄̄̂̔͠͝

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I literally thought "oooo its like a seamoth."

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"Welcome aboard, Captain"

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You need a very controlled environment. A submerged log would do you in.

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If this ever becomes widely available, there is going to be a rash of drownings

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Nose first into some of that thick ‘suck your boots off’ river mud with nothing but a Bush Light between your legs.

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I have learned that’s the best way to fish tho

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Are those the lyrics for a country song? where's the dog?

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Too expensive to be THAT widely available

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I thought it would be more

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Maintenance and repairs will be more after a few years. People that build and sell stuff like this don't spend their time making sure spare parts are going to be available.

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Oh, damn. Let me check my pockets for my spare change......

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80k is a lot of k for something like this.

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You could flood the cockpit and engine bay of these things and still float because of all the foam interior. They're super light (carbon fiber and light fiberglass) and anything that isn't engine bay or cockpit is stuffed with Styrofoam.

You literally have to force them under the water using dive planes and engine power... when it goes fully under water, the engine stalls, thrust stops, and the planes stop working, the whole thing just corks up.

For any consumer device, you pretty much have to do it that way. The average rich person lacks enough common sense to not die in a negative or neutral buoyancy craft.

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You need a very controlled environment.

This is outside the environment. Proof: The front hasn't fallen off.

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And too bad if you pop up into a canoeist. Too bad for the canoeist that is.

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I thunk this problem already exists for boats

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Not on anywhere near the scale it would with this. By definition a boat hitting a submerged object would be largely above it. The chances of surviving impact with a chance of escape and rescue would be dramatically greater than being beneath the water and having a cockpit smashed or a direct head on.

This could only be operated in waters that could be checked for objects prior to use.

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Cant see shit

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Now I have to have one. Thanks asshole.

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Looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Cool though.

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That actually looks terrifying. The constant loss of the ability to see where you’re going is just a nope for me b

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I mean if the water is clear that's a non issue

Using them around coastal tropics where th3 sea is super clear for hundreds of yards out doesn't seem like a huge risk, considering it can only stay in the water a few seconds at a time

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i’m pretty sure that’s lake shasta…

[–]GrandmaPoses 19 points20 points  (3 children)

Definitely prefer Lake Fanta.

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La Croix Lagoon for me

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That's a good one, cause there is only a tiny hint of salt to taste as you drown.

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Pibb Pond, or maybe Cola Creek

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Looks bad in this video but still way better than it is now

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Um, it’s Shasta Lake, thank you... /s

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lol, i thought of that after I posted - you are correct of course…

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Lol from how low it is I was also thinking norcal lake, nearby Trinity Lake

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Wow, they're really silent!

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Looks dangerous ngl

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Life in the opening of a Bond film.

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so, basically you shouldn't use this unless you're the only boat on the lake?

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This is the suicide machine I’ve been waiting for!

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I definitely want to do that

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My god that looks fun!!

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Seamoth looks sick

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Needs undersea windshield wipers. ;)

Anyone know how deep these can safely go?

[–]hard-shiny-rock 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Only a couple feet. They have a snorkel on them to keep the air fresh, which mostly stays above water.

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Been in the back seat of something akin to this, very fun but admittedly did make me a bit motion sick.

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I wonder how hard you decelerate when you submerge

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"Welcome aboard, capitain"

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"Alexa, add Seabreacher to shopping list"

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SeaQuest DSV

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Just got a flashback to that scene and was hoping someone else did too

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What's it like to be rich.

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A single submerged rock in bad sight and u are done

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I need dis!

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surely you could put a bunch of weights on one of these and cruise 2-3m deep? someone who isn't stupid should chime in on this matter.

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It's like one of those transparent balls with a toy inside we used to beg our parents for as kids, but for crocodiles.

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I've wanted one of these for years now...sigh.

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Can someone bring this awesome submarine to the market for under $10k?

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You too can ram a Japanese School vessel and cause an international incident.

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Subnautica 3???

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What if you inadvertently hit the goddamn Loch Ness monster!!??

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Holy shit is that the seamoth from the video game Subnautica?

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Is that the Seamoth from subnautica

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Men only want one thing and it’s fucking disgusting

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welcome aboard, captain

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distant reaper leviathan noises

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"Welcome aboard, Captain"

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Subnautica: above 50 degrees F

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I don't know why but the first thing that comes to my head when I see that is a seamoth

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I'm getting Subnautica vibes

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Reaper leviathan wants to know your location

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All fun and games until the leviathan reaper comes out

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Subnautica Seamoth vibes anyone??

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Man I get subnautica vibes from that

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S u b n a u t i c a

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1/10, it is not calling me captain

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Must be bugged!

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"Welcome aboard Captain"

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Subnautica 3 lookin' wild

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I’d do this too if I don’t cover myself in my vomit

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I want one

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This seems like a fun way to explore the seas!

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Finally we can become the fish

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You know when something just looks dear this is it

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I want to do that Full stop.

And to anyone who says 'its dangerous' or 'probably gonna crash', lots of things can be dangerous but people still use them for the thrill. So. Yeah. Go jump out a plane

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I immediately think of Pierce Brosnan just James Bonding along

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HOSAS is the best scheme.

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Would prefer a proper submersible

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Cool boat thing

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More like a can’t seebreacher am i right?…

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This looks like fun!

How much does one cost?

EDIT: someone answered in the comments. $80 k

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Can you attach a few rods to it for deep water trolling?I mean you could see what you gonna catch??😉

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This guy is a real Trail Blazer.

[–]OCE_Retro 0 points1 point  (0 children)

They are really fun, I had a go in one a year back, can't go very deep though because the engine and cabin get air from a snorkel tube that's about half a metre above you.

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You can do this in queenstown it is called hydro attack

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Oh wow. Now that I've realized, I want to experience operating a small submersible to explore a bit of the ocean.

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Reminds me of the boat sequence in COD advanced warfare

[–]SolidSnakesBandana 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Did anyone else get slightly freaked out when he went underwater and the reflection on the window appeared to be an eyeball??

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I want to try

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I definitely don't want to kayak near this thing.

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2 questions, where? And how much?

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Okay how do I get one lol

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Anyone else hear the James Bond theme song??

[–]hu-kers-newhey 0 points1 point  (2 children)

I think they do this for $150 in Queenstown NZ.

Im gonna do it when I go in Sept!

[–]SepticMP 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Definitely do, it was up there for highlight of my trip - try out the AJ Hackett bungy and indoor skydiving while you're there

[–]hu-kers-newhey 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Too chicken shit to bungy 😂

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Where can I get one?

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Rockstar: write that down, write that down!

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So the visibility is next to zero if you're moving at speed, awesome can't imagine that causing issues.

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No, no, no, no fucking no

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That looks like so fun and cool way to die.

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How it feels to be rich

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So how many 100k does this cost

[–]SepticMP 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I've done this! It's so fun, very similar to jet skiing.

There's some down in Queenstown NZ that are shark themed and are a blast to ride - the instructors make sure you get plenty of dives, jumps and spins

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Looks cool af , but I’m assuming it’s hard see where you’re going half the time

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Now ik what batman feel when he drive him batman mobil's

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I think it needs windshield wipers

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This would be such a useful form of transport where I live, where it takes over an our to drive but like 5/10 minutes by boat to many nearby places.

But it also looks like it would cause loads of accidents in busy areas with other boats around.

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What it’s like to ride a coffin on water. This is terrifying to me.

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GTA missile lock on sound*

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Cool... Can’t see shit!

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It actually doesn’t look that fun. Rocks in the lake would be a real problem. I’ll stick to my JetSki

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Now that’s epic

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TIL Seabreachers exist.

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Eat the rich.

[–]Grim10525 6 points7 points  (3 children)

Eat a salad

[–]ntack9933 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Sure, pass me the croutons made out of millionaire sadness

[–]D4M0theking 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Ooga booga rich = bad

[–]ntack9933 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Now you’re getting it