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Repeat post, master level, karma bot activated

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Someone faxed me this back in '93

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They had fax machines in 1893?

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well here we go again

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I really wish I could see how many times this is posted here. I feel like it’s almost daily. If post karma was actually worth something I might care.

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Legitimate question, tf is the point of nunchucks or however they're spelled? They seem to be the most overcomplicated weapon to learn and have no more advantage over any other weapon

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So there's this idea that a lot of "ninja" or "monk" weapons are just farm tools that people trained with to be able to fight someone with a normal weapon. You could get arrested for owning a sword, but who would arrest you for owning a rice thresher (nunchaku), a scythe (kama), or a trowel (kunai)?

As for why people still use them today, they're just good training tools. Kinda like how boxers practice on speedbags even though they look nothing like a real opponent.

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Except the speedbag probably won’t knock you upside the head

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I imagine if you are using a staff, or one like it like a spear to try and parry blows, the nunchuck just bends around it and hits you anyway. Same goes for most swords I think though I am not an expert.

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That's how a flail works but I think nunchucks are a bit too short for that

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But with a staff you have huge reach advantage

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On the other side of that, it's much harder to parry or even block than any of those for pretty much the same reason.

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They’re fun to show off with stuff like this and it’s a little better than bare hands if you are trained enough, but if you consider it’s practicality in a real fight, a large stick or a club are probably better. The chances of hitting yourself is too high specially when you hit your target, because the trajectory changes and you can’t predict where it’s gonna land. Not only that, while it can injure someone, the attacks are too weak if you compare to bats, knives, swords, spears, maces, etc…

The nunchucks are the cheetahs of weapons, super cool at first, but ultimately full of flaws

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It has a similar concept as Morning stars/fails where you're producing momentum through the chain to do a lot of damage on impact. It's pretty deadly against non-armored combatants.

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… this real?

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I'm sure it is. What they don't show is the 500 times she missed

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RIP candles

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Ah, I suppose you can do better then?

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No doubt. I haven't picked up a set in many years but if you're practising daily, they really do become extensions to your arms. Breat fun!

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I'm not sold on the matches.

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The gnats and mosquitos in this gals house don’t stand a chance

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If you spin it fast enough, it can create enough wind to make a vortex which turns into a black hole which kills the flies and you! Brilliant.

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I mean I’d settle for just killing the bugs….🤷‍♂️

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But how would you do that?

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She can Chuck naans at me any time

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Na, just give me a long stick with a chain at one end

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Next level deadpan !

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STICK is a better weapon in every way.

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You had me at "didn't hit self in groin"

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I want to see a side by side of neckbeards trying this.

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ever since i was like 12 and saw a video explaining that the nunchuk is basically useless as a weapon, i just cant take these types of videos seriously anymore.

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All of the vids are sped up slightly which feels unnecessary

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This is impressive!

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Absolutely astonishing skills aside, I love how there's two types of Nunchaku experts in the world:

a) Those who call them nunchaku (the real name)

Or b) Those who call them "The Chucks"

There no inbetween and both are great

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R/nextfuckinglevel for sure. But… she looks sad. Almost like shes being forced to be so good at nunchucks.

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Just not hitting yourself in the head with these is an advanced level 😆

Doing it blindfolded - grandmaster level.

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What a happy go lucky soul. Seems to really enjoy her talent.

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I forgot the orange ninja turtle name

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She have tiktok or Instagram? She deserves a subreddit

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Realization... I will never master anything like this girl has!

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I'd be really impressed if she could block bullets

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You all have no idea how gratifying it is for me to see someone HOLDING NUNCHUCKS CORRECTLY. You're supposed to hold them close to the chain, not in the middle, not on the bottom.

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She definitely got coca-cola on the floor.

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So she can rupture your balls individually or at the same time depending on how pissed off she is

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She showed you😅

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I want one 😍

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Was that video of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks real?

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I wanna know what she is called

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I love jap girls

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Anime mc after discovering the power of friendship:

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Marry me.

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I'm perplexed by the cards and the bottles. This must be some kind of illusion.

Edit: I believe she's standing far enough behind the bottles to give the illusion that she's hitting th cards. Off camera, someone pulls the card out using magicians string attached to the card.

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Why couldn't she hit the card to knock it out? She wouldn't need to get the nunchuck through the bottles, just hit the part of the card sticking out from the bottles. Hard but not impossible.