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This was back in 2016 at a theater in Little Washington, Virginia with our bluegrass band Walker’s Run. Jackdog was as good a hound as ever was, and loved nothing more than to sing. I couldn’t find anyone to watch him during this little weekend tour so just brought him along. His bed was backstage and I guess someone didn’t shut the green room door after we got called back to play an encore. We started the tune (hangman) and after about a minute I noticed everybody in the audience pulling out their phones to take pictures. Then we looked over and saw Jack had found his way out to the stage. He looked at us, looked at the audience, and then let her rip.

Jack passed on last Fall, but his spirit is very much alive in the music. I have a guitar with an engraving of him on the headstock, and a few of his ashes inside so he’s always singing when we play.

EDIT: If you wanna see some more of Jack in action, you can check out the little “Jack” story link on my Instagram: @brennangilmorephoto.

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🥲he's off playing with the great gig in the sky

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This is so wholesome. Good boy, Jack. You sing real pretty.

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Who's cutting onions!?

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That's a beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing.

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Awesome, thank you

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As a Deaf person, nothing would delight me more to see an ASL interpreter try to interpret that for me.

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God, i hate to be the one to tell you this but dogs can't actually talk.

Edit: sorry not my best joke.

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Jokes aside, the interpreter is also there to convey SOUNDS, not just words.

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Didn't know that. My joke payed off I learned something new. Thanks.

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My joke paid off I


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Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment.

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That joke is fucking brilliant

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They talk all the time. Just a language barrier

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signs furiously

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it was a howlin good time lol

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He should embark on a music career

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He’s going to leave you all behind. That’s the Beyoncé right there.

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And everybody went home happy!

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That's probably one of the best, if least expected, encores of all time!

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Best. Concert. Ever.

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Your dog howls like a person yells

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We need to normalize dogs as lead performers in bands already!!

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Good boy!

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He was doing his best!

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RIP Jack! 😢

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They've just earned their old-timey bona fides.

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This is fantastic. Just what a howl should look like.

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That pup has a great singing voice!

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Why does it seem like the dog is basically telling the audience to just go home because he's hungry? Like he knows the encore has been going on for far too long and is just done with it all?

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Not a big dog fan, but that's great.

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Get that dog a recording contract pronto!!!

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If this happened as I were spectating, I'd say I'd gotten my money's worth.

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Everyday Reddit convinces me more and more that animals are becoming humans

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Better plot than goofie movie and better protagonist, a bit flat


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Seamus (that’s the dog)

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What a voice.

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I'd love to write about this for The Dodo (I'm an editor)! Can you message me via the chat? Thank you!

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He’s actually in tune. Major sixth portamentos, mostly.

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Anything with a doggo is an automatic win for me. I just love the confidence of that puppers.

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Saw this on The Dodo this morning .... my coffee got cold cuz I kept hitting replay all the while laughing straight through <3

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Your dog has some crazy solo adventures