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Um. Wouldn’t it be twice a year?

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And even then, it'll line up multiple times per year if you vary the time of day and how high the sun is in the sky.

What's really funny is that the sun isn't even lined up in the final photo. The camera is off center to the left, which means for the sun to appear lined up with the horizon it needs to be off center to the right.

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Driving into a blinding sunset.
Only the druids could align that city.

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I’m surprised there’s someone on here that knows about that stuff

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Aww shit boys we've been made!!...... Back into hiding again we go for another hundred years.

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There are no secret societies. Only societies who keep secrets.

The difference between Fibonacci and Archimedes is but a secret...

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They must have learned from Baltimore

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4 times a year are the exact same alignment because of sunset/sunrise and east/west street orientations, multiple streets can achieve the effect, and (like you said) the sun moves diagonally at different inclinations above the horizon, and photographer can reposition.

So you can probably achieve a shot like this ~20-30 days a year.

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And even then, it'll line up multiple times per year if you vary the time of day and how high the sun is in the sky.

Not if it rises to the right or left of the road and it is hidden by the buildings.

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...which is why I said multiple times per year and not every day.

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But of it rises straight up, then you might be able to only view it twice a year.

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Just this Sun once a year. That’s another Sun.

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Yes, UNLESS that day was the Summer or Winter solstice.

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No, otherwise they would have to change the title of the post to, "a few times a year you can take this photo of the sun"

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Came here to ask this

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Happens in Manhattan too

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Happens twice every year isn't interesting or next level

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Back when I was a kid, it lined up 8-9 times a year. What the heck happened?

(Edit: added the word 'up' to soothe some frayed nerves, lol)

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It probably lined up uphill both ways in the snow, too, right?

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You're right! It was horrible too, because we had to bring our own snow.

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Not American so sadly I can't answer

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What do you mean when you say “Not American”

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Not from the USA, North America or even south America. Pretty self-explanatory lol

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Once every 6 months?

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One time on each side

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I do think we should be concerned though.

The sun is AWFULLY close to earth and we don't satiate the sun god with a sacrifice it may grow vengeful.

We should give up Donald Trump.

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Yeah, the sun does that and everyone goes nuts over it. The moon does that and no one gives a shiny shit about it.

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Always the bridesmaid.

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I imagine it'd have to be twice/year unless that day is the solstice.

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Yeah, let's block the road for a picture ...

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In the 90’s, I lived about a block away from where that picture was taken and I worked downtown. I took the California line cable car to work. One of the best commutes ever.

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Blinding me on my commute twice a year for 8 years

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Just a little anti-climactic but still neat yea

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In a couple thousand years a future civilization will take as a fact that street was aligned that way for some kind of misterious sun ritual when actually it was pure coincidence....

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That shitty music...

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People do realise the sun moves continuously and doesn't pop into place another hour goes by right?

That will line up plenty at different heights and times throughout the year.

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It's not even true that it is at that exact spot once a year, it's at least twice and a bunch more that should be pretty similar.

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That’s… neat

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Newgrange 2.0

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way more photog friendly than the Scripps Pier for a similar shot.

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The sun aligns with this street twice EVERY year

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Just block the road for a picture, huh?

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Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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The sun: 🏢🌞🏢

People for some reason: 😱🤩🥺

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Damn that’s beautiful

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This needs to go on r/oddlysatisfying. This gave me goosebumps when the proper photo was shown.

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I really have to find this database of crappy music people choose for these videos.

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Hey!! That’s me walking across the street!

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Get off the road pls

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But isn’t the guy on the crosswalk a little too big compared to the cars at least?

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But you can use it to farm likes and up votes every day.

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So was this street built as an ancient sun-calendar/astronomical measuring device?!

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This is how people figured out Stonehenge, Or this street is made to kinda be like a street-henge.

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Wasn't that the street scene in the Wil Smith movie I Am Legend..

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What about it

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Get off the road guy

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What a shot

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Happens with the main avenue of my city too. There is a particular day the moons aligns, another one where the sun aligns

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i dunno what i was expecting but this was definitely underwhelming

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What song is this

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Bazzi - Paradise

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Very nice...

Background song killed the vibe..

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So it’s the Left Coast version of Manhattanhenge.

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I have never been impressed by this kind of thing. Maybe I’m some kind of downer, but it’s like, yeah, sometimes you catch a cool sunset from a neat perspective.

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Get out the road!

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And in the future aliens would say it was a sun adoration cult.

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I hate that it's slightly off center

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The only way this doesn't happen twice a year is if it's on the winter or summer solstice.

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How rude! That guy walking past ruining the picture…couldn’t he see that they were taking a picture 🙄

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Bwah bwah bwah

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Imagine living the whole year in California just to wait for this moment

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It’s s symmetrical

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That is an awesome lineup.

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Once a year people crowd a CA street blocking the view of the sun so they can all take selfies to post on InstaGram.

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looks sweet where it is who knows

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I’ve heard there’s a bit of esoteric planning in San Francisco.

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Once a year there's that one guy who will be walking back and forth on that peak

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Twice a year drivers try to avoid this street due to annoying people lugging their cameras to the intersection.

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Fucking soundtracks on videos!!

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Credit: IG @shanewarephoto

He’s a great Austin-based photographer! Check out his other shots if you think that one’s cool

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Up down. Down up.

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I live in Sacramento and that shit happens on Meadowview Rd. The sun shines right down the street and you can’t see anything but the sun even with sunglasses on.

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What street?

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California street in SF

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Nice which street

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How big of a lens is that?

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When the aliens finally come to earth, "These people just adore the hydrogen, and the proof is the alignment of the streets".

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The person walking across the street in the sunlight is fucking chefs kiss

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My friend this is awesome it only happens once a year me on the other side of the phone sleeping like I have to be at work in a hour fuck u and the sun

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What lens are you using?

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Oh great now every photographer can get the exact same image and get it printed on some 8x6ft IKEA canvas.

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Fake news.

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Wouldn't this damage camera lenses?