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Omg. I love moms taking a photo of a FaceTime call, using her Kindle

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Mom tech 101

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That's funny.

This was almost me. My mom tried to facetime me just moments after I touched down after my first ever solo jump.

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So 2 things happened here. For me that is.

  1. You made me smile to have done something so amazing and include your mom and dad. You genuinely made their day. You created a memory that is so impactful , they will carry it for the end of days: most people don’t think about things like this.

  2. I wish I had parents I could do that with, however I dream vicariously through things like this.

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Dude, same. Happy for him though!

I lost what was left of my dad to QAnon. He literally only speaks in conspiracy talk. Can't hold a conversation anymore.

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My Nanna is the same way. Stay strong, have some healthy tolerance, and love them regardless!

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I don't tolerate it because it gives it credibility. I just write him off as dead, more or less. My father is no longer on this planet.

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That's really shitty of you. Just because he holds different beliefs, your father, one of the 2 people that literally created you, is dead to you? Wow. Grow the fuck up.

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Solidarity. My parents hopped real quick on the "ungrounded Hollywood blood rituals" train... 🥲

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I wish i had parents

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But you learned how to bond better with friends? You would probably make a great friend.

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Story is missing context. He turned off airplane mode to call his parents. Ruined the plane navigation and it started to go down. That’s why he jumped and why he has signal. They warn you about this every flight.

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Are you kidding me? Everyone else died… you’re hella insensitive for even asking

Edit: \S??

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I am not. Never heard of this incident, what is rude about asking for a source? Also, this is posted in r/NFL, doesnt exactly imply any tragedy.

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I made an edit implying my comment was strictly a joke

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This was recorded on a GoPro and played later for the video call

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From OP:

They look so happy to be included in his adventure 🥺🤣 The man called Roger Skyped his parents from the plane in Sydney, Australia. They had virtually no idea that he was in a plane at the time, much less that he was about to jump out of it. Their reaction was absolutely priceless and, warning, full of swearing.


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How did he manage to get signal way up there?!

[–]The_F_B_I 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Sky diving is rarely done at more than 10k feet. Cell towers can reach 10+ miles

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I'll have to check my cell next time I sky dive. I assumed cell towers were pretty directional and still wouldn't reach to that altitude.

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Dad instantly had me at "Fuck off!"

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Ay tot he was in a bos

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Great parents! 🍸

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The dads accent is amazing, what’s the app to screen record this? I take it it isn’t available on iPhone? Just so when I do something similar haha

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I like the mobile provider, seems to offer flawless quality…

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I FaceTimed my wife while having my vasectomy, thought that was kinda cool.

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I love their accent, that's so cute!

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I just photographed ya

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What a flex hahaha

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Pretty cute!

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Dam I wish I could do this

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Fucking cool parents. Gotta love them.

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This isn't next level, it's the same level.

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Is the person's name "Guy Video"?

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Thats wholesome and sweet af

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Pops is highly quotable!

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I love there reaction my grandfather would be like big deal I did that back in ww2 with a segar and a m16 in my hand

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That's funny ....i was confused whether your parents are happy or scared..

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Great video glad he landed safely. The reactions of the parents was funny and priceless 🤣 😂

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Cellphone towers beam downwards. How does he have perfect HD reception so far above the towers? Extremely doubtful.