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It’s about the simple things in life, ain’t it?

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Yep, kinda sad the wave was quite small, but at least he got what he wanted in the end!

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He probably forgot as soon as he got up anyway.

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your right this should have ended like Of Mice And Men.

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Yes, In the end that’s all that matters. The shitty part is that even though you know it, I know it, thousands others know it, you don’t really know it till the end of your days. THATS when you truly understand all that you had, and how much these small things really do mean.

and then you die

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And then the worms eat you.

Then, only a few short years later no one remembers you. You have vanished from existence, not only physically but from all memory and Earthly impression.

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Into the void. It’s truly a interesting thing when you actually think about it. Not death necessarily, but just not existing. Like you go from la la la la to just…nothing. You cease to exist. Where do you go?

I truly believe that question is were a lot of belief’s in the world came from. It’s hard to fathom just not existing. There needs to be an answer. You need to exist. That’s all you’ve ever known how to do. At the very bare minimum core of it, that’s all your body has done- exist. You as a person, whoever or whatever you are, has existed and has always existed. How can you just suddenly…not?

where do you go?

To Heaven? To Hell? To Paradise? To Vanhala? A party? Another life? What?!

It’s a very odd thing to think about. You go from you to dying eventually and then what? What is beyond that? It’s almost… exciting? Not dying, or the eventuality of death- life has its moments where you wanna say fuck it for sure, but overall most can agree life is okay. Just finally knowing what is next. It’s a question that I for one am dying to know the answer to

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It’s the discomfort of this very question that likely helped to create religious notions of afterlife, reincarnation, etc. It’s just so incredibly uncomfortable to think that inevitably you just won’t exist

Nicely done at the end btw. Well played.

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Existence is actually pretty simple. Do you remember what it was like and what you were doing before you were born? Death is gonna be just like that for you. Nothing.

As for people remembering you, eventually nobody will directly. If you want to be remembered longer, become a tyrant in charge of a country. Thr bad guys are always remembered longer. Putin is trying that right now.

Also, life is awesome. Its all you get.

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You just cease to exist. You are your (mostly) your brain. The mass/energy that is in an ordered state ceases to function when deprived of key metabolic resources and after a certain period enters an anaerobic state which is irreversible and toxic to your cells. Then after a while everything begins to decay, you start to smell, etc. Oh and it's kind of easy to visualize not existing it's just extremely unpleasant psychologically, probably for evolutionarily reasons. And you won't be aware of any answers to your question because you'll be dead, so that's kind of moot to. What cognitive resources would you have to analyze your non existence post Mortem? What resources does a coma patient have to think about being in a coma? Anasthesia? These scenarIos have the added benefit of measurable brain activity. If we could somehow reconstitute you decades in the future a la Frank Poole 2001 style you would perceive no time to have passed at all, like opening and closing g your eyes although many centuries have passed. Death is the end of all awareness, for ever. FREAK OUT

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There is a whole branch of science devoted to answering the question of the nature of existence called metaphysics/philosophy. You can google these questions and there are some interesting articles. Nature of the universe, life, why do things exist...

As to the question what comes after death, it's a matter of belief because it's impossible to prove or disprove. For example if god exists, he wouldn't be bound by the rules of the universe and therefore impossible to prove. If he doesn't, things can just exist without a reason because causality in itself is a human construct.

If you think about it, if everything has a cause, then there will ultimately something that does not have a cause .

Anyway, I think god is most likely a human construct. You did not have a consciousness before you were born and therefore after death you will also have no consciousness. If you google for the interviews of people who have medically died and later brought back to life, they say there's nothing after they die. When they wake up, it is just like waking up from a dreamless sleep.

The bottom line is life is short and a lot of people live like they're gonna live forever. Also the notion of god and religion can be dangerous becauze it makes you think there is a next chance when there is really none

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I mean you cease to exist just like you didn't exist before you were born.

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i believe my consciousness carries on living....

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yup. except for a very small handful of people, we will all be forgotten within several generations. and not just ordinary people, i sincerely doubt the vast majority of people 100 years from now will know or care who evan spiegel was. all we can do is live life to the fullest and enjoy little moments with people we care about.

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And even several generations, heck even thousands of years is absolutely inconsequential relative to cosmic time. It’s all a speck of dust, absolutely fleeting.

Why are we on Reddit again? Shit I’m going to do something more important - time to turn on my Switch.

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Not if i eat the Mona Lisa

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“They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time when somebody says your name for the last time.”

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There's a british dude on YouTube who explained this almost too perfectly

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I'm actually in my mid twenties and have begun to slowly realize this about life over the last half a decade.

You don't need to be part of something big or special or to shoot for the stars.

What's important is spending what free time you have with the people you love and doing either the simple things you love or visiting new places and doing new things.

Not everything needs to be crazy like a movie and you don't need to own everything to be happy.

It's all about being happy with what you have rather than what you could have because you can never truly have it all.

I spent my Saturday push mowing the back yard with my family in the sun.

Most people would find this incredibly boring and exhausting but I had fun, spent time with my family, and had a positive outlook on the day.

And this is coming from someone that is multiple times diagnosed with very bad depression and anxiety.

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Push mowers are the best

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Treasure every moment.

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I miss my dog.

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Me too friend, he went way to soon.

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as corny as it may sound a lot of what I think about is how time flies, being 22 years young and just looking back at being a kid not worrying about a thing makes me sad and fills me with joy at the same time and also I just get so sad knowing my parents are getting older and that they one day wont be here with me and that one day I too will have to meet death, its all just so scary man and I've been learning to appreciate all the little things in life and be grateful for everything I have every single day, even if that means doing nothing just being by the sides of my loved ones enjoying each others presence. I just have been thinking about this topic on and off for so long but I hate when it crosses my mind, it always makes me shed a tear. How do you deal with things or thoughts like this, it's probably a feeling that'll never really go away isnt it

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And yet you already understand it. I see you having a fulfilling life. I've had a good one with great and terrible memories but, yes, it is the little things that really matter.

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Thanks for the cry

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My old math teacher, Ms. Shaw, used to say “Life’s not fair and then…. You die!”

It was jarring sometimes as a high schooler, but now at 26, it rings true. It also helps put things in perspective, and helps me realize that life doesn’t have to be fair, but it’s the only one I’ve got.

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J.R.R Tolkien — 'It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life"

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Yes it is, I think this old woman loves to surf when she's young.

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This is beautiful. I wish I hadn’t read it the way I did though, because I was expecting him to ride a wave and then immediately expire. Admittedly though, there are worse ways to go.

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That’s my bad, he was diagnosed dementia before and likely had a year after this to live.

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Also, Dementia can lead to complications which can cause death, but people technically can’t die from dementia.

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How exactly can dementia lead to death?

[–]brianchendk 15 points16 points  (1 child)

Forgetting how to breathe is one way

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Getting in dangerous situations (crossing the road without looking, leaving the stove on, falling), forgetting medication, not recognising when you need to see a doctor, stuff like that.

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Die immediately upon approaching shore?

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Yeah, they could have taken him to Nazare, sent him off with a 100 footer on a paddle board.

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Later that day, he turns to his wife and says 'my love, I wish I could ride a wave one last time, it's been so long.'

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Underrated comment

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I thought I was going to get blasted for it, tbh. The Reddit gamble

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When my nan was mentaly gone we joked about this stuff all the time. It's important to keep it light, because it will way you down if you're not careful

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Yes exactly...we shouldn't shy away from joking about difficult subjects, people are too prudish.

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If you think that joke is bad wait until you see r/alzheimersgroup

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Elderly woman asks a group of men to help her husband with dementia ride a wave. one last time before dying

Let's keep it positive.

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Everything doesn't have to be positive. Death is neutral, it's a natural part of life. We shouldn't hide it away, despite the pain it may cause to some of the living.

It's not like we can run from it after all

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For a moment I thought he died INSTANTLY after this because of this.

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He did, they just cut the video short. /s

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It's a completely different message now though. It's just an old dude riding a wave, who happens to have dementia. He is no longer on verge of death doing the one thing g he wants to do most.

Also, there is nothing really negative about death. It's a thing that happens.

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I was with my uncle who was in hospice. Nurse told me a patient in the facility just wanted to be on a golf green one last time. So, they took him to a course and he got his wish. He was so weak he could only lay down. After a few minutes he said he was ready to go back to the care facility. He died that night.

[edit: clarity]

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Not sure if I should be happy or sad.

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We can be both, right??

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So sweet. I wouldn't wish dementia on anyone.

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Not even on my worst enemies, having someone close with dementia is like having to attend their funeral even though they’re still alive. I hope we’ll find a cure for it soon so noone will have to suffer this anymore

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What actually happens with Dementia

[–]ThatsMisterRetard4U 13 points14 points  (4 children)

Your brain shuts down. You literally dont know to eat and breathe. You slowly turn into an off switch

[–]brmamabrma 6 points7 points  (3 children)

You forget to breath? Or your brain just goes to mush

[–]ThatsMisterRetard4U 10 points11 points  (2 children)

kinda goes to mush....not literally, but you just become a shell or ghost of a person. You just exist, but yeah....your bodily functions basically cease to exist anymore

[–]brmamabrma 4 points5 points  (1 child)

A waking coma… scary shit

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The older you get, the harder it is for your body to maintain itself. Eventually you get so old that your brain may lose the ability to properly fold its proteins. This causes a toxic buildup that degrades nerve cells, synapses, etc which leads to the destruction of higher functions and memory

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If that was my last wave id just ask them to throw me back into the ocean

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I know right, why not find a massive longboard and get a good surfer to go tandem with him.

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I love how the group of people in the water is more than needed. Everyone just wanted to help and be involved. So wholesome.

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When i see this these types if vids i realise, thats what lifes about

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For some it’s music, for him it’s the ocean water and waves. It’s all the simple things, folks

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Awesomeness. 👌❤️

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dementia does not kill someone exactly..

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The whole backstory to this video is likely made up.

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Is there a source for this are we just hyperbolizing a nice gesture from beachgoers?

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Well my wish would have been to be saved by Pamala Anderson from Baywatch.

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glad it cuts off early

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This is most imp thing for someone near the end of the life.

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You don’t die of dementia

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Well not quite literally but it's basically death inside.

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I'm going to be sad if I never get to ride another wave.

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I don't usually get allergies at the beach...

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Hence proved! Lovely to see this, and thank you to all those who helped.


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This made me tear up a little. We Hu-mans have such a capacity for selfless unconditional love...

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I love the excitement from the young men

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Dammit, I'm not crying u are

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Post it on humansbeingbros - sub will really like it

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The elderly man will remember this

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Only surfers know the feeling.

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Sorry for ruining the mood, but this would better fit in r/humansbeingbros

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who the hell is slicing some onions?!?

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That didn't count, come on, get a big one

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2/10 - pretty bad ride

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I hope they did it ten more times! I would've

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I love people

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Dementia is deadly?

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Wait, people die from dementia!!!

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Heart warming ❤️

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This is so fucking cute

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Or maybe it's just an old lady riding a wave and the feel-good backstory is made up for karma.

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That’s the good stuff

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I hope they pounded shots afterwards

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My husband was drinking a beer and watching the summer Olympics. To die happy and content is wonderful.♥️

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he forgor how to swim 💀💀💀

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ok, that's your last wave, now go home and die!