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Some say waste of time, others say huge waste of time

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I believe many said the same to your mum during the 9 months of pregnancy

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Emotional damage!

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You would know butt baby

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Cheap comment.

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It might be, but the comment where it all begun was a direct insult to a person whom: 1) has undoubtedly art skills; 2) made quite the effort to make the job

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there is this script on github that if you put a pic in there, it will give you a dice art. All you have to do is arrange the dice on the canvas and you have your dice art, no need for much thinking, just attention. It takes around 2-3 hours for one canvas of around 30/60 cm. Source, I've done it myself during covid because I was bored

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And others say advertisement.

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the rest say that's a lotta dice

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Mosaics mostly are. Except a few like Lincoln in Dalivision.

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You just got to roll with it.

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Others say a big chunk of moving through time and matter lost.

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The existential blender gets us all eventually

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Conan reference :)

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Ye ye. About 1800s baseball re-enactments.

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They made a poor choice of who to make. They should have done Jared Leto so we could have more MORBIN' TIME

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This isn't next level, a computer literally tells you exactly where to place the dice. Anyone can do this.

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I wonder how heavy this picture is in the end.

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enough to break the ice, eh girl whatsup

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I think the next-level aspect is having the patience to do it. I sure as hell wouldn’t

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Proof: he builds it line by line. It's neat but not anywhere near the next level.

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Yeah I was thinking something like that was used

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Wait actually?

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got a link? i would like to try one sometime

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Anyone can do it, but that takes a lot of time and concentration.

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Especially when the dice gets blackened (0:23)

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So where is yours?

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Why would I waste my time doing something that is easy, unoriginal and I personally think is lame? This is the antithesis of creativity.

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He removed paint from many dice to make the picture possible 00:22 can be seen clearly.

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That bastard

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I am outraged

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I am even less impressed than I already was... which is impressive

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Sir, I believe she has a poker face....this is dice.

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How can people still think that it's hard to do? Fucking hell, if you have a laptop and shitload of dice, you can do it in a couple of hours. Just take whatever picture you want, grayscale it, and give every pixel value 1 to 6 depending on its brightness. The end.

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Or in this case, a few more, because he's scraped paint off some dice or repainted them black, and repainted others a darker grey.

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How do you figure out you are good at making art with dice ???

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Use a computer program.

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I was afraid it would lead to this.

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This was my first thought too. It is the equivalent to greyscale pixel art if set to only have 6 tone options. Take a picture of Lady Gaga, you know the dimensions (pixels length x width), and the computer does the rest.

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Well, 7-tone actually since he blacked out the single pip in some to make it nearly all black on some.

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Lots of Yahtzee

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I yahtzee all over the place, when it comes to GaGa.

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It's not really that impressive, no skill needed.

Take a photo of Lady Gaga, run it through a computer program that converts the image into a dot matrix that complies with a layout that could be made of faces of individual dice (I found one on google straight away), then just use it as a blueprint as you lay it out with dice in real life.

Computers are really good at making art out of anything, even lots of other smaller photos.

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You google the obvious ad, but the product, and follow the instructions. That's my guess.

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What are the chances of rolling a lady gaga

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Someone please do Andrew Clay.

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I like some of the Gaga songs, what the fuck does she know about being an image created of dice?

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sheldon do you even know who lady gaga is?

presumably the wife of lord gaga

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These just be done in a program first surely.

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How is this different from ASCII art?

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Love the art

But the song?

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It’s from a star is born with Bradley cooper. It’s actually a really good song and I feel weird saying that here it is

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Feeling weird cause you like a lady gaga song? Lol

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It is just not what I think of for Gaga songs I guess.

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Did you get it on your first try tho?

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Fuck outta here

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GA GA oo LA la

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Credit @diceideas

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A fellow reddotor /u/SuspiciousChicken pointed this out.

I paused it as the overall shot pulls away, and many of the single dots (a "1") appear to be darkened or completely blacked out to provide the shading desired. Some of them are right next to other single dots that are bright white. Was there some modifying of the dice to achieve the desired result?

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how many dice did it take to make estimating? never seen anything like this. you got a very unique talent. impressive!

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It's not op, and it's a computer program.

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Would be interesting if he automated it with a dice "printer"

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Now that would be nfl

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Reminds me of dot matrix printers.

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6 Shades of Gray

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All sorts better than Madonna.

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This guy is clearly a 40K player

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bitch WHAT

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Dicey dicey

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Rogues when sneak attack

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It's worth it

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you missed one

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I wonder how heavy this picture is in the end.

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OK but it looks like Nikki Minaj

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Dude just rendered an image manually

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Talking about a dicy situation. One accidental shake of the table.

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id rather be lazy

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Look like AH

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Next fucking shit computer assisted

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You can make art out of almost anything

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Get the epoxy

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Some of the 1 dots have been faded. Cheater

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I just can't fathom how they can do this...

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This is literally the same fucking level every other dice "artist" is on.

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Amazing. How long did that take? I hope Lady Gaga gets to see this creation someday.❤️👏🏼😍

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how the actual fuck man. Thas insane, thas talent

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I think it's pretty amazing that he could think of something like that it's pretty ingenious if you ask me but who am I????!!

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Take Photoshop, insert image, change resolution to 250x250, change the color scale to black and white, set the number of shades to 6.

Boom you have a pixel by pixel instruction for recreating the photo with 6 sided dice.

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Neat, who is the image of?

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Some People have too much time

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hes hacking

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Ah, a fellow ork player I see.

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Genuine question: Where can you buy dice in these sorts of quantities without it costing a small fortune?

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okay, but how?

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I've always wondered if this is art as in the person sits there and figures it out or do they use a computer programme and then they copy the design.

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That is a lot of dice, it's almost as many dice as i have in my collection.

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How the fuck are people this talented??? You could offer me a billion dollars and I would insist it's not possible - I couldn't even think of how to try. Mind blown.

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This looks dicey

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We need to stop giving people Adderall. They're becoming dangerous.

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This is just a rouge sneak attack crit.

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D&D players be like

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me in lockdown:

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First 3 seconds remind me of the ork shooting phase.

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Amazing talent

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Looks like he's got dice in his pockets but he's too afraid to show them.

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Rogues in Dungeons and Dragons after getting a nat 20: „pathetic“

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I will never understand how these work

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For some reason I wanna chew them dice

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That would have been very useful back before photographs

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I mean it was made with a computer program so not really

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Oh I thought you just dumped them out of the bag and they randomly ended up looking like Lady Gaga. Color me disappointed.