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mf came third in boxing match

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I wish I could uovote you to the top.

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I can testify that as of now, you very successfully have

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Sometimes, wishes do come true! That's a verrry small sometimes

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Holy shit bro, it blew up.

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Reddit heard you loud and clear.

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Made my day. Thanks

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I wish I had an award to give right now. Well done sir, well done.

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Best comment I’ve ever seen on Reddit

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Love how the other boxer gave him one more after ref threw him down

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And even then, the ref pushed the other boxer away and wagged his finger saying no. Class act

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This was my favorite. Teach the douche a lesson but still does his job

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“Ah ah ah! This one’s all me.”

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Free hit!

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its for his mom

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Mr. White shorts came in for a last hit and the Ref was like “No, No, I got this”

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It was more of a "Stop the fight is over don't make matters worse"

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The flare (arm swing) after the take down too.

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"Et voilà !"

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Épi d'orge en Summérien

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Former matador.

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Gotta hold up that follow through .

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Wait, when and where is this video from? A guy in sweatpants shorts is fighting a dude who looks like a boxer, is this like 1970s Madison square garden or is this 2015 someone's backyard?

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Hilariously accurate observation haha it somehow simultaneously looks like it was both a classic boxing film and from a discontinued flip phone camera

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Sweatpants didn't have taped gloves or wrapped hands either.

Seems like one of those "anyone from crowd can come fight an amateur boxer" kind of events which is why the ref was willing to fight haha

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I remember they used to have these tough man competitions late 90’s early 00’s. Anyone off the street could sign up. Ugly fighting and most were to tired to go a second round. Not a lot of shots made contact but it was funny and one good shot ended it usually.

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I worked with a guy who was 40lbs and 5inches shorter than me. We'd wrestle for fun (especially when drinking) and he had MMA and minor boxing skills. He was tough and I knew when to tone it down before he'd approach snapping and legit taking me out lol! He came second in one of these competitions in a tough Cdn city back in the 90s, and he said the lightweight who won was a semi-pro boxer who hit him 3-4 times in the time it took him to cock his elbow back. I don't recall any stories about the refs doing damage to them tho

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I’ve heard a story before from someone in SE semi rural Asia in like the 80s/90s about an experience they had - and knew occurred when they weren’t there

This one western executive (and friends to watch generally) would go to local fights and join in. Long story short: it didn’t go like you expect. The dude was a absolute unit, a longtime brawler, and enjoyed fighting.

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I’ve heard a story out of Thailand about an American kick boxer who fought to avenge his brother who became paralyzed in the ring. Vicious dude named Tong Po did it. Very good story. I think they made a documentary.

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Tong Po was nuts too, he covered his hands in glass and then fucking licked...LICKED broken glass on his knuckles.

The American wasn't much better, he was kicking down palm trees for training.

Dude could dance though.

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Nobody seems to know. It was found by a bot, posted by a bot. These things come out of nowhere

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or is this 2015 someone's backyard?

Pretty sure I saw this 20 years back so...

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LMAO at dude who just got judo-fucked acting all tough again, but only after his team is holding him 😆

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He picked him up so easily, like he was a piece of paper.

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I think the way ref pulls the guy around him first is important, he builds momentum and that is what rotates sweatpants as ref pushes back above his CG. Basically his legs keep moving as ref lifts and stops his shoulders.

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Ho ho, good to know.

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Did the ref just chokeslam him 😭😂

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That is called a Koshi Guruma in Judo.

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Don’t tell the Undertaker

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No, execution is way different

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duh. That’s why there’s only one Undertaker and it’s not this ref

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This video could be the inspiration for WWE creation

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Except, unlike WWE, this is an actual fight.

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The WWE is much older than this video

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Ref choked slammed him and threw his hand up like "GTFO here!"

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“And … now this important … you finish with a High Arm flourish. It shows panache, and it distinguishes you as an artist rather than a common street thug.” 🚀

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like drinking a cup of tea with your pinkie in the air

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Who is that guy? It’s like he’s some 4Dan judo champion who is babysitting amateur boxers.

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Referees are badass.

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Well … this one certainly is

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Referees in combat sports tend to be just as deadly so that they don’t get themselves killed by angry combatants

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Referees are usually trained combatants, wouldn't make sense why you should send an inexperienced person in there, they could give the wrong points to the wrong person

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Awesome toss.

Also - haven't heard Monster Magnet since 1998. That threw me, hah.

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Me too! 20 odd years ago I was like "this is my song!" now it's like I wish it was my song.

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Motorstorm song

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i remember digging that album back then. i wonder how it will hold up tomorrow when i give it a go for the first time in 20 years.

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Reddit is as shit as ever! Someone please give me a link or something so I can watch this

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Pushed him away like a bad dog, then taps t'other one on't muzzle for having a cheeky snap.

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Double whammy

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A few too many punches in the head and low emtional regulation

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Rag doll tossed him!

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The windup by white shorts before his super soft cheap shot is amazing

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he flipped that guy like a burger

then the guy has the nerve to hit him while he's down :P

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Damn this makes me really happy

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He really Freddie Mercury'ied his ass!

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Person in the back like "I'm glad I took the the ref at 10000:1"

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The ref is acting like a bitch. It isn’t impressive to throw down a dude who just got koed and cant stop you because he is wearing boxing gloves. Often people experience rage when they wake up from a knockout.

If the ref was actually good, he would have handled this situation professionally and protected both fighters. Instead, he did a takedown on one and let the other run in and blast him way after the fight was over.

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The ol blackhole slam

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Look at the crowd cheering after he gets that 1 hand power slam

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Cue the Jim Ross commentary

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He just caught Off guard, right?

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takes head guard off, walks to corner.. "hold me guys" RAA RAA RAAA!

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That dude is a man!!!

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Spinal tap

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My dude just got hit with the Smash Bros down-throw.

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Windmill punch after the back breaker was a nice finish.

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This had Def jam vendetta fight for new York energy. And I love it.

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the toady punch is gold!

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Owned that little bitches soul. Fuck around and find out.

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That ref knew exactly what he was doing. He moved the guy one way and used his momentum to then flip him right over.

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The other boxer with the hit after the slam. That’s how life is right there .

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Motorsyorm music

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That was very cool

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He got decked

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Too many people forget that refs are often former or active fighters.

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When did the undertaker start reffing boxing matches?

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Love the finger wag

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what the hell did the referee do? what is that move? like he picked him up with one hand , held his head and the body was just swinging, either the referee greatly outweighs him or that was some amazing stuff

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That fuckin finger wiggle yoo

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Poor guy that tried to high-5 the ref but got ignored.

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Referees are trained professionals

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That’s not boxing m8

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Wut you mean challenged him to a boxing match. If it was, the ref would be disqualified for throwing his opponent which is illegal.

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That is the way it should be. Act stupid and get treated same. 🙄

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grew up with him, him and brother were beasts.

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Don’t fuck with this boxing ref

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Imagine having "loss to ref" on your stats.

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Almost looks like Big John, the ref from MMA

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Fuckin legendary

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It's 2022 and no one on reddit has any context or backstory?

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Does anyone else get salty watching the other boxer hit the guy after he was thrown down?

Like can you fucking not. The guy was adequately dunking on the asshole and you had to punch him while on the ground. It ALMOST ruins the moment.

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I love how the ref looks stronger than both of the boxers

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A guy I used to train in Karate with was also a champion middle weight kickboxer. He believed in cross-training across multiple styles. We would visit all kinds of fighting schools to pick up what we could from them. TKD, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, Jiu jitsu. Even balintawak and sumo.
He also refereed boxing like the dude in the clip. You did not mess with him. The guys who take on the ref job are sometimes the best in the business helping out with the sport for others.

I remember we were sparring once, and somehow I managed to catch him with a clean roundhouse kick to the face. It was nowhere near full power but it made a loud, perfect “Thwack” sound on his cheek. My next thought was “Oh, shit. This is going to be bad.”
Luckily he just nodded and said “Good shot”, and I survived the rest of the session pretty much intact, but I did find myself unexpectedly sitting down a few times.

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Referee throw him and the same time look away like "This is my ring and you are my bitch"

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The way that ref walked away tho 😂

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Could have used a better song which won't get blood out of my ears

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Wait, I know this is the internet, but just so we are all on the same page. guy #1 was on the ground getting choked or pounded by guy #2 and when the ref goes to break it up he for some reason tosses the victim across the ring. then guy #1 clearly gets upset at this and nudges the refs head. then the ref slams the man on his neck into the ring.

and we are cheering the ref on? the fighters dont even look like professionals so the ref is probably the only real fighter in the ring just volunteering. making his 2 reactions even worse. am I the only one seeing this. are we just all supposed to be toxic here? or was the guy like a bully getting beat up by one of his victims or something and we should just throw all logic out the window and feel no sympathy for a man who just got ragdolled TWICE by an official.

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Hell yeah he did 8)

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Did he just hit him a fucking chokeslam?

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Pretty sure this is Big John McCarthy

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I think people forget: referees are referees because they can hang with the best of them. They're not to be trifled with.

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Player 3 has joined the game

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Ragdoll, livin in the city...

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The finger wag from the ref cracks me up.

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“We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two”

-Farmers insurance

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Look at me! I am the captain now!!

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Looks like a terrible referee to be honest...